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RxPG :: View topic - PLAB Curriculum Vitae Optimisation  
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Author Message


please count me in the process

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mujhe bee lelo tumara cv optimisation me icon_rolleyes.gif


hey i would love to have one

Aim Surgery

add me too plzz
needless to say that the CV Optimisation will only be done by the doctors who are working in NHS, UK. therefore count me in


RxPG Team wrote:
Dear RxPGites,

RxPG will be launching a service soon wherein we will optimise the CV of the PLAB aspirants for UK Jobs for a fee.

This CV optimisation service will include formatting your CV, optimising it completely to the requirements of UK NHS jobs and your career plan and giving FEEDBACK on your CV. It will also include some tips on where you are most likely to succeed in UK.

Since we want to test this service before launching it formally, we are pleased to offer this service totally free to few applicants (about 10). If you are interested in getting a free optimisation of your CV by our team, please post a request here (as a reply to this post) before 21 September 2004.

Only the requests from the RxPG members will be considered. In the last week of september, we will lock this thread and select the top ten applicants with highest number of RxPG Credits.

The selection for this free offer will be only on the basis of RxPG Credits which you can earn by posting in RxPG forums.


RxPG Team wrote:
You have to be a member of RxPG site to make a valid request. No request from guests will be entertained.


Re: Me too join the race
RxPG Team wrote:
premprabu_80 wrote:
wishing to be in the lucky TOP TEN
by the way CHEERS for all the people behind this group snd specislly this mission.

Helping someone today will make sure that there will be someone to help you tomorrow
gud luk guys


There is no luck involved in the selection, just keep on earning RxPG Credits by posting in rxpg forums, only the top ten people with most RxPG Credits will get this free offer.


RxPG Team wrote:
Considering the number of requests we are recieving for this free offer, we have decided to cap the shortlisting to only those who will have minimum 50 posts in RxPG forums before 21 September 2004.


hey pick me too


me too

Aim DRCOphth

hi rxgg
hi dear...
i take advantage 2 get the solution of different problems thru rxpg.
i live in karachi[pakistan]
can u add me plz for cv optimisation.

Aim DRCOphth

hi rxpg,
i live in karachi[pak]
am i eligible 4 ur cv optimisation?
if yes ...do add me too please.


me to

Aim MRCP Part 1

Do add me in as part of the CV optimisation procedure Thank you icon_smile.gif

Aim MRCP Part 1

Re: hi rxgg
Do add me in as part of the CV optimisation procedure Thank you
can u add me plz for cv optimisation.

Aim MRCOG Part 1

count me in

Pliz count me in2.


Do add me also plz

Aim USMLE Step 1

can you give us a format of how to write a good cv


pls add me too,tnx a lot....


i am looking for a post
My name is Antonio Diaz Valdes . I qualified as medical doctor since 1986 , I'm also specialist in Family Medicine since 1991 , both degree are from University Habana Cuba. I was working in Republic of Namibia in a rural area from 1991-1993 . I have been working in South Africa since 1996 until now , special in Primary Health Level in rural area . I am registered as a Medical Practitioner with Health Professions Council of South Africa{HPCSA} since 1996 ; registration number MP 0446505 ; In this year 2005 , I going to start a second year in Family Medicine in Medical University of Southern Africa. I found in Internet your program Areas of Need and I have interest in participating in this program . I request your assistance and cooperation regarding this matter .
Dr: Antonio Diaz Valdes

Aim PLAB Part 2

hi and thanx 4 ur support


this sounds really cool! although i`m a new member of this site, i wud still say.............count me in too!


although the offer is closed as of now, you can email your CVs to rxpgonline at gmail dot com. Our team will try to optimize as many CVs as they can (not guaranteed)

Aim MRCP Part 1

hi there!
please count me in too!but i didnt get about the post part...where should i mail my cv?on which addy?


Is the CV optimisation still going on or the thread locked?

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