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RxPG :: View topic - WARNING!Alreasy emailed 20 numbers of the people who want to create whatsapp group  
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Author Message

Aim Tamilnadu PG

But somebody leaks means thy harming themselves by converting tougher to easier and easy to very easy that's y i didn't disclose even single QN to close friends too and I have seen some group shared even images to AL then I msgd him personally and then he realized how stupid thing he has done to himself ,so whoever u come across pls enlighten them not to disclose qns as it wil create harm to themselves in scoring then thy wil stop

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Good work sumzi..!!!

Aim AIPGE 2016


Aim MS

One of the best comments i have ever seen

Aim MS

Thanku so much for understanding...much appreciated

Aim Tamilnadu PG

Still chennai didn't finish exam so whoever u think as disclosing tel them actual reality and how it affects their own score itself that's d best solution I think ,just seeing you tube to know scoring means thy wil understand and very few ly doesn't know and majority of us surely know if QN leaks it wil affect their score itself

Aim AIPGE 2016

well said man.....i guess one day one exam is only way out of all this....even the marking system is not fully understandable....nd i guess it should be equal weightage for each ques..if someone has studied a subject properly,even the toughest in that subject will be easy 4 him....nd if he hasnt studied a subject,even the basic will be tough 4 him....nd not everyone can study all subjects ryt??....But everyone is turning a blind eye to such things

Aim AIPGE 2015

Thanks for doing this for all of us! Last year I too did this. I personally msged ppl who started such groups and warned them and I even reported about people who were starting or becoming a part of such groups. I was receiving flak on shoutbox for spoiling people's careers by complaining to NBE.
But I didn't feel the least bit sorry.
Whether a rock falls upon you or someone throws a rock upon you, result is same - you get hurt. If a person doesn't know the implication of sharing Qs in an exam where there is intra- as well as inter- session comparision; I think that person deserves to get beaten around. We all get beaten around for our stupidities. No one gets spared. And here he jeopardises not just his life and future, but also others'. May be it doesn't matter to him, maybe he/she is cool about it, maybe this wasn't a serious attempt of his or maybe he himself wants to get benefitted. He can't fool around with other's chances for his foolish or selfish reasons.
This is like taking the wrongdoer's side and criticising an aware citizen for reporting a crime to the police. There is too much stupidity around us.
Don't get bogged down. You are doing the right thing! If I come across someone like this, I will do the same.


I don't know why you guys want to ruin the life of fellow Pg aspirants. Why don't you file a case against nbe to conduct single session exam all over India like aiims and jipmer do . And moreover there would be hardly any repeat in successive sessions and that too they don't carry much discrimination score.
Your concern about the leaking of topics and questions is good and I agree with you but being a doctor we should all always remember that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Better you file a case against both those who leaked the questions and also against the one who made this happen that's nbe.

Aim AIPGE 2016

yeah man....one day one exam....that should be the way forward...i don't think we have lack of man power..do we??...if an JEE can be conducted...y cant this be??....exams like UPSC,AIIMS,JIPMER all online and single day exams.....But things will continue to be the same...


Chennai sessions are left,so till then,even if someone has an extreme urge to share questions on any platform in any way..verbal or anything..please dont do it..

Aim Indian PG Exams

Chatur ramalingam AKA silencer !!!!!
Remember of 3 idiots?


We must support him ..😊


by not following the rules everyone here wants to look suoercool...

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