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RxPG :: View topic - Is posting external links as reference allowed?  
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Aim DNB Part 2

Help: Is posting external links as reference allowed?
I have seen many newbies as well as good veterans posting external links to cite references.
I have seen many friends posting the links with good intentions of allowing others to access the original material. (Please don't ask me who they are icon_wink.gif coz they are really nice and they did it in good intentions)
Don't you think that to cancel their accounts and to block their IPs is a punishment too harsh for their good intentions?
Doesn't this violate the RxPG rules?
Coz it states
Posting links to any website/webpage in forums is a deemed violation of RxPG TOS and your account on RxPG might be terminated. This restriction does not apply to .edu domains and to our team or moderators posting the links. If you want to cite any content on such websites, please summarise it in your own words and post it. If you want to mention the source, mention it by name and not by link

When I posted a news in my own words and cited the reference by its name without any extensions it was snipped automatically. (the word is yahoo i.e. yah o o) and this is no violation of the rules, I believe icon_smile.gif But then why is it getting snipped?
I didn't copy article and I'm against plagiarism which is why I feel the need to mention the source.

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Good question doctor82,

Answering the second part of your query first. It is true the name of some big email providers gets snipped automatically as we do not want the healthy discussions replaced by contact me or email me type posts. Unfortunately, in your case, it was link to a reference.

Posting link with a good intention is a good thing and we welcome links to .edu websites in forums. For anything else, especially .com and .net websites, we do enforce the policy strictly. Although banning the ip address is not done on first instance in case of senior veterans with good intentions, we do put them on our monitoring list.

Sometimes we have to sacrifice certain things to achieve a common goal. We are running a platform of healthy and productive discussions now, and this has only been possible by following these rules for the last two and half years.

Your feedback is much appreciated and welcomed. Feel free to write to us about any more ideas and suggestions here.


Aim DNB Part 2

Thanks for the nice reply
Thanks for the nice reply..didn't expect one so soon.
Although banning the ip address is not done on first instance in case of senior veterans with good intentions, we do put them on our monitoring list.

Good! icon_smile.gif That was nice to note. Nice job RxPG! We are with you!

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