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Psychiatry Question Busters
Psychiatry Section - Psychiatry Study Group - MCQs, Notes, Study Tips and Strategies Forum - Psychiatry Books

Confusing Features of Hallucinations
by drhimanshutyagi - 18030 reads, based on 39 votes
All are true about hallucinations, except: 1. It is independent of will of observer 2. Sensory organs are not involved 3. It is as vivid as that in true sense perception 4. Occurs in absence of a perceptual stimulus... More

Features of Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis
by drhimanshutyagi - 10671 reads, based on 30 votes
All are features of obsessive compulsive neurosis except: 1. Anxiety 2. Obsession 3. Normal thought 4. Suicidal tendency... More

Which is the schizophrenia with worst prognosis?
by drhimanshutyagi - 21442 reads, based on 61 votes
Question Which is the schizophrenia with worst prognosis? 1. Hebephrenic schizophrenia 2. Simple schizophrenia Well, this seemingly simple question was asked by drani (RxPG Nick) in the shout-box yesterday. According to this RxPG member the standard books and the usual half baked PG entrance guides are confusing her more. Well, as we said this question looks extremely simple, but there is much more to it than that meet the eyes. Read on...... More

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
by drhimanshutyagi - 11806 reads, based on 42 votes
Another recent question in AIPGE 2005 has been a topic for intense discussion in RxPG community. This is an interesting question related to both the subjects of Psychiatry and Neurology, but looks innocuous enough to deceive anyone who is not up to date with latest research (you can use rxpgnews.com which covers all the latest research from medical journals world over and presents the summary in a readable news format). RxPG Team has scanned some quick facts and came up with an explanation for the correct answer. First of all let us see the question and review the discussion till date. An 18 yr old student complains of lack of interest in studies for last 6 months. He has... More

Current treatment approaches in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
by RxPG_Team - 11020 reads, based on 25 votes
A recent question in AIPGE 2005 has made this topic a contentious topic for discussion. The confusion is further increased by the ambiguity of the text in Indian standard psychiatry textbooks. RxPG team has done a quick research to come up with the following facts regarding behaviour therapy in OCD. THE QUESTION: A 25yr old femal presents with 2 yr history of repititive, irrestible thoughts of contamination with dirt associated with repetitive hand washing. She reports these thoughts to be her own & distressing;but is not able to overcome them along with medications.She is most likely to benefit from which of the following therapies: 1.exposure & response prevention 2.systematic ... More

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
by RxPG - 8635 reads, based on 23 votes
QUESTION. A male child of 15 years, with a mental age of 9 years has an IQ of: 1. 50 2. 60 3. 70 4. 80 ... More

Impulse Control Disorders
by RxPG - 8195 reads, based on 16 votes
QUESTION. All of the following are impulse control disorders except; 1. Pyromania. 2. Trichotillomania. 3. Kleptomania. 4. Capgras’ sydrome. ... More

Delirium tremens - characteristics
by RxPG - 9454 reads, based on 19 votes
QUESTION. Delirium tremens is characterized by confusion associated with: 1. Autonomic hyperactivity and tremors. 2. Features of intoxication due to alcohol. 3. Sixth nerve palsy. 4. Korsakoff psychosis.   ... More

Features of Hallucinations
by Bruno - 8075 reads, based on 14 votes
All of the following are features of hallucinations, except: 1.It is independent of the will of the observer. 2.Sensory organs are not involved. 3.It is a vivid as that in a true sense perception. 4. It occurs in the absence of perceptual stimulus. ... More

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