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RxPG :: View topic - Which branch to opt for md after mbbs?  
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Aim Punjab PG

which branch to opt for md after mbbs??
i hve just completed my mbbs dis year nd now i have ENT as a choice to do md in Punjab only.i want 2 knw if dis is a good option or should i drop one year nd look for some other good option like eye or Gynae in which i am interestd also.i want to know dat if ENT is too challenging and is it rewarding after we put in so much hard work. i mean does it have good scope in Punjab or not.i have ENT as a choice dis year nd i want to know if it is worth going for it dis year as i am not sure about its challenges and its scope in Punjab .plz guide me.

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Since all options(ENT, Oph, OBG) you have listed are surgery oriented, shall i assume that you are inclined towards that?

If that is the case then 50% of the work is done.

ENT and ophthal are both good. Scope for YOU as an individual surgeon is entirely dependent on the skills YOU acquire, and also luck (never rule out lady luck's factor icon_wink.gif )

OBG is a cash cow in the strictest sense.. you keep miking it day by day. But there too, its not just about money, Frustration levels , and calls at odd hours are part and parcel of the package.

ENT might be better suited for you (as you are in the confused boat- and are looking for someone to give you SOME advice - I know.. I have been there too- Thats why I am selecting that for you).

Scope for practice in Practice in punjab?? - as long as people with giant mooshes (obstructing air flow to the sinuses) are present - you need'nt worry!

Go right ahead- get into PG as soon as possible, and start early - because the longer you wait - the more frustrating it is - and you will be mostly in the same situation you are in now.
good luck! - all the best!

Aim Punjab PG

thanks 4 replying..honestly i loved ent as subject bt it s also a fact that i cud nvr appreciate any patho on pts..everything s so microscopic u never r sure u saw vt u r suppose 2...seniors tl me its male dominated i mean those intricate head neck surgeries..u gotta learn 4 another 7-10 years..they dnt teach endoscopically n here..is eye comparatively lighter n easier 2 settle or s it just my illusion??


everything takes time
Whoa! - no surgical field skill comes without time and practice. If you want ANY surgical discipline.. do understand that it will take time after your masters. If you don't want that kind of stuff - head for anaesthesia or the non surgical broad specialities.

If you are still focused on ENT and ophthal - both involve indirect viewing through scopes - thats part of the package.

Choice to you is where to poke - nose or the eye.. icon_smile.gif

Aim Punjab PG

i am opting for ent ...ready to poke in the nose lol..i hope it will b good..i am just worried about its scope i.e. whether i wiil b able to earn well or not in punjab?


you'll do ok
you'll do just fine!

relax and enjoy your career path icon_wink.gif

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