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PLAB Part 2 Experiences
PLAB Part 2 Section - PLAB 2 - Part 2 of Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board Exam Conducted by GMC, UK Forum - PLAB Part 2 Books

My experience with PLAB 2 !
by shreerav - 47327 reads, based on 93 votes
After sharing my experience with PLAB 1, I thought I would write about PLAB 2, although many of the facts may be repetitions of the extremely well written previous posts of similar kind. I took the exams on Mar 11th . I would like to also add that this is primarily for such of those women who are likely to have gross restrictions on their time and freedom due to child care responsibilities.... More

My Experience in PLAB Part 2 OSCE Exam on June 28, 2006
by aq2006 - 19298 reads, based on 15 votes
1. Bimanual examination (procedure explained and consent taken). There was a feeling of cystic swelling at the opening of cervix and I found it difficult to palpate for fornices; uterus was retroverted (that is what I think). I forgot about KY jelly. Examiner was asking about Differentials but I was occupied by the cervical finding and kept telling him about cervical swelling. He was not looking happy.... More

I cleared PLAB II on jan 30: My experience
by drshady - 12471 reads, based on 16 votes
Hi all! I gave my PLAB II on jan30 and cleared! I attended coaching 10 days before the exam and though I felt very ill prepared and nervous going for the exam, I was pleasantly surprised by the exam per se! believe me, it is not scary or difficult and its ok if u dont complete the stations or dont know the answer to everything they ask u. ... More

PLAB Part 2 Exam, A Mystery?
by trojan - 10111 reads, based on 12 votes
I am a newcomer to this site. Although I have been visiting it for the last 3 months, I was only looking at the posts and ideas about PLAB 2, exam experiences etc. Finally I have decided to share my experience.... More

My PLAB Part 2 OSCE Experience and Mistakes
by bindasnikhilg - 11696 reads, based on 15 votes
Hi there here I am going to share my experience of OSCE exam. It is something all of us are scared of,but with right preparation and good coaching it can be better.I still haven’t got my results but I will be bold enough to say that the coaching I took made me feel somewhat confident about the exam as every day is like a mock exam while over there in the coaching.... More

Best Tips to Pass PLAB Part 2 Exam from my experience
by asdi - 16162 reads, based on 26 votes
Hi. I have seen people struggling to pass PLAB Part 2 Exam. I passed my PLAB Part 2 having not read a book or been to any course. All I had was a house officer year and 3 months A&E SHO experience. I got here 2 days before my exam and just did it. In the waiting area I saw plabees SINGING books and procedures sounding so mechanical after the exam, in retrospect (as I advised a friend... who also didn’t look at a book or attend those famous east London courses) and he also passed. So here are the tips:... More

Sharing My Experience of PLAB part 2 OSCE
by guest - 8413 reads, based on 10 votes
Hi everyone, I've been surfing the forum for months. Never got really involved, yet knew who was more active and helpful and who wasn't! So I just thought I'd finally get down to sharing my experience at the PLAB OSCE . My exam was on the 22nd of april. I had taken courses studied for the exam as much as I cud have.... More

PLAB Part 2 OSCE – My Experience and Some Tips
by plab2005 - 8015 reads, based on 19 votes
The aim of Plab Part 2 is to make sure you are a safe doctor and to check how professional you are. It requires the right method of preparation, attending a good course and practice. They test your history taking skills, counselling skills examination skills and your skills to perform various procedures... More

PLAB Part 2 is not a difficult exam!!!
by akanksha - 20804 reads, based on 47 votes
Yeah! PLAB 2 is not a difficult exam if you know where exactly they are testing you; and take it from me that this exam tests only how professional you are. At this stage of our profession, I think all of us have enough knowledge to elicit a relevant history and reach a probable diagnosis. All of us have acquired all relevant skills to perform basic examination of any system. We had been doing all these things all these years, and PLAB 2 is just a chance to show off how good you are at it.... More

How I Faced PLAB OSCE Stations in Real Exam
by PKM - 8464 reads, based on 19 votes
In general, about my exam: my preparation wasn't upto my expectations as i could not prepare well after the course with enough practice.So all i had was hope!I had practised the examination stations alone as they have to be done acc to format and left counselling stations to take their own course. My exam was in the afternoon session and everybody will agree that the wait is very tense and tedious.And the first three to whom I said hello were all second timers who had a lot of stories to tell of the scaring experience.One person had got just 2 Es and rest all B and As.As u may all know PLAB has 14 valid stations and 1 pilot station and 1 rest station. All the stations are graded as A-e... More

I passed PLAB Part 2 OSCE Examination, my experience
by anxiousplabber - 15535 reads, based on 35 votes
Hello all, by the Grace of Almighty Allah, my parent’s prayers and a lot of hard work I passed PLAB Part 2 OSCE examination this week. I am just writing my experience for those who get intimidated by all the complicated preparations and I know there are many people out there who try to discourage people and give out wrong information before the exam to damage our self esteem which is most important for PLAB Part 2. ... More

PLAB Part 2 OSCE - Exam experience on the day
by dsp - 8836 reads, based on 5 votes
The GMC centre is located on euston road, within walking distance (5 min) of Warren street, Great portland street and Regents park tube stations. I got down at Warren street and walked to the exam centre. My reporting time was 10 am, I reached there at 9:40.... More

plab2 on 16th august in the morning
by sudharshan - 8436 reads, based on 4 votes
everything was chaos as i started late and was lucky because of the effective london tube system. my allotted time was 8.45am ,they checked our names ,took a photo gave us the id card and provided us the lockers . by the time the exam started it was 9:30am. i got the following stations...... More

General Feedback from Examiners on Candidates’ Performance in the OSCE
by Satman - 6322 reads, based on 3 votes
Feedback from examiners has shown up trends in the way candidates perform some tasks and the following information may be useful to you: Examiners have observed that candidates do not always listen to the patients’ responses. These candidates concentrate on asking a series of questions rather than really listening to what the patient has to say and responding accordingly. They produce set phrases intended to indicate empathy and understanding but do not actually demonstrate these qualities by their responses and behaviour. It is important to help patients to be able to express what they want to say. These comments apply not only to communication stations such as breaking bad news or expla... More

My experience in PLAB Part 2
by Guest - 10363 reads, based on 6 votes
I did plab2 at September and I failed it. Here is my exam experience. I hope it will be useful for someone. 1. Counsel with a man about 40 years old he is going to have hernia operation and he wants to know about pain relief there was a man who looked a bit depressed and when I asked him how could I help him he said doctor I have hernia operation a few days later and am very apprehensive about that, he said he had another operation for hernia at the other site before and he suffered from pain a lot then I started to speak about the methods of pain relief we have (paracetamol, NSAIDs, morphine and their side effects...), when I came out of the station I thought I made a fool of mysel... More

A day at GMC for PLAB 2 OSCE Exam - My Experience
by Ziad - 9091 reads, based on 17 votes
This is what you might call a “walkthrough” to the day of the exam, what happens inside the famous GMC building, from the minute you go inside, filled with tension and anticipation, till when you walk out, hopefully happy and confident! First thing make sure that you arrive on time, it’s better to come a bit before the time stated in your booking confirmation, because if you arrive later than that time, you might not be allowed to enter, so it’s better to be safe!... More

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