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Medicine Revision Lists
Medicine Section - Medicine Study Group - MCQs, Notes, Study Tips and Strategies Forum - Medicine Books

Examination of nails in medicine
by parin - 14218 reads, based on 23 votes
Here is an extensive list of conditions affecting nails. I think this will be very useful for quick summary of 'examination of nails' in medicine. ... More

Triads in Medicine: A Quick Revision List
by ratnakar_potla - 37279 reads, based on 55 votes
This is only pooling of matter collected from nagging question forums. I have to duly acknowledge Dr. Nidhi et al who actually contributed them. They are being pooled for the convenience of readers as they are scattered all through out the thread. Though Partha pooled it there itself it wasn’t organized. So I thought this would help.... More

medicine updates!
by akil - 10289 reads, based on 20 votes
the following are some latest medicine updates. new drugs and treatment protocols as well as some diagnostic approaches of diseases are compiled below!(only index is listed in display, to read the details "Read More") 1. Drug-Related Pemphigus 2. Tryptase as a Marker for Anaphylaxis 3. Treating Persistent Urticaria 4. New Therapies for Sepsis 5. Best Tests for Inhalational Anthrax 6. Hyponatremia: Measure Glucose, Too 7. New Scan for Epilepsy 8. Therapy for Narcoleptic Sleep Attacks 9. Drug-Related Muscle Paralysis 10. Cardiac Complications of Smallpox Vaccination 11. Treating Herpesvirus Infections 12. Definitive Therapy for Aplastic Anemia 13. Treating Pernicious Anemia, with ... More

Abnormal colours of urine
by RxPG - 31165 reads, based on 31 votes
Abnormal colours of urine is a frequent question in AIPGE and many state level PG entrance examinations. Since many students struggle to find a list of these abnormalities at one place, rxpg team has compiled a colour coded handy list of abnormal urine colours to provide a handy reference for PG aspirants. ... More

by drpsg - 5576 reads, based on 6 votes
D/D OF ACANTHOSIS NIGRICANS **************************** 1) ENDOCRINE PROBLEMS --------------------------- a) INSULIN RESISTANCE @ b) PCOD 2)MALIGNANCY ---------------- a)CA BREAST @ b)CA STOMACH-----MOST COMMON MALIGNANCY CAUSING AN @ (ADENO CA) 69% c)ORAL CAVITY MALINANCY 25- 50% 3) OBESITY @... More

Infectious Disease Names and their Etiologies
by doctorgirl78 - 16307 reads, based on 10 votes
Here's an extensive list of infectious diseases. A Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (*) - Coxsackie A-24 virus (Picornavirus: Enterovirus), Enterovirus 70 (Picornavirus: Enterovirus) Acute hemorrhagic cystitis (*) - Adenovirus 11 and 21 (Adenovirus) Acquired Immunodeficiency Sydrome (AIDS) - Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV-1 and HIV-2) (retrovirus) ... More

Medical Eponyms: A Handy Index
by - 38145 reads, based on 19 votes
Addison's disease Primary adrenocortical insufficiency Adie syndrome Tonic pupil syndrome - associated with diminished or absent tendon jerks - common in young women. ... More

by RxPG - 15275 reads, based on 19 votes
This is a list for all the frequently asked syndromes in PG Entrance exams. You can take the print out from the right hand side prienter friendly option. It is an example revision card from RxPG Postal Crash Course.... More

Genetic Disorders
by RxPG - 7482 reads, based on 4 votes
This is a table of frequently asked genetic disorders in PG entrance exams. You can print this table by selecting the printer friendly version on the right side. It is an example revision card from RxPG Postal Crash Course.... More

Most Common
by RxPG - 25515 reads, based on 32 votes
A complete list for Most Common things in medicine. These constitute some inevitable MCQs in any PG entrance exam. It is a sample revision card from RxPG Postal Crash Course. ... More

Cardiac Murmurs
by RxPG - 5953 reads, based on 4 votes
A complete list for cardiac murmurs. An example revision card from RxPG Postal Crash Course.... More

Hallmark Findings
by RxPG - 48803 reads, based on 5 votes
This is a complete list for the Hallmark findings in medicine. A very important list for PG entrance examinations. This is an example revision card from RxPG postal crash course.... More

by RxPG - 12190 reads, based on 10 votes
This is an example of the RxPG revision card which are there in RxPG postal crash course. A complete list of eponyms to remember. Valuable for any PG entrance exam. Just print this list by selecting the printer friendly option from the right side bar.... More

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