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RxPG :: View topic - Why can't Rxpg improve this website?  
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Aim Indian PG Exams

Why can't Rxpg improve this website?
This is not a troll post. This is a rage.

From what I have seen so far, there is no other website on the internet where Indian Docs can interact with each other. RxPG has had the first mover advantage. It has a very large user base. It earns (possibly) a considerable amount of money through advertising.

It seems to me that the founders and owners of this site are now in the U.K.. Most of the super/old moderators are now inactive. This website now resembles a dusty old library where one needs to go through the books one by one to finally find something of interest.

This website is barely functional and in serious need of re-haul.

1. Search function has never worked here. It is very difficult to get information from some of the older threads. One has to search each thread manually.

2. The formatting and writing feature is poorly thought of. The upvotes/credits incentive system is of no use.

3. Many forums are totally without moderation.

I think many more changes can be made to encourage people to contribute to this website. People WANT TO give information but the interface is really a turn off.

I seriously hope someone takes up the task of modernizing this website. It has great potential.

Would like to hear suggestions for improvement here from others too.



I am new to this website and how can I get credits


Completely agree with you on that. The credit system to access content just promotes spamming indirectly. I have been an admin to a few sites. Its just a handful of people who will contribute intelligently to any particular topic. The rest are there just to read and figure out what they can silently. The credit system just forces people to make unnecessary noise.

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