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NZDREX Information
NZDREX Section - BDS/PrePG - General Dental, BDS and PG related issues (RxBDS) Forum - NZDREX Books

by NZDC - 4281 reads, based on 4 votes
Dentists in New Zealand provide oral health care for patients in all age groups. Dentists are expected to be competent both as team leaders and as team members. Dentists work in a variety of settings, including... More

Registration Policy for Overseas qualified Dentists for New Zealand
by NZDC - 11046 reads, based on 1 vote
Each application for registration and each applicant is considered by the Council on a case by case basis and in accordance with the provisions of the Dental Act. In assessing each application for registration from overseas-trained dentists Council considers the statutory requirements of s20 & 22 of the Dental Act 1988, which state:... More

Limitation of Practice for overseas dentists in New Zealand
by NZDC - 5178 reads, based on 1 vote
Under the Dental Act 1988 overseas specialists with recognised specialist qualifications cannot register to practice their speciality in New Zealand without completing the requirements for basic registration.... More

Temporary Registration Policy for overseas dentists in New Zealand
by NZDC - 12217 reads, based on 11 votes
Overseas dentists visiting New Zealand on a temporary basis may apply for temporary registration. Each application for temporary registration and each applicant is considered by the Council on a case by case basis and in accordance with the provisions of the Dental Act.... More

Specialist Registration Policy for overseas dentists in New Zealand
by NZDC - 5653 reads, 0 votes
Section 21 of the Dental Act allows suitably qualified and experienced dentists to be registered as specialists in the branch of dentistry for which they make application. Dentists who hold full or temporary registration with the Dental Council are eligible to be granted specialist registration. The Council recommends to practitioners that up to two years be spent in general practice prior to embarking on specialisation.... More

NZ Dental Councilís Decisions on Your Application for Registration as a Dentist
by NZDC - 4501 reads, based on 1 vote
Council may require you to sit and pass examinations to demonstrate a reasonable command of English and sufficient knowledge and experience to practise dentistry in New Zealand. You may be required to sit all or some of the following examinations. English Examination IELTS, OET, TOEFL or approved equivalent This examination establishes whether you have a reasonable command of the English language.... More

English language tests for NZDREX - Overview and Essential Information
by NZDC - 5055 reads, based on 1 vote
THE DENTAL REGISTRATION EXAMINATIONS (NZDREX) English Examination Dentists who can demonstrate that their first language is English and that they have studied for and gained their dental degree in English are usually exempt from the English requirement. However if this does not apply to you the Dental Council may require you to demonstrate your competence in English by passing an approved English test. These are:... More

NZDREX Written Examination for overseas dentists in New Zealand
by NZDC - 17778 reads, based on 4 votes
The Written Examination tests your knowledge and understanding of the scientific bases of oral health care and your ability to apply that knowledge - in the general area of pre-clinical health sciences (medical and oral). You should be able to discuss a wide range of issues of relevance to oral health in the biological, physical (including biomaterial sciences) social and clinical sciences. The Written Examination is generally held twice a year in Auckland, Wellington, and Dunedin. The Written Examination consists of two papers:... More

Exemption criterias to the Written Examination of NZDREX Part 1
by NZDC - 5338 reads, 0 votes
Some overseas dentists with appropriate post graduate qualifications and/or experience may be judged to have sufficient knowledge of the scientific basis of dentistry, the area the written examination tests.... More

Clinical Examination component of NZDREX (Part 2) - An Overview
by NZDC - 6469 reads, based on 3 votes
The NZDREX Clinical Examination is held three times a year at the University of Otago School of Dentistry, Dunedin. It is an intensive exam held over 5 days with pressures equivalent to fifth year graduation examinations. The objective of the Clinical Examination is to determine whether you can plan, manage, deliver and evaluate oral health care for individuals and communities. This includes determining whether you: ... More

New Zealand Conditions of Practice Examination (NZCOP) - Overview
by NZDC - 4885 reads, based on 3 votes
New Zealand Dental Council expects all registered dentists to have an understanding of the cultural, social and legislative framework for the delivery of care in New Zealand. New Zealand graduates are currently examined in these areas as part of their university degree. Overseas applicants are tested if the Council is not satisfied that they have sufficient knowledge of these areas.... More

What is the NZDREX?
by NZDC - 4170 reads, based on 1 vote
The New Zealand Dental Registration Exam (NZDREX) consists of three parts: a written exam, a clinical exam and a New Zealand Conditions of Practice examination.... More

Summary of Criteria: Dental Registration Newzealand
by dentist - 5375 reads, based on 5 votes
There are three types of Dental Registration: a. Registration as a Dentist. This type of registration enables a dentist to practice in New Zealand without supervision. You must gain Registration as a Dentist before you can apply for Registration as a specialist. b. Registration as a Specialist. After gaining Registration as a Dentist, you an apply for Registration as a Specialist in a branch of dentistry. You must satisfy the council that you have that you have the appropriate qualifications, training and experience to justify Registration as a Specialist. c. Temporary Registration. This is limited to one year. In some circumstances, Council may extend Temporary Registra... More

Essential information about New Zealand Dental career
by Dentist - 5260 reads, based on 3 votes
To practice in New Zealand, all dentists must be registered with the Dental Council of New Zealand. The Dental Council of New Zealand is the statutory body for maintaining self-regulation of the dental profession. A person is entitled to be registered as a dentist in New Zealand if she/he: ... More

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