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MRCPsych Part 1 High Yield Notes
MRCPsych Part 1 Section - MRCPsych - Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3, CASC, EMI, MCQ by RCPsych Forum - MRCPsych Part 1 Books

Free association (Psychodynamic theory)
by Wikipedia - 5326 reads, 0 votes
Free association (Psychodynamic theory) is a technique used in psychology, devised by Sigmund Freud.... More

Mirror stage
by Wikipedia - 3303 reads, 0 votes
In Jacques Lacan's psychoanalytic theory, the mirror stage is the point in an infant's life when they may recognize their "self" in a mirror.... More

by psychsho - 7541 reads, based on 8 votes
When considering intelligence, Piaget focuses on the mental processes thatoccur, rather than on the actual measure of the intellect. He uses four areasto define intelligence. These areas are: a biological approach to looking at intelligence, the succession of the stages, knowledge, and intellectual competence. Piaget's biological approach, or biological adaption, focuses on thephysical and mental aspects of our bodies. This includes our reflexes whichoccur when certain stimuli trigger an instinctive response. He also discusseshow we adapt to certain situations using assimilation and accomodation. Assimilation occurs when new information is introduced to a person. The personbegins to integ... More

The theory of cognitive dissonance
by psychsho - 3591 reads, based on 2 votes
Cognitive Dissonance Theory, developed by Leon Festinger (1957), is concerned with the relationships among cognitions. A cognition, for the purpose of this theory, may be thought of as a ≥piece of knowledge.≤ The knowledge may be about an attitude, an emotion, a behavior, a value, and so on. For example, the knowledge that you like the color red is a cognition; the knowledge that you caught a touchdown pass is a cognition; the knowledge that the Supreme Court outlawed school segregation is a cognition. People hold a multitude of cognitions simultaneously, and these cognitions form irrelevant, consonant or dissonant relationships with one another. ... More

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