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Pharmacology Drug Reviews
Pharmacology Section - Pharmacology MCQ - Bank Forum - Pharmacology Books

Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) - First Oral Influenza Neuraminidase Inhibitor
by wikipedia - 7086 reads, based on 3 votes
Oseltamivir is an antiviral drug, a neuraminidase inhibitor used in the treatment and prophylaxis of both influenza A and influenza B. Oseltamivir was the first orally active neuraminidase inhibitor commercially developed*. It was developed by Gilead Sciences and is currently marketed by Swiss Company Roche under the trade name Tamiflu.... More

Trastuzumab (Herceptin) - New Anti-Cancer Drug
by wikipedia - 7330 reads, based on 5 votes
Trastuzumab (Herceptin®) is an anti-cancer therapy that acts on the HER2/neu (erbB2) receptor. Its principal use is in breast cancer in patients whose tumors overexpress this receptor. Trastuzumab is administered either once a week or once every three weeks intravenously for 30 to 90 minutes.... More

Ezetimibe - A New Class of Lipid-Lowering Drugs
by Pharma - 5422 reads, based on 8 votes
Introduction Statins are among the best-studied drugs for the primary and secondary prevention of atherosclerosis, and particularly of coronary heart disease. Their tolerability is generally very good. Their lipid-lowering effect is species and dose dependent, and the maximum lowering of the LDL cholesterol level can be up to 55%. The lowering of the LDL cholesterol is curvilinear, and each doubling of the dose leads to a 6% reduction of the LDL cholesterol (‘rule of six’). This rule also applies to the side effects, which most often involve the liver enzymes and the musculature. Raised liver values are found in 0.5–2.0% of the patients, and the incidence of myopathy is 0.1–1.0%... More

Pyronaridine - An Antimalarial Blood Schizontocidal Drug
by pharmacist - 9081 reads, based on 11 votes
Pyronaridine is a blood schizontocidal drug that is structurally related to chloroquine, being a substituted 1-aza-acridine and also a substituted 1,5-napthyridine. It has been shown to have a high in vitro activity against chloroquine sensitive and chloroquine resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum and this high activity has been validated in clinical trials in China, Thailand and Cameroon, in which malarias resistant to chloroquine were cured. Pyronaridine is a promising drug and there are plans to release it for clinical use in Africa in the coming years, but its mechanism of action is not yet understood. It has more gastrointestinal side-effects than chloroquine. There are insuff... More

Dezocine - A Narcotic Agonist-Antagonist Analgesic
by Guest - 6090 reads, based on 4 votes
Dezocine has become a contetious topic after being asked in PGI exam recently. Since it is not given in details in KDT book, I have tried to put together some reliable information here.Dezocine (DEZ-oh-seen) Classification: Narcotic agonist-antagonist analgesic Action/Kinetics: Parenteral narcotic analgesic possessing both agonist and antagonist activity. Similar to morphine with respect to analgesic potency and onset and duration of action. Less risk of abuse due to the mixed agonist-antagonist properties of the drug. The narcotic antagonist activity is greater than that of pentazocine. Onset: Approximately 30 min after IM and approximately 15 min after IV. Peak effect: 30-150 min... More

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