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RxPG :: View topic - When to start PG prep in MBBS?  
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Aim USMLE Step 2 CK

hey have u started surgery?? hw mch hv u dne, suzane_lib ?

UNANSWERED: Topics division/frequency in final mbbs question papers?


Important topics from liver
-hepatocellular failure::better to be done from medicine books ....i refer george mathews
-hepatic encephalopathy ::same as above
-pyogenic liver abscess and amoebic liver abscess::bailey and love and mcq's from AAA
-hyadatid cyst:same as above
-portal hypertension
-budd chiari syndrome
-oesophageal varices
-hepatocellular ca


Please post the various difficulties faced by you all and the untoward or difficult mcq's...so that we all can clear our doubts and make our concepts stronger

Aim AIPGE 2016

wait guys give me some time 2 finish of wth surg part of liver will do mcq 4m aa by tues nd post thread wat bout u guys nd plz tel me r u peeps gng 2 do med nd surg side by side wat bout harrison yaar then


as for me i am concentrating more on surgery....for that matter i am trying to finish at least 80-90%of surgery by 7th sem ...so will be doing surgery mostly ..
about medicine i will be concentrating mostly on the most repeated topics given here:::http://www.rxpgonline.com/postt60813.html::
i will be starting medicine next week

Aim AIPGE 2016

k even i wil also doing most of surg part we will discuss nd do together is tht fine na


ya thats fine .....tell me when u will be finishing liver mcq's then we'll discuss liver

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