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Help: How to identify copyrighted content?

Can u pls tell me how can identify a copyrighted content in other websites? like pictures or texts. I am asking so bcoz posting copyrighted content in RxPG is a violation of TOS.

Almost all of websites in net are copyrighted icon_smile.gif They usually hide the copyright notice in links with headings such as,

icon_arrow.gif About Us
icon_arrow.gif Read Me
icon_arrow.gif All Rights Reserved
icon_arrow.gif Copyright and Privacy
icon_arrow.gif Site Info
icon_arrow.gif Terms of service

Is there any way to find out whether an image is copyrighted or not? Like a tool(programme?).

If we can find out,then we can prevent inadvertently posting copyrighted content here, thus avoiding all the problems, So any one who know the answer.. pls help me, thank you in advance

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Sorry BGM, I don’t have any idea about such tools.icon_sad.gif

Aim MRCS Part 1

If a site is copyright, it means everything in it is the property of the owner.

Everything is explained in the copyright agreement. There are different types of copyright agreements.

Until you you do see the label free, it is not free.

Sometimes copyright say that all the content of the site is the property of its poster, in that case one requires the permission of the poster to use that stuff.

GNU and few other copyright agreements allow free use and distribution of the stuff.


Good discussion and very pertinent question by BGM. Let us chip in some information.

Any material is automatically copyrighted to its creater at the moment of its creation. You do not need to register your copyright in order to claim copyrights on it. This inludes any kind of craetion be it text, images, photographs. Your posts and articles are automatically copyrighted to you provided they are original.

The original question for discussion is whether you can use copyrighted material or not. The simple answer, as discussed above, is NOT without a permission or a licence. If you go through RxPG's copyrights policy, you would note that we require you to provide us an exclusive licence in order for us to use and display your posted material on RxPG. Memebers agree to this when they sign up for an account on RxPG. You still retain your copyright on the material posted. This is same as the policy used by all media organisations and publishers, be it newsapers, magazines, medical journals and medical book publishers. However a few medical publishers in India, ignorant of the international copyright treaty, would ask transfer of author's copyrights on the book to them. It is illegal in the sense that copyrights are non transferable. You can only give a licence for them to use it. Coming back to the licencing discussion, if in future the author needs to reuse his work elsewhere, which has been licenced in this way, it would require an approval of the licence holder if the licence type is "exclusive" (which we use on RxPG). Usually there is not much problem in giving out such permissions and it is best practice to ask the publisher as the publisher has put in a great deal of investment in order to relay your product to the masses.

A section of creative society thinks that copyrights are restrictive for creative freedom and hence support that is widely known as "copyleft". Though it is not a legal term, it provides implied licence to everyone to reuse the copyrighted material provided some conditions are met (which are usually explained with the content and copyleft notice). Invariably one of such conditions includes recognition of copyright of the author and that makes it legally valid. You can find more about it on wikipedia (
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). The popular examples of such licences are GNU, creative commons etc.

To summarise, if you want to reuse the copyrighted material, NEVER assume that it can be reused until and unless you check the associated licence. If in doubt, contact us. We are always here to guide you!


On a related note, if you find any violation of copyrights on RxPG website, report that to us using the "report abuse" or "feedback on this page" links which are there on every page of the website.


Wow! Thanks for such a detailed reply dear RxPG team!

That means we are not expected to copy paste any text or post Images from any sites almost all of sites are copyrighted if we think in a legal point of view

I think every single member should be aware of this fact that, almost all of sites r copyrighted

Makes me remember these words "Nothing in this world is for free!, one must work to earn it!

Aim MRCS Part 1

That is why RxPG uses the words: "summarise it in your own words and post it".


You know power of freedom. There is lot of it on the net if you want to enjoy it. Only Problem is, understanding the limits. When you know how to use it then you will enjoy it. Trust me BGM.



For this detailed discussion... I feel good having read all this... icon_biggrin.gif


Hi Team
One of the users at rxpg wants to publish one of my articles titled "Whatever it takes for a PG seat" in her college magazine.
She had sent me a pm to obtain my permission.
Now i dont have a problem in that if that article which was originally posted at rxpg is published some where else with my name. but i wanted to know the rules and your opinion reagrding this.


vitamin_k wrote:
Hi Team
One of the users at rxpg wants to publish one of my articles titled "Whatever it takes for a PG seat" in her college magazine.
She had sent me a pm to obtain my permission.
Now i dont have a problem in that if that article which was originally posted at rxpg is published some where else with my name. but i wanted to know the rules and your opinion reagrding this.

Lemme add some light on this,

If we strictly follow the TOS,

This is what RxPG TOS says

RxPG TOS Clause 16 wrote:
16. Licence
16.1. You retain the copyrights to your message or article posted in any part of RxPG website.

16.2. When you post your content on RxPG, you provide RxPG Medical Solutions Private Limited (India) with an exclusive licence that allows us to publish the message/article (including any derivative products) and any other RxPG product (such as the other RxPG websites, RxPG Books) and allows us to sub-licence such rights and exploit all subsidiary rights.


16.3.a. This licence allows authors to use their own articles/posts for their own “non commercial” purposes without seeking permission from RxPG.

16.3.b. Only if the use is commercial do we need to know about it. You will require the permission from RxPG administrator for such a use.

So you can always reproduce your own RxPG articles for non commercial uses after getting permission from RxPG Team/ Admin. Using it in a college magazine in your name without accepting any monetary benefits is a non commercial use.

I think sending a mail to RxPG Team or Akanksha asking for permission will be the next appropriate step.


icon_confused.gif Oops i misinterpreted the clause 16.3b - It says only for commercial use do we need to ask permission.

So you are free Vitamin K. You can use your article anywhere for non commercial uses with out asking permission.





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