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RxPG :: View topic - Is Surgery gettable in US?  
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It is not impossible but it is very very difficult.

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Aim USMLE Step 1

scepticemia wrote:
It is not impossible but it is very very difficult.

thank u scepticemia ... can u pls elaborate about how difficult it is if u have any idea or any1 u knw dint get into .... any first hand exp seniors u know ... would be soo greatful.... thanx


I actually do not know anyone who has made it in ObGyn residency through the USMLE. Sorry about that. But I can dig into the stats the USMLE people release and see how many IMGs land up in ObGyn residencies eventually. But that is a time taking affair and I cannot promise you how soon I can do it.

Aim USMLE Step 1

thanks loads would be soo greatful to know the stats ...... no issues im not in hurry im yet to gv my first step its in nov .... i shouldnt be saying this but hope u have cleared all your exams coz u mentioned it as time taking and i dnt want u to deviate ur time ...soo kind gesture thanx once again


Oh I am not in the race to take the steps any time soon... maybe some time later on. I am doing my MD PSM right now, so it is more important for me to complete this MD now before thinning about the next one! icon_smile.gif Will try to find out about the stats when I have some more time. Meanwhile you could try looking at my blog (link in my signature below) where I have talked a bit about USMLE statistics and stuff. See if that helps. Cheers.

Aim USMLE Step 1

oh ok .. thanks you wuld def go thru blog .... all the best for ur MD


thanks... but if you have made your mind up to take the step in november, what is with all this soul searching? icon_smile.gif

Aim USMLE Step 1

scepticemia wrote:
thanks... but if you have made your mind up to take the step in november, what is with all this soul searching? icon_smile.gif

LOL no soul searching ... im just a victim of being overambitious so just looking out for threads n forums to maintain the pace of everything thats it... icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif and surgery obviously gv u more adrenaline rush so just keeping an eagles eye hoping to grab just in case...


Yeah surgery is possible bro. FYI there were a number of vacancies for surgery last year according to the NRMP statistics. So the trend to get into surgery can change for the better for IMGs but for now yeah its tough to get in but not impossible. Chill about the failure, not that important in the application. What is important is clinical experience, research (the more you do the better chance you have since even the people applying to most competitive specialities have done only one. ..except radiation oncology (they have done 4-8 no exaggeration)). Good luck👍


Getting a residency
Hi , I'm ms ent .. Completed recently And I am planning to go for usmle .. Wat are the chances for me to get md internal medicine .. In us ..

Aim Australia

is anaesthesia and surgery are considered same for getting residency in US??
Is it really very difficult to get residency in anaesthesia similar to surgery?
plz sum 1 tell me what is diference between Anaesthesia and surgery to get residency?/

Aim USMLE Step 1

I hv been reading d forum!! N the importance of Observership, research in US and LORs frm US citizens is very evident for a surgical residency!! Now, i wud lyk to knw if fr doing research n observership in US, an Indian graduate requires to clear step 1 and step 2 of usmle?!

Aim Australia

the percent is bout 5% for forigener

Aim MRCS Part 1


Aim MRCS Part 1

Usmle age limit
Is there an age limit for appearing in usmle exams like 49 or 50 yrs .

Aim USMLE Step 2 CS

Re: Usmle age limit
drzakiahmed wrote:
Is there an age limit for appearing in usmle exams like 49 or 50 yrs .

there is no age limit to appear for the usmle. its against the law to discriminate anyone based on age in the united states.

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