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RxPG :: View topic - Newbie with a CARMS story  
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Newbie with a CARMS story
Hello all,
First of all I have a disclosure. As much as I am ready to help and answer questions and give advice to those applying to CARMS, I'm also writing this post for the credit thingy; just for the sake of full honesty.
So here goes the story:
I'm a pediatrician from Iraq, lived and studied in UAE since 2004 (after the war) and I reached a point where I needed a permanent home. After much research, Canada seemed the most appealing place for its streamlined citizenship pathway even though medically, as I read everywhere, it is a graveyard for IMGs. So I thought, let's give this PR thing a shot and see what happens. Worst case scenario I get the PR, do the steps and keep my fingers crossed I match in Flint, eh?
After applying for Skilled immigration and getting my COPR pretty quickly, I kind of felt luck is on my side so I made the risky decision of applying to both the MCCEE and the NAC OSCE within one week of each other despite a total of 3 months of preparation. Yes! The NAC OSCE was 5 days from the EE. Now I'm not stupid, my thinking was, this EE stuff is being phased out and my best case scenario is pass both while the worst case is scoring low in the EE and no one would look at that next year anyway. You can repeat NAC OSCE in a year and I'm working in UAE so a delay of one year is not life shattering.
After doing both exams on my landing trip in September, God again stood by my side scoring relatively well in both exams. I now had a shot, a mere shot to apply for CARMS. The grass definitely started to look greener.
I apply for CARMS, get the recommendations from the people I'm working with which was pretty easy and since I already had high scores in IELTS, I didn't have to worry about language.
As a pediatrician I applied to Pediatrics of course but realizing the total seats I could apply for was about 10 or 12, I applied for Family medicine in Ontario as well.
To my surprise, I get interviews in 3 pediatric programs and the Ontario Family Medicine unified interview.
I take another leave from work and do the interviews and get shocked at how many of the so called IMGs are actually Canadians, most of whom know the program directors if not the entire staff of the programs.
I soldier on telling myself this is only a trial and we know its a slim shot and do the ranking list and wait.
On the 26th of February, to my surprise and absolute disbelief, I get matched not only to any program but to a pediatric residency and in Ontario.
I am not sharing my story to brag or show off as I probably do not know a single person on this forum. I am writing this (In addition to the credit :p) to say that as much as I believe that my success is mostly with help from God and that I cannot help or advise on except to pray and ask nicely, I genuinely am ready to answer any questions, share any details that might shed a light or help the application of a single IMG. After seeing the difference in interview treatment, setup and even reception between IMGs and CMGs, I think we should stick together to get over the hurdles that we have to go through to find light at the end of the tunnel.
I hope my gizillion word story is not boring and can trigger whatever questions some of you might have.
Best of luck to you all!

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Aim NAC OSCE (Canada)

WoW!! your story is so inspiring not only to IMGs but also for those who are not new graduates. how much did you score in EE and NAC? if you don't mind me asking.
I'm IMG from Iraq as well, i failed my qe1 last november and feeling completely down as i failed it with 1 score!!!!!!!!
I don't know what other resources i can use to get this done with.

Aim NAC OSCE (Canada)

oh and congratulations, you deserved it as you probably worked hard for it. Good luck in your new life here, you will love it


Great story, thank you for sharing! Congratulations!


Thank you for your kind words. Really appreciate it.
I scored 82 in NAC and 333 in EE (but pediatrics percentile was high)
I think two factors helped me score my unexpected mark in the NAC:
1- Focus on the things that some consider trivial, strong communication and establishing rapport, being gentle and respectful during examination while explaining every step, giving a bit of explanation to the patient even during history sessions as how some questions might help and so on.
2- Although I didnt choose the location for my exam, it turned out to be a blessing as the place was hosting for the first time and so everyone was nice and helpful. Done at London btw September session.
Its nice to meet a fellow Iraqi so nice to meet you 3eni icon_smile.gif
That's too bad about the QE1 Im so sorry. But think of it this way, you would be much sadder if you had passed with one mark cuz then you wouldn't be able to repeat so maybe its a blessing in disguise. I don't have alot of info on QE1 but my friend is preparing for it and there is no going around TN as we saw. He uses US question banks though as he was advised by many and seems to find them better than the previously tried famous CQB which doesnt correlate well with the exam.

Oh, and he keeps talking about some sort of lady he is doing a course with that apparently makes ppl score very high. I can get more details from him if you would like.


unmatched2016 wrote:
Great story, thank you for sharing! Congratulations!

Thank you very much for your words.. And for stopping by icon_smile.gif

Aim NAC OSCE (Canada)

that would be great if you can get me more details on qe1, would really appreciate it. and what resources did you use for the Nac? is there any specific course you would recommend?


Totifrooti wrote:
that would be great if you can get me more details on qe1, would really appreciate it. and what resources did you use for the Nac? is there any specific course you would recommend?

Sure thing.. I sent you some more details in a private message. I hope it helps.


I sent you a message! We have met before and I wanted to congratulate you on your success.


carmsp2019 wrote:
I sent you a message! We have met before and I wanted to congratulate you on your success.

Thank you very much yes I remember now icon_smile.gif Best of luck

Aim Canada

Congratulations ☺


That's amazing! Congrats! I unfortunately didn't get any interviews first round.


sruthiraguprasad wrote:
Congratulations ☺

Thank you very much.. Really appreciate you stopping by icon_biggrin.gif


tiff0711 wrote:
That's amazing! Congrats! I unfortunately didn't get any interviews first round.

Thank you very much..
Forget about the first round. 2nd round has started so submit your application and hopefully you not only get interviews but match as well icon_smile.gif (Fingers crossed)


congrats happy for you i wish you the best of luck


Maryamhuss wrote:
congrats happy for you i wish you the best of luck

Thank you very much.. Really appreciate it icon_smile.gif.. Best of luck to you too.


That is a beautiful and inspiring success story msa. There is no doubt you worked hard and have wonderful communication and clinical skills, partly because of your previous clinical work. Can you please send me the name of that lady your friend is taking a course with? Iím working on my QE1 now.
Best of Luck!


Thank you for sharing! Can you give information on what the interview process was like? What do they ask?


What an inspiring story! congratulations!
Can I ask what resources you used for NAC as well please?


Sorry for the late reply
Sorry for the late reply.
I didnt have much time to prepare. I literally had 5 days so I had to choose something and stick with it. I pulled out my university examination sheets that I had and by far the most helpful book was the First Aid USMLE for CS.
One note or advice I would give about the NAC is that everyone gets lost in the process itself but the discussion afterwards was shocking to me. They ask you the questions and there is plenty of time so you cant just give a very short answer. Take your time and formulate a proper answer for each question.
I hope that helps.


can you please share that lady details for QE1

Aim AFMC 2011

When I was in grade 7 at school, I learned something that I have never forgotten as it still works: the more we talk/write, the more we have to hide!
Thanks for such a nice yet lengthy story!

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