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RxPG :: View topic - Final year mbbs..  
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Aim Orissa PG

final year mbbs....
i am bit unsatisfied with mah 3rd prof exam results....could sum! plz help me to score high marks in mah final prof.....badly in need of suggestions....

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Aim Australia

i wish i can help u more , but ur question is v vague, u need help as in?

1. you want encouragement to study?
2. you need to know wat book to study from?
3. you need tips on clinicals?

Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

i wish i can help u more , but ur question is v vague, u need help as in?

1. you want encouragement to study?
2. you need to know wat book to study from?
3. you need tips on clinicals?

Aim Orissa PG

need to know what books to study...n need to know what iz the perfect way to present a history both for a long n short case.....


good concept in physiology is need to understand many concept in many topics in final year.
physiology choudhury is good book.

Aim Indian PG Exams

A simple way to be perfect in ur case presentation is that u should be able to substantiate a reason for each history and negative history u r presenting concerning the case. Also u sud be able to explain the physiology behind each clinincal findings. A good knowledge on physiology will help u a lot reg. this.

And for surgery, u should be strong in anatomy. It will help u a lot.

So before properly starting ur final yr preparation, i request you to brush up ur basics in physio and anat to be confident in ur presentation. Also do revise these subjects simultaneously.

dont forget to learn from the patients. Dont ignore any history or finding (for the sake of exam). Even if u find it irrevelant u can do some research on it during ur regular wards.(not of course in exam). And never hesitate to ask doubts even if u feel it silly. Bcs these silly doubts may appear as ur viva questions when u face the exam. Have a healthy discussion with ur friends.

My best wishes.

Aim AIPGE 2013

Final year comes and goes v quickly....don't skip ward classes at any cost...present as many cases as u can but also read up about each before presenting.......will give u confidence and will cover theory topics as well


Final mbbs
Pg prep in btwn finalz ...thatz realy a hectic task ..if u cn manage final yr nd pg hand in hand then u r in heaven..


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