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RxPG :: View topic - Should we read harssson rt from the second year [little bit] along with pharma  
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should we read harssson rt from the second year [little bit
give sugestions............

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Aim USMLE Step 1

I had also the same question. I asked about this to many seniors of my college. But most of them advised me to do it in 4th year as at that time our patho n pharma are covered n we are in a position to handle this bible of meicine.
This books has gr8 details of pathophysiology so its better to go thru Robbins before we study harrison.

But seniors please comment on this.


Yes, 2nd year is the ideal time to start reading Harrison's.. begin with infectious diseases and the initial chapters of Volume 1, they are sure to help u in the clinical classes..

All the important topics from pharma may be supplemented from Harrison's if time permits, including Epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease, Hypertension, Heart Failure, A.M.I, Diabetes, Thyroid and the like.

Aim USMLE Step 1

I have never read anything from Harrison. I just get scared by seeing such a voluminous book.

Is this book student friendly i.e. can we retain things if we study right from 2nd year?


Should we start harrison after covering atleast 50% of patho n pharma.


yaar if u dont start, how will u know? u have to read it some day na? first u will feel its difficult..u will take hrs to finish a chapter..but ur speed will improve by the day..make notes, read n re-read - that will help!

unless u read patho-pharma-micro texts alongside, reading Harrison's only won't be of much use..


hello ashutosh we should start harrison...................


thanks to u all for ur suggestions....


hello ashutosh r u on orkut..........................

Aim USMLE Step 1

I have made a plan.

I think Pharma, MIcro n especially Patho are the most important subjects in 2nd MBBS. Any way one should not neglect them anyway. They are the concept builder n even more imp. than harrison.

What if we study Harrison only 1 day in a week; say on SUNDAY n read 10-15 pages on that day. In this way we can finish atleast vol 1 (1300 pages) of harrison by the end of 2nd Prof. without putting much strain.

Will this work ??
Please advice me .........

Aim MD Medicine

Never, never, never read Harrison's in the 2 nd year, as it is basically a book for PGs.
If you are really mad after it, open the specific pages as per suggestion of your teacher, if he/she at all suggests.
The new Kumar & Clark's book, 7 th Edition (2009) is para-Harrison's. Read this or davidson.
Harrison is usually read in the early Internee period.
Remember, human brain can accommodate roughly 10000 facts. Keep some spaces in your brain for other things/facts in the world.
Read clinical medicine or surgery meticulously from the very 1st day of Clinics.

final comment: don't rush after Harrison in your golden undergraduate days. You will be lost. Clear?



I myself started Harrison's in 2nd yr and still can't retain so much of it well into final yr. U see the problem with Harrison's is its so tough to retain unless u revise.. One of our sirs actually said the full book needs to be revised at least 7-10 times for maximal retention - impossible for an undergraduate. But yes, the more u read, the more times u revise, the more solid ur grasp is on that text. Once a week is bit too less to start off as u do need to revise the older things too which u would forget otherwise. But yes, do be thorough with general pharma and general pathology from Robbins at least before getting into the systems from Harrison's. Vol II is crucial too, but if u just read the chapters I mentioned in my earlier post, it will be enough for 2nd and 3rd yr. Leave the rest for the last 1.5 yrs icon_smile.gif And there's always a Davidson to fall back on..All the best!


btw as time passes u will see the tables and flowcharts(algorithms) and diagrams of Harrison's are the most important alongside the boxes! They make for quick revision and contain the essentials! Retaining them helps! More so for 2nd or 3rd reads! All the best!



well I myself started Harrison's in 2nd yr and don't regret my decision. It has been an immense help, trust me even as the late-starters ignored Harrison's and opted for simpler texts like Kumar and Clark. And one can't think of making it through an Indian PG entrance test without having ever touched Harrison's, whether it be notes from that or the main text, can he?

Aim USMLE Step 1

Thanks Dr Sudipto
I know Vol II of harrison is very very important as it deals with all organ systems & it requires a thorough understanding of all 2nd Prof subjects.

Hence I am leaving it for my 3rd prof.

The principle of our MBBS subjects is the more you reviese the more you retain. Hence my plan of reading Harrison once a week seems rudimentary.

Can you please elaborate on how you used to study Harrison during your 2nd Prof days and side by side how you managed your 2nd prof courses ?

Plz help me.....


Initially led more stress on basics - General Pathology from Robbins - a must-know! Same for General Pharmacology.

Referred Goodman and Gillman for topics like CVS - AMI, Hypertension, Angina, DM, Thyroid.

First, finished a chapter from my Pharma/Micro/Patho textbook. Say Epilepsy from KDT. Next, read it up from Harrison's. Revised few times. More during exams. Similarly MOA+uses of antibiotics - first from KDT, then from Harrison's. Hematology - first from Harsh Mohan, then Harrison's. I found Harsh Mohan to be somewhat better than Robbins in its approach towards Hematology. Similarly after finishing a chapter of Microbiology, went through Harrison's Vol. I. The fact that our teachers used to combine Ananthnarayan and Harrison's in their lectures helped!

When clinical classes were on, read that up from Harrison's. Say Jaundice. Say Headache. Abdominal Pain.

Obviously the stress though has to be on ur texts for 2nd Prof. All the best!


hey guys no need to take on harrison so early in 2nd mb....
i doubt how one can understand harrison without studying pharma n not even used to the names of drugs.... n directly jumping to harrison just for personal satisfaction?????
if patho pharma micro is read for first 6-8 months in 2nd mb then jump over to harrison..... i think it will b most useful then.... at this tym harrison will also b a gud revision tool for wat one has studied in these 3 para clinical subjs and just adding data upon that!!!!!
well no doubt harrison is gr8 bk.... one need to study for gud concepts.... very much like wats called "integrated study" for each topics
but need some foundation for that

these are wat i think is gud... pls correct me if wrong icon_smile.gif

Aim USMLE Step 1

Thanks for correcting my plan on reading harrison.

I 'll try to complete reading patho, micro n pharma as quickly as possible. Then I'll start reading harrison along with revising patho, micro n pharma.


gud luck
icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif


i think tht will work ashutosh......

Aim DM Neurology

ive entered final yr of mbbs. i have only read a very tineee bit of harrison yet. am i very far behind? how should i schedule myself so as to cover important parts of the book at d end of d yr..? please help...

Aim DM Neurology

can anyone please help how i can move on wid harrison..der r no seniors in our colg..im desperate..

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