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RxPG :: View topic - Cases which are asked more than twice in exams  
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Aim General

cases which are asked more than twice in exams

1) BEZOLD ABSCESS---located in digastric fossa/ sternomastoid muscle,-------------((2))

2) "CALDWELL-LUC OP.---commonest complication=Infra orbital nerve Palsy, used for removal of AntroChoanal Polyp,"------------((2))

3) "CALORIC test---done with Warm & Cold water, has Slow & Fast Component, Tests function of Lat.Semicircular canal,"----------((2))

4) "CHOLESTEATOMA---filled with Keratinised Stratified sq. epithelium, deafness, Erodes bone,"------------((2))

5) "COCHLEAR NUCLEI---appreciation of sound, COCHLEAR IMPLANTS--- used in SNHL/ SND.,"--------((2))

6) "EXTERNAL AUDITORY MEATUS/ EAM---normal length=24 mm ( 2.4 cm),Cartilaginous portion is smaller than Bony portion,"--------------((2))

7) "FISTULA TEST---+VE after OPeration.of Labyrinth fenestration, FALSE +VE F.T.--seen in Hypermobile Ossicular chain, Labyrinthine Fistula, Post fenestration op.,"-------------((2))

8) "FOREIGN BODY OF NOSE---Unilateral Blood Stained & Fetid , Unilat. Nasal Obst., Nasal Discharge,"-----------((2))

9) "FRACTURE OF MAXILLA---fes. CSF Rhinorrhoea, Anasthesia of upper lip, Sugical emphysema cheeks,Not seen is malocclusion"------------((2))

10) "FURUNCLE OF EAR CANAL---Rx ear pack with 10% ICTHAMOL in GLYCERINE wick, most common site-EXT.cartilaginous auditory canal,"----------((2))

11) "LABYRINTH---destruction of Rt. Labyrinth causes nystagmus to Lt.side, Labyrinthine Artery is a branch of Ant. Inf. Cerebellar art.," ---------((2))

12) "LARYNGOSCOPY---KEY HOLE APP. of glottis is seen in PHONASTHENIA, the procedure that should precede microlaryngoscopy is laryngo-endoscopy, "-------------((2))

13) "LARYNGOMALACIA---most common Congenital Anamoly of larynx, most common cause of congenital stridor & inspiratory stridor is normal on crying,"-----------((2))

14) "LARYNX---Important function of Larynx is Protection of Lower Respiratory Tract, Narrowest part of Infantile Larynx=SUBGLOTTIS,"--------------((2))


16) "MAC EWEN'S TRIANGLE / SUPRAMEATAL TRIANGLE---felt thru. CYMBA Conche, Landmark for Mastoid Antrum"----------((2))

17) "MASTOIDECTOMY---commonest Extra-Cranial complication--Facial nerve Palsy, RADICAL MASTOIDECTOMY---inv.lowering of facial ridge, scrapping of middle ear ,removal of all ossicle except foot plate of stapes,"------------((2))

18) "MASTOIDITIS---ACUTE--clouding of air cells, deafness, obliteration of retroauricular sulcus, Complications-- Subperipsteal abscess-mastoid infec. Erodes outer cortex of bone,"----------((2))

19) "MAXILLARY SINUS -ANTRAL CARCINOMA---T3NOMO-Rx-->SURGERY+RADIOTH.,Malignant tumour arisis commonly from maxillary sinus,"-----------((2))

20) "NASOPHARYNGEAL FIBROMA---Rx Surgery, NASOPHARYNX---Oval shaped Space,"---------------((2))

21) "ORGAN OF CORTI---situated in SCALA MEDIA, along Inner edge of membrane"-------------((2))

22) "OTOTOXIC DRUGS---kanamycin, streptomycin, vincristine, gentamicin, "------------((2))

23) "PARACUSIS WILLISII---pt. Hear better in NOISE, cinical otosclerosis,"--------------((2))

24) "PAROTID---& TUMOURS OF PAROTID---NERVE commonly sacrificed is facial n. "-----------((2))

25) "PHONASTHENIA---KEY HOLE APP. OF GLOTTIS ON LARYNGOSCOPY,& PUBOPHONIA--- a boy failed to develop the crackling of voice which normally occurs in adolescence,"------------((2))

