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RxPG :: View topic - Did you practice listening to heart/breath sounds in MBBS  
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Did you practice listening to heart/breath sounds in MBBS
I have never been able to make out a murmur besides pansystolic and I don't plan on practicing on patients.. I feel like its a waste of time. I'd rather read the theory.... I've heard people say you can learn all that in PG...Its usually not a problem. btw I'm in the final yr now

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we did practise listening to heart sounds , identifying classical murmurs...we were lucky to have a good load of patients and good teachers.

there were cassetes by a doc from KEM (dr. Vaidya), mumbai..we use to listen to that too..it was very helpful for case presentations...i guess those are now available in CD form as well


waste?????????...omg...no comments....

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hi freudian , its nt a waste of time in listening to those mururs . i am also a final yr student n i too felt d same at d beginning but nw i can pick up some classical murmurs . so dnt giv up


yes, what rmajay says is right...its not a waste of time to learn listening to the heart sounds.

also u need not identify all the murmurs and ? & snaps

first, ur goal should be to just identify the rhythm..S1..S2 and whether the murmur is systolic, diastolic or pansystolic....then go deeper when u master this (also, if u have time...coz ther is so much to read esp in the final year)....in exam, u should just need to identify whether the murmur is sys, dias, or pan


and yes, its not diffiult to identify classical murmurs

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