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RxPG :: View topic - Davidson? CMDT? for medical student  
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Davidson? CMDT? for medical student
what is the best book for medicine in final MBBS theory and practicals?

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Davidson for studying
Harrison's (not really) just to skim over and see a few extra things, not for studying, unless you're a born genius or a post graduate.
Kundu, McLeod's, and Hutchinsons for practicals.
I know that it's a lot of books but believe me it's possible!


Davidson is a good pick not because it gives better explanation or is precisely accurate in what it wants to say; it's good because it is manageable. Most of the students will switch to it when they realize there are three other subjects to study irrespective of whether they like the book or not.
As for clinics there is no good book if compared to notes made when attending and presentating cases in wards. The internal examiners usually have a set of questions ,ones they ask the topper ones that they use to determine how much marks for the average guys and rest to decide whether the person in question should be called six months later. No book will get u those questions niether will they prepare u for demonstrating tests and signs. But a good book( not a replacement for wards case presentation) would be pj Mehta. It has all instruments x-rays dds etc. Read kundu for clinical cases from library if thorough with pj Mehta. Kundu has good checklist type questions for each case. Usually named as such- clinical/general examination findings in stroke/Tia/ hemiplegia / mitral stenosis. That question along with history findings summary is a must read . Rest in kundu can be skipped .


Some topic u must read with harrison like rheumatology, endocrine. But for neet pg prospect Marrow notes and vedio is very helpful and sufficient

Aim MD Final Exam

Kumar and Clark is also good...CMDT is lucidly written

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