26) "PYRIFORM FOSSA/ SINUS---lymphatic drainage to upper cervical L.N.'S, malignant lesions of P.S. pain is reffered to Ipsilateral ear via vagus nerve,"------------((2))

27) REINKE'S OEDEMA---oedema of the free margin/edge of the Vocal cord ,”---------((2))

28) "ALLERGIC RHINITIS---test used intracutaneous test, scratch test, rash test, common cause of nasal discharge,"----------((2))

29) "VASOMOTOR RHINITIS---Sx Vidian Neurectomy, autonomic imbalance,"-------((2))

30) "CORYZA / VIRAL RHINITIS---PARCEL viruses, "----------((2))

31) "RHINOLALIA CLAUSA---seen in gross adenoid hypertrophy, voice abn.,"---------((2))

32) "RHINOSCOPY---ANTERIOR--Bulla Ethmoidalis, inf. Tubinates, little's area,are seen , not seen is sup.tubinate, POSTERIOR-- Eustachian tube, inf.meatus, middle meatus, not seen is sup. Concha,"--------((2))

33) "SPENOID SINUS---opens into sphenoethmoidal recess,"--------((2))

34) "ACUTE FRONTAL SINUSITIS---chronic periodic headache, disapears with sunset, "-----------((2))

35) "SUBMUCOUS FIBROSIS---premalignant,"--------------((2))

36) "SMR / SUBMUCOUS RESECTION---done > 16yrs. , DNS, "----------((2))

37) TRACHEA---begins at the level of lower border of cricoid cartilage,---------((2))

38) "TRAUMATIC RUPTURE OF T.M.---Rx conservative / No active Rx, pin-prick injury to eardrum-Rx-antibiotics,"----------((2))

39) "VINCENT'S ANGINA---ulcerative lesion of fusiform bacillus, / anaerobic, spirochaete, "----------((2))

40) "WEBER TEST--- in conductive deafness -W.T. lat. to deaf ear, note=both ear rinne's +ve & W.T. lat.to left I.e. left sided conductive deafness, "----------((2))


UNANSWERED: Creating separate cadre for mbbs in teaching faculty in medical colleges as tutors / demonstrators.


which university do u belong?

Aim General

hello Shardul

i belong to RGUHS sir. i got some really good senior friends. i get to know many things from them. they told me abt RXPG. i am so glad i am a part of the team n i can get to know more ppl, n contribute atleast an aorta of info to others. and get to know in return


Aim General

HELLO SHARDUL SIR icon_smile.gif

i am arjun doin my 2nd yr in Br.B.R.Ambedkar Medical College. i ll finish exams in two months now. i got all these info from some seniors n as i get it i post it ere. i am a fanatic abt surfing for more. i am not satisfied with wat i surf wat i get from the net. i crave for more. i hav lost the track of which site gives which info so i post the whole info.

sir, it would be really nice of u to advise me soime books for third year. some seniors hav told but i feel u shud tell me.

waiting for ur reply

Arjun icon_biggrin.gif

Aim General

good evening sir.

i hav loads of histopathologic images sir. how do i post them?

can u please help


Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

Good work buddy...nice 2 c ur exhuberance and interest but kindly as our moderator says be original and i bet u can do loads off good work 2 RXPG...which univ and which college???r u into ur 3rd sem???anyways best of luck n no offence meant above!!!Peace out dude!!! icon_twisted.gif

Aim USMLE Step 1

thats good job arjun.

Aim General


i am from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences

basically karnataka. i study in Dr. B.R.Ambedkar medical college.

i never meant to violate any laws. sorry. please convey to the moderator

SHARDHUL. i guess he's angry with me. i take things to heart so its little tough for

me to get over it. wil surely bounce back with original stuff.



hey arjun i'm not angry with anyone yaar... why should I? i just missed to notice ur posts....& i'm very sorry for the same.

u have compiled very good list but the contents of ur list are very unlike our (the MUHS) that is why asked u which university do u go.

Aim General

hello shardul sir

no problem. it was past i left it there. i actually thought u slapped my credits. i know credits dont matter much bcoz i hav u ppl who ll clear my doubts.

by the way i wanted to know how do i post histopathological slides sir. i hav loads of them.

take care


u have option to post it as an article or u can post them in downloads section:
Only RxPG members can see links here! Register or Login!

ur contribution would be appreciated icon_biggrin.gif and I dont have powers to slap anyboyd's credits Arjun

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