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RxPG :: View topic - Pls HELPPPPPP !! Urgent . I have my final exams on nov 2015  
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Pls HELPPPPPP !!! Urgent .. I have my final exams on nov 2015
Plz help me. I have my final mbbs exam on nov 13 2015,

I have not started to prepare for theory .

I belong to pondicherry university .

I have a problem in managing my study time . I don't have idea how to manage time for theory as well as clinics

Clinics I have a rough idea ..

Plzzzzz help me to pass my final exams icon_cry.gif

UNANSWERED: Clinical: Which torch to use Bright white or dull yellow

Aim Karnatka PG

start study. this is the only way to pass.
read prev year wise questions and make them perfect

Aim PLAB Jobs

Study all the previous year questions. Make a timetable.....you should give around 10-20 days per subject now. Then during October try to make a different time table so that you revise everything. During the last 10-13 in November days you should revise all the hard to remember topics!

Aim PLAB Jobs

around 6-7 hours of study till October should be ok. But in October, try to make it around 10- 14 hrs.


thank u so much morbidlack

Aim PLAB Jobs

you are welcome.


Respected morbidlack , I hav not learnt my clinics surgery so well , just I hav a rough knowledge . Definitely this will not help me for exam

I am totally confused .

I hav only 5 hrs in home to study . And my rotation for surgery is completed .

How to covery clinics surgery ?


Plz suggest me a detailed time management for studies in college and in home

Aim PLAB Jobs

go online. see the videos for surgical examination. see for important topics like breast, thyroid....examination of lump.....
i can't remember all the imp topics...but ask your seniors....try to watch the videos...they will help you study all the clinical bits that are relevant

remember in the university exam they are not finding out whether you get a clear cut diagnosis...but whether you can examine a patient enough to come out with a decent enough diagnosis....

also....the important thing to understand is when you are conducting some of the tests....whether you know what a positive or negative test implies and whether the test is positive in other scenarios etc.

answer confidently...if you mumble....it indicates you are not confident and they will ask more....

Aim PLAB Jobs

a detailed time management depends upon the person...i cannot create a timetable for you in the same way that you cannot prepare a timetable for me...
but try to keep these general guidelines in your mind.

during college:
study around 6 hours...
keep 6 hours for sleep.
keep 1 hour for eating food...around 3 hours total for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
1 hour for other stuff like your daily routines.

the same applies when you are studying at home....
except your study time should increase to more than 10 hours or more.

there are people who can follow a timetable and there are people who cannot...if you identify yourself as a person who cannot follow a rigid time table then create a general timetable like....
i will finish this subject by so and so date.....
keep reading.don't waste time.
if you feel bored, switch the subject or take a break.....for coffee or something....spend maybe 10 minutes come back and study again.

i am sure you will pass. don't worry. just keep on reading.
do the questions. so that it gives you an idea of the depth that the questions are going into. this will give you a general idea and will give you potential questions that they can ask. don't stress yourself. never think whether you will pass or not. just read.


Thank u very much morbidlack . Ur words are boosting confidence . Plz keep in touch .


Thank u very much morbidlack . Ur words are boosting confidence . Plz keep in touch .


Have a good grab of all the previous years questions. Make a proper schedule such that it covers everything in 2 months. U should start revision in October. Revision is the key to success... remember

all the best..


for surgery clinics der cd is of dr. ghanshyam vaidya.. it very useful for surgery case presentation


for surgery clinics der cd is of dr. ghanshyam vaidya.. it very useful for surgery case presentation

Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

For surgery clinicals..take a help of seniors and u need to learn atleast basics like how to examine a lump,hernia,ulcer kind of things..u can go to wards n learn all this..
For theory..question bank..repeats should b learnt without fail and u can score well

Aim PLAB Jobs

i will keep in touch. study hard. hope you do well. all the best!

Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

don't bother much for clinics. just know some cmn cases of ur hospital like Srgry. hernia .goo. pvd. varicose. thyroid breast this are major lipoma swelling cysts hydrocele this are minor prepare notes in the form of casesheat.

Aim AIPGE 2016

study and atudy


i am also in the same situation for final year exams...after reading these posts i have got a little idea to approach...thanks for ur views icon_smile.gif

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