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RxPG :: View topic - Needed a serious study partner for 3rd MBBS preparation !!  
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Aim DM Cardiology

Needed a serious study partner for 3rd MBBS preparation !!!
HI, I need a serious study partner for 3rd MBBS preparation, I'm starting the subjects afresh and the exams are from May 16th' 2007. Anyone who has already finished reading these subjects and is in revision phase can also come forward to advice me pls.

UNANSWERED: Topics division/frequency in final mbbs question papers?


3rd MBBS part 1or part2?
I mean... which semester??

Aim DM Cardiology

thank U for the response,
i'm appearing for Part-1 subjects (ENT, Ophthalmology and SPM) and am in dire need of a study partner, hope U too are appearing for the same subjects icon_biggrin.gif

Aim DNB Part 2

even i wanna join u guys.....myself in 6th sem..

Aim DM Cardiology

most welcome Priyanka, shall we start from today, i've covered most of the topics in PSM and am in need of a revision, finished Nose topic in ENT, but should start Ophthalmology afresh.


hi.. this is Rashmila. Me too in 6th sem
so far i hav studied few topics from PSM n ophthal. haven't started with ENT yaar..!


hey lets study conjunctiva & cornea to start with. and discuss them at the end of this week. Is that okay with u guys??


By the way have u started studying med, surg & gynec?

Aim DM Cardiology

hi Rashmila, thanks for the response, luckily i scheduled this week for Ophthalmology and ur offer to discuss Conjuntiva and Cornea was a bonus for me, so i will be in a position to discuss entire Ophthal(Parson) by 17th of April(when i mean entire Ophthal, i meant frequently asked questions in the board), waiting for ur response icon_biggrin.gif


I refer Khurana


Hi Nawab & Priyanka

JUGGLING two volumes of harrison, bailey n love, maheshwari, dutta, ghai, yadav, khopkar alongwith clinical postings, lectures, practicals in the 8th & 9th sem would be HEAVY & confusing..!

So why not study a bit.. rather a CHUNK of medicine n surg this year..
What say??


hi nawaab
On May 16th 2007 are ur semester exams right?

my sem exams r starting from 2nd week of july

Aim DM Cardiology

and i'm following Parson and Kanski !!!

Aim DM Cardiology

yeah, my semester exams are starting from 16th May uptil 22nd May'07. meanwhile i finished reading Conjunctiva and by today's close Cornea. how about you.

Aim DM Cardiology

yep, that is a good idea to broach Medicine and Surgery, but we hardly have 5 weeks time for our sem exams, but once i'm done with my Part-1 exams, i can join u for Medicine and Surgery, Okay !!!


hi nawaab
could u tell me the pattern of ur board exam. Is it long & short notes or MCQs?

i will post frequently asked questions from our board


i finished reading cornea


hi nawab
i will post frequently asked questions from our board by this saturday or sunday..
whats ur email id?


hi nawab
lets discuss on 17th april... Njoi studying!!


Hi Nawab
These are some of the frequently asked questions from our board..

Long notes on…
• Interstitial keratitis
• Bacterial corneal ulcer
• Perforation of corneal ulcer & other complications of corneal ulcer
• Keratoconus
• Moorens ulcer
• treatment of corneal ulcer
• keratoplasty
• superficial punctuate keratitis
• pathological degenerations of cornea
• Subconjunctival hemorrhage
• Acute membranous conjunctivitis
• Vernal keatoconjunctivitis
• Pinguecula
• Phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis
• Ptrerygium

Viva questions..
• Enlargement of preauricular LNs seen in which type of corneal ulcer?
• Drugs contraindicated in corneal ulcer
• Arcus senilis always lies 1mm away from the limbus.. why?
• Best cauterizing agent for corneal ulcer
• Corneal, AC , iris, conjunctival signs in bacterial, fungal ,viral ulcer
(Infact itz a tradition here to start the viva with corneal ulcer..! & of course definition of ophthalmology in some cases)
• refractive part of cornea
• vascular layer of conjunctiva
• differential diagnosis of pterygium
• differences between pterygium & pseudopterygium
• differences between pterygium & pinguecula
• symptomatology of ocular surface & its differential diagnosis
• mcreynolds operation
• discoloration of conjunctiva

Aim DM Cardiology

hey Rashmila, thank u for the questions icon_smile.gif, i'm done with Conjunctiva, Cornea, Sclera and Uveal tract. Today i'm starting Lens.

