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RxPG :: View topic - Ore england books guidance  
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Ore england books guidance
The books you must have to take the exam include...

Oxford Handbook Of Clinical Dentistry (both the Pink and Blue Books).

•Churchill Livingstone Essential Human Disease for Dentistry.

•British National Formulary or Dental Practitioners' Formulary - the most up to date version.

Optional, yet useful, ORE Exam books include:

?Anatomy - Anatomy for Dental Students - D R Johnson, W J Moore.
?Oral Anatomy - Oral Histology, Development, Structure and Function - A R Ten Cate.
?Physiology - Human Physiology: the mechanisms of body function - A J Vander.
?Oral Physiology - Biochemistry and Oral Biology - A S Cole, J E Eastoe.
?Pathology - General and Systemic Pathology - J C E Underwood.
?Oral Pathology - Oral Pathology - J V Soames, J C Southam.
?Microbiology - Notes on Medical Bacteriology - J D Sleigh, M C Timbury.
?Virology - Notes on Medical Virology - M C Timbury.
?Oral Microbiology - Oral Microbiology P Marsh, M V Martin.
?Pharmacology - Textbook of Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics - J G Walton, J W Thompson, R A Seymour.
?Therapeutics - Lecture Notes on General Surgery - H Ellis, R Calne, C Watson.
?Law and Ethics - Dental Law and Ethics - P Lambden (ed.)
?Radiology and Radiography - Dental Radiology: understanding the X-ray Image - L M Brocklebank.
?Preventive and Community Dentistry - The Prevention of Oral Disease - J J Murray.
?Children's Dentistry - Paediatric Dentistry - R R Welbury.
?Orthodontics - W & H Orthodontic Notes (5th edition) - M L Jones, R G Oliver.
?Prosthetics - Prosthetic Treatment of the Edentulous Patient (4th edition) - R M Basker, J C Davenport.
?Conservative (Operative) Dentistry - Pickard's Manual of Operative Dentistry - E A M Kidd, B G N Smith.
?Periodontics - Guide to Periodontics - W M M Jenkins, C J Allan.
?Oral Surgery - An Atlas of Minor Oral Surgery: principles and practice - D A McGowan.
?Oral Medicine - A Clinical Guide to Oral Medicine - P-J Lamey, M A O Lewis.

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Aim AIPGE 2015

what is the pattern of this exam??and is it worth to do it??

Aim Other

it consists of two parts
part one will be of theory type and part 2 will be testing ur clinical skills(osce's)
it'ss alot worthy you will get registered not only in uk but also in australia canada and some other countries.and in addition to that u can also do ur private clinic

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