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How to start preparing for entrance examinations?
by RM1VM1 - 7344 reads, based on 45 votes
September signals the start of yet another crack at the PG Entrance exams. Some things that are essential yet overlooked and can hamper your preparation are: a) Lack of time b) Lack of material to study c) Downright laziness Time is something that is not under our control. So we have to do what we can with the time available to us, which is roughly 4 months. ... More

Doing Questions and Raising Scores
by Kaptest - 3632 reads, based on 12 votes
Practice questions do not teach you. Practice questions test you. Mastering the material you need to raise your score is something that takes place in the studying you do before and after doing questions. One of the laws of human behavior is that doing more of the same thing will likely net you the same result. You do not improve your chances of getting questions correct by simply doing more questions. Doing more does not change your behavior. Rather, you need to look at your thinking on each question and add to your knowledge base. ... More

Important tips to decipher the language of exam questions
by RxPG Team - 3833 reads, based on 5 votes
The following is the usual code that is used by the paper setters to constryct the mcqs. Read and learn this to minimise any chances of freak wrong answers in the actual exam. Always  - implies 100% of the time (Answer is usually FALSE) Invariably  - means 98-99% of the time Pathognomonic, Diagnostic, Characteristic, A specific feature or In the vast majority - imply that a feature would occur in at least 90% of cases, ie occurs in this disease and no other! It is a feature of diagnostic significance. Its absence might make one doubt the diagnosis. Typically, Frequently, Significantly, Commonly and In a substantial majority - imply that a feature woul... More

How to make study notes for myself?
by thrift - 8733 reads, based on 14 votes
Write your own notes. Even if you get someone else's copy them over--that will help commit the material to memory. Make note cards up summarzing your notes in outline form or covering specific definitions you need to know and carry them around with you and study them when you have a spare minute during the day. Number the pages of your notes--that will make lots of things easier to find and refer to as you are studying. Put the page number on your note card so you can find the material the note card was made from. Tap sections of your notes that you need to refer to often for quick reference.... More

Advice on MCQ Examination Technique
by - 13328 reads, based on 25 votes
Most students have had ample practice at multiple choice question exams. Nevertheless, some candidates have particular difficulty with this part of the examination, and in many cases, this is due to poor examination technique. The following help and advice is applicable to all negatively marked mcq examinations. ... More

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