Aim DM Cardiology

hey Rashmila, i tried sending my mail id but RXPG has blocked the message, i'll try some other means, Okay !


did u finish refractive errors?

Aim DM Gastroenterology

i am in the 6th sem. My exams are from the 21st of may. I would really love to join u guys.
And i think it would also be great if we came to know the question patterns in your respective boards (clinically oriented, long qs, short notes, mcqs etc)


hi nawab,
i finished refractive errors, lens & ocular injuries. what about you?

Aim DM Cardiology

hey Rashmila, so far i've covered Conjunctiva, Cornea, Lids, Lacrimal Apparatus and Optic Nerve.

these are our previous board questions from Conjunctiva & Cornea :


· Discuss the differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis and how will you manage a case of acute conjunctivitis ?
· Describe etiology, symptoms, signs and treatment of membranous conjunctivitis ?
· Discuss etiology, symptoms and signs of Ophthalmia neonatorum. How will you treat such a case ?
· Describe clinical features and management of trachoma ?
· Describe etiology, symptoms, signs and treatment of allergic conjunctivitis ?

· Sub-conjunctival haemorrhage (Ecchymosis) ?
· Purulent conjunctivitis ?
· Membranous conjunctivitis ?
· Angular conjunctivitis (Diplobacillary conjunctivitis) ?
· Ophthalmia neonatorum ?
· Trachoma ?
· Conjunctival follicle ?
· Pannus ?
· Complications and sequelae of trachoma ?
· Vernal conjunctivitis (Spring catarrah) ?
· Phlyctenular conjunctivitis/ Phlycten ?
· Pterygium ?
· Xerophthalmia (Vit-A deficiency) ?
· Bitot’s Spots ?


Describe etiology, pathology, clinical features of corneal ulcer. How do you treat a case of corneal ulcer ?
Describe the etiology, signs, symptoms and management of hypopyon corneal ulcer ?
Describe the various viral infections of the eye and its complications ?
Describe the etiology, clinical features of interstitial keratitis ?

Adherent leucoma ?
Keratic precipitates ?
Complications and treatment of corneal ulcer ?
Atropine ?
Hypopyon ulcer ?
Superficial punctate keratitis ?
Herpes simplex keratitis ?
Dendritic ulcer ?
Herpes zoster ophthalmicus ?
Interstitial keratitis ?
Keratoconus ?
Exposure keratopathy ?
Neuroparalytic keratopathy ?
Pannus ?
Causes of circumcorneal congestion >
Paracentesis ?

i'll post questions from other topics very soon.

till then, bye and tc.


thanx nawab..

I will post the remaining questions soon..


what about ENT yaar ... How many topics have u covered in ENT??


Can we start with ENT from next week??

U finished PSMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..... isn't it?

Aim DM Cardiology

hey Rashmila, here i'm posting questions from Optic Nerve, Lids and Lacrimal apparatus.


Optic neuritis
Retrobulbar neuritis
Types of Optic atrophy
Consecutive optic atrophy
Tobacco amblyopia


Anatomy of the upper lids
Ulcerative blepharitis
Hordeolum externum (stye)
Hordeolum internum
Entropion surgery


Describe the etiology, signs and symptoms and management of chronic cacrocystitis ?
Describe the signs, symptoms and management of acute dacrocystitis ?

Chronic dacrocystitis
Acute dacrocystitis

Aim DM Cardiology

hey Rashmila, about ENT, shall we start from 19th of this month, i have a lil headway as i have already completed NOSE, a slight change in our schedule, can we discuss Ophthalmology on 18th and not on 17th as planned, is that Okay for U icon_smile.gif


okay... lets discuss on 18th..
thanks 4 the questions


hi nawab
these r the questions from remaining topics

Long questions..
• Congenital cataract
• Complicated cataract
• Morgagnian cataract
• Etiology, stages of maturation, clinical features, diagnosis & management of senile mature cataract
• Types of intraocular lenses, IOL power calculation, surgical techniques of IOL implantation
• Complications of cataract surgery & their management
• Peribulbar block
• Macular function tests
• Steps for ECCE
• Cystoid macular edema

• Episcleritis
• Anterior staphyloma

• Etiology, clinical features, complications, differential diagnosis , management of acute iridocyclitis
• Panophthalmitis
• Keratic Precipitates

• Chalazion
• Trichiasis
• Blepharitis
• Lagophthalmos
• Stye
• Ectropion
• Entropion
• Ptosis & its surgical correction

• Evaluation of a patient with watering of eye
• Etiology, clinical features, management of acute dacrocystitis
• Dacrocystography
• Dacrocystorhinostomy
• Lacrimal patency tests

• Sympathetic ophthalmitis



• Astigmatism
• Surgical management of myopia
• Management of aphakia
• Retinoscopy
• Dark room procedures
• Fundus picture in myopia

• Donders reduced eye
• Calculation of spectacle number from retinoscopy figure

• Presbyopia & its correction

• Papilloedema
• Optic atrophy

Viva questions
• Spot diagnosis of mature cataract
• Spot diagnosis of immature cataract
• Spot diagnosis of pseudophakia
• Differential diagnosis of chalazion
• SRK formula
• Indications & contraindications of DCR
• Cases of painless progressive loss of vision
• Anaesthesia for cataract surgery
• Contrast media used for dacrocystography
• Aphakic spectacle correction
• Patellar fossa
• Indications for ICCE & ECCE
• Differences between chalazion & stye
• Joule Thomson effect
• YAG laser capsulotomy


Studying…. the MCQ WAY….!!!

1. Number of Purkinje images seen in mature cataract
a) 1
b) 4
c) 3
d) 2

2. In Jones test II staining indicates
a) Patent lacrimal passages
b) Mechanical block of lacrimal passages
c) Pumping failure
d) None of the above

3. Jack in the box phenomenon is seen in
a) Myopic correction
b) Hypermetropic correction
c) Aphakic correction
d) Astigmatic correction

4. Part of trabecular meshwork lying in close proximity with Schlemm’s canal is
a) Juxtacanalicular
b) Corneoscleral
c) Uveal
d) None of the above

5. All of the following statements are true regarding anterior uveitis except
a) associated with diminished vision
b) muddy iris
c) no coloured halos
d) no aqueous flare

6. Dalen fuchs nodules r seen in
a) Traumatic ptosis
b) Sympathetic ophthalmitis
c) Siderosis bulbi
d) all of the above

7. Normally tears are secreted by
a) Lacrimal gland
b) Accessory Lacrimal glands
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) none of the above

8. Which of the following corneal opacities does not give refractive error?
a) nebula
b) leucoma simplex
c) adherent leucoma
d) macula

9. Which of the following conditions is not associated with blue sclera?
a) Marfans syndrome
b) osteogenesis imperfecta
c) Ehlers Danlos syndrome
d) Weil Marchesani syndrome

10. Hypopyon in viral corneal ulcer is
a) fluid in nature
b) thick
c) blood stained
d) absent

11. Distant direct ophthalmoscopy is done at a distance of
a) 22 cm
b) 25 cm
c) 20 cm
d) 22-25 cm

12. Marcus Gunn pupil response indicates
a) Pontine hemorrhage
b) Pharmacologically dilated pupil
c) Afferent pathway defect
d) Hemianopia


Marcus Gunn pupil indicates Afferent pathway defect…..

A Query…
A Pharmacologically dilated pupil would also remain dilated… So how do u differentiate whether it is due to afferent pathway defect or effect of drugs??????????

Aim DM Cardiology

hey Rashmila, thanks a lot for questions and mcqs !!!

Aim DNB Part 2

guys i have just wrote the exam 4 surgery, medicine.& obg & i m quite okay with these 3 subjects....& as far as my ent is concerned i m doing nose now....ophthal. ihave done cornea & conjunctiva...psm i have not started yet.....& i am getting scared becoz....i am lagging behind..........!!! icon_sad.gif

Aim DM Cardiology

guys i have just wrote the exam 4 surgery, medicine.& obg & i m quite okay with these 3 subjects....& as far as my ENT is concerned i m doing nose now....ophthal. ihave done cornea & conjunctiva...PSM i have not started yet.....& i am getting scared becoz....i am lagging behind..........!!!

hi Madaan, how come you have Surgery, Medicine and OB&G exams before ENT, Ophthal and PSM, anyways myself and RMH have planned to read Ophthal during the last week and from tomorrow we are starting ENT. You can go through the questions on Conjunctiva and Cornea from the earlier posts in this tag, thanks for RMH, we have a good data-base of previous questions from both of our boards. Regards PSM we follow Park and i think it is the standard elsewhere also, i gave one reading during the month of January and will revisit once i'm comfortable with ENT and Ophthalmology, invariably by 26th April, i should start PSM.


Hi friends....
shall we discuss ophtalm?


hi nawab
can we start with larynx & ear 2moro ?


hey nawab..
we missed out RETINA & GLAUCOMA....

Aim DM Cardiology

Okay Rashmila, shall we start !, let me begin first by answering your MCQs, Okay !!!

Aim DM Cardiology

yep !, we shall start with Ear tomorrow, anyhow i'll plan tonite for the next week i.e, till 25th of April and 'l let you know, Okay !!!

Aim DM Cardiology

hey Rashmila, congratulations on your ranking 'VETERAN' icon_smile.gif

Aim DM Cardiology

yeah, we missed out Retina and Glaucoma, but i covered most of the previous questions on Retina and i'll post the questions very soon, Okay !!!

Aim DM Cardiology

meanwhile i thought of allotting the noon time during the next week for reading left over topics in Ophthalmology !!!

Aim DNB Part 2

my batch (6th sem) started in feb last week....& that is quite late i guess ....thats why u have covered syllabus much more than me....& our college is trying to cover some portion of next year now...so they just conducted internal exams 4 med, surgery & obg ....do u guys think i will be able to catch speed with u guys.....??

Aim DM Cardiology

hey Madaan, no problem, you are in no way lagging behind us, as a matter of fact, i've begun reading these subjects since last 2 months and it is only now that i'm seriously studying to equip myself for exams starting from 16th of May. You can do one thing, go through the previous years questions that are posted in this thread and i hope that'l take the same time as it does for us, Okay !!!

Aim DM Cardiology

hey Rashmila, here i'm posting the questions from 'ORAL CAVITY & PHARYNX' which i've schedule for tomorrow i.e, 19th of April. Shall soon come out with my answers for the MCQs on Ophthalmology.


Anatomy and Physiology of Oral Cavity and Pharynx :

· Retromolar trigone
· Killian’s dehiscence
· Waldeyer’s ring
· Fossa of Rosenmuller
· Spaces of Gillette (Retro-pharyngeal space)
· Adenoid
· Describe the tonsil and its functions
· Applied anatomy of faucial tonsil
· Stages of deglutition

Diseases of Oral Cavity :

· Oral thrush
· Aphthous ulcer
· Ankyloglossia (Tongue tie)
· Submucous fibrosis
· Ranula
· Leukoplakia
· Ludwig’s angina

Diseases of Salivary Gland :

· Sjogren’s syndrome
· Frey’s syndrome (Gustatory sweating)

Diseases of Tonsils and Adenoids :

· Describe the etiology, symptoms, signs, differential diagnosis and treatment of acute follicular tonsillitis ?
Describe the etiology, pathology, signs, symptoms and management of membrane over the tonsil ?
· Mention the ulcers and the membranes in the pharynx and their treatment ?
· Describe the etiology, symptoms, signs and treatment of chronic tonsillitis and enlarged adenoids. What are the complications and the surgical treatment of these conditions ?
· Descuss the etiology, symptoms, signs, diagnosis of adenoid hypertrophy. Describe its management ?
· Discuss indication and complications of tonsillectomy ?

· Keratosