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RxPG :: View topic - Should I join Kaplan for USMLE?  
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Aim USMLE Step 1

Where can I get kaplan step1 dvd's
Can anyone let me know Where can I get kaplan step1 dvd's online

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Aim MRCS Part 1

From there website offcourse!!!

Aim USMLE Step 1

i guess d dude/dudette's askin where you can get 'free' dvds n stuff..right mr./miss?

Aim PLAB Part 1

Hi,I am preparing for the USMLE step1 and am planning to buy the latest USMLE step 1 2007 videos.But they are expensive.If u are interested in sharing the cost,then we can share the videos too.This way u can save the steep costs and get almost the samestudy material.Reply if interested.

Aim USMLE Step 1


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Aim USMLE Step 1

Why don't you people put a question mark over your pictures?? There is a thread start by vzx over this issue. Why don't you go through that?




no not necessary
you have to study is all see
all exams can be cracked thru careful study
all the best


About Kaplan


1. U are compelled to attend the 4hr lectures a day. That makes sure that u atleast study 4 hrs a day.

2. Regular exams keep u prepared with the subject

3. An environment of study, which is not possible in most college reading halls because of a wide variety of students studying for diff exams


1. The price... 73K is just too much

2. Only 1 way communication i.e. lack of interaction

3. Cant manage internships (9am to 1pm) with kaplan timings (4 pm to 8 pm) without getting fatigued. most people try to get externship at a nice place


About study at home


1. Home atmosphere, can take a break at anytime unlike kaplan where breaks are also scheduled.

2. Can study acc to my own study schedule (not advisable as time is money so)

3. Saves a lot of money (73K), for which i can buy myself a nice laptop and study kaplan notes and DVD's on the go (even in clinics)


1. Cant adhere to a strict schedule (can be rectified by tryin to find a group or partner)

2. Home distractions and lack of a proper atmosphere
get rid of cable what else or go to a local library


choose whatever you are comfortable with but hurry up and take the exams
ideally it should be take inthe third year at least the step 1
then step 2 ck in internship and cs at the end of internship
will save you a year that way
i havent and im losing a year so


yeah,dats individual choice.

Aim USMLE Step 1

hiiiii......to study yourself is important clue and great nice work ...you feel with proud and satisfy
and alot of advantages............money saving......free time saving.........dependency.........future certificates will be easily to be taken...............with best wishes..........................................sklatchy


best wishes,sklatchy.


hi there,
even im from ahmedabad,bj med.
are u from vs or bj?

Aim USMLE Jobs


Aim NEET-PG 2012

aspirehigh wrote:
Hi,I am preparing for the USMLE step1 and am planning to buy the latest USMLE step 1 2007 videos.But they are expensive.If u are interested in sharing the cost,then we can share the videos too.This way u can save the steep costs and get almost the samestudy material.Reply if interested.

dude kaplan lectures available on youtube for free

Aim USMLE Step 1

i want to appear for usmle. i want to go to hopkins. what scores will i need for that?

Aim USMLE Step 1

go for kap

Aim MRCPath Part 1

i am not getting full videos of kaplan on youtube....!!!
does any1 knows where i ll get it.

Aim AIPGE 2015


Aim AIPGE 2015


Aim DNB Part 1


Aim AIPGE 2013

yes well... Motivation is not a problem. But sometimes study at home does not appeal to me. I've never ever studied at home for 3-4 hrs at a stretch.

I recently asked a few of ma friends who joined kaplan and even they're not sure if I should join kaplan or not... hehe... All of them give the same answer "It depends upon you".. What we need here is opinion of ppl who have actually taken kaplan classes and also given atlest step 1... So that we may find out if the classes are actually beneficial

Aim Indian PG Exams

I went to kaplan hyderabad...one of the worst choices!!To start off
Its claustrophoblic, very small space and everything crammed up into it without proper ventilation.
Too many students..too much noise(talking,discussing...u name it),Staff totally illequipped to help u out with ur doubts...they dont know the "abcd" of usmle..the only ppl who help u out are co students.
They are closed on all public holidays and half day on sundays..and on weekdays from 10am to 8pm..some students prefer studying in the night..its a nightmare for them.
They have a library but dont provide wifi..and according to management u r not supposed to use any material other than kaplan...just kaplan material and kaplan Q bank...UWORLD prohibited(are they mad?)
Every week they keep disturbing u with offers on CS workshops or discounts on CK or some other seminars to join more students and pester u to attend and spread the word just so they can do their marketing..meanwhile your valuable time is wasted.
Management cares a hoots ass bout ur problems and half ur time is wasted in worrying bout the sad state of affairs there.
..SERIOUSLY why pay 70k and put urself thru this diabolical experience??
Im sure the experience cant be much different at other centers since the management is the same...i have met the owner and his wife couple of times...they are pure business minded people
70k is a total waste especially when the whole process is gonna cost u lakhs anyways...save it for somethin else...i suggest you study at home and develop some self control and study atleast 6-8 hrs a day with concentration...else go to a library preferably with students preparing for usmle so u can discuss doubts if u hav any.And check out usmle specific forums for support while ur at it


Never make the mistake of joining Kaplan. Its a waste. Everything is available online. Kaplan videos are excellent, but available by online downloads, new ones do not add much for one to spend 73k.
Kaplan books are not gr8.

Get First Aid and Goljan, Join Qworld, and NBME practice tests online. This is more than sufficient.

Aim USMLE Step 1

Smartvora, i totally agree with you...

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