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RxPG :: View topic - Should I Read Parsons or Khurana for Ophthalmology?  
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FAQ: Should I Read Parsons or Khurana for Ophthalmology?
hey can anyone tell me the pros and cons of both parsons and khurana..... i am reading parsons rt nw and not scorin really well....

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Aim Maharashtra PG

u shud have mention the term in which u are coz these first term is a leisure holiday and the next term is a nightmarish medical emergency.
use parson to study some really important topics like cataract,refractory errors,glaucoma,retina,procedures is ophthalmology........and dont forget to read conjunctivitis.
well khurana is a gr8 saviour so if u think u'ren't scoring that well please read khurana.

if i cud help u more then u can write an answer in this format to gr8 cool marks...
for any long question they ask start it this way

Introduction and definitions if any
1. etiology and pathogenesis
2.any accessory but necessary information
3.clinical symptoms and signs
4.how is it possible to daignose the problem
do mention the differential diagnoses in case of dubious things
5.investigations....dont just list them but mention their use..u need not mug the parameters
6.treatment modalities and definitive treatment
7.end the answer with a medically related but sensitive statement

if u follow this methodology and mentions all the required points then i think u can score 6 out 7.but be precise in the short questions coz they just need u to answer what they want and nothing more than that.
have fun with ophthalmology......use renu jogi for background reading if u have time and Basak for practicals.this should make it simpler for u.


thanks i will certainly put that plan in action... i have just entered 7th semester and i have exams in november.... but i guess i will read parsons for important topics...


is it enough to read khurana for for mbbs as well as pg entrence exams. how the practical of opthal is tacled?


khurana is gud to just jot down points from.. u can alwz refer to parsons to clear concepts.. but more or less,khurana is a dependable book


i think kurana is best from exam point, u can refer parsons for few topics like redeye differential diagnosis,contact lenses ,who classification of trachoma these r few of questions


I dunno....I think Khurana's based on Kanski.... plus not all doctors approve of Khurana....like cataract surgery.....ECCE is given in depth in Khurana.....with all the complications..etc. Invigilators somehow find fault with Khurana..... but i luv the mcq section and last minute points at the back of the text

Aim Other

i think there r many qs. which can be answered if and if only parson is read eg., lens and conjunctiva

Aim DM Cardiology

hi..i wud suggest dat read both for topics like catract,glaucome,cornea n conjunctiva..read khurana first in dese den parson's n jot down d points not in khurana from parson either in khurana itself or in a separate niotebook..former is better////chapter on vision neurolgy is also very good in parson's...can refer kanski atlas for good coloured pics...
k bye for now...

Aim AIIMS November 2010

read parson for imp topics like retina,squint,conjuctiva etc.khurana is ok and best for exam.

Aim AIIMS November 2010

read parson for imp topics like retina,squint,conjuctiva etc.khurana is ok and best for exam.


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Aim AIPGE 2016

writing pattern better in khurana
Khurana is easy in approach but is it enough for neet pg..?

Aim Indian PG Exams

as ppl have said and based on my own personal experience.. Parsons is a highly reputed and standard textbbok.. if you are really interested in the subject.. parson will feel great.. trust me..

but on the downside.. unless you revise many times.. you may fail to recapitulate what you've read during the exams.. hence while reading parsons its better to take short side notes to help you revise better..

khurana is also a good book noetheless. better for revising and prepping for exams.. may some mistakes were there last time i checked.. if you realy wanted a quick revison text.. i would suggest basak.. it has plentiful diagrams.. bullleted points for easy revision.. quite useful in the last mintute..


for pg you will invariably end up reading across only icon_biggrin.gif still parsons i feel is better for concepts and khurana just before exams...

Aim Other

khurana is best

Aim MBBS Final Prof

Keep khurana as ur basic text. Just skim thru parson while dealing with each chapter nd note down points which interests u. Solved questions on ophthalmology by singi yatiraj is gud while preparing notes. Prepare notes on imp topics like cornea, conjuctiva, glaucoma, lens, uvea, retina. Prepare notes for essays nd short notes separately. Keep a notebook to draw imp diagrams frm each chapter. Then study those nd revise continuosly, as ophthal is a really volatile subject, hard to fix it in ur brain icon_biggrin.gif All the best!


Khurana is best


Go with parson . I found most of the topics have better details and concepts than khurana. Khurana is also good but I prefer parson.

Aim DNB Part 1

khurana is good for understanding but better to quote a standard textbook during practicals...


Khurana is the best
for reference go for parson


Khurana is the best for mbbs exam in india. Read past repeated topics thoroughly.
Text is easy to read and remember. Writing long essay answers in exam can be difficult after reading parsons text book.


Khurana is the best for mbbs exam in india. Read past repeated topics thoroughly.
Text is easy to read and remember. Writing long essay answers in exam can be difficult after reading parsons text book.


khuruna is best book for easy understanding and parsons is good for full knowledge

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology By KD Tripathi
Extensively revised and updated chapters to include recently introduced drugs, published information and therapeutic practices.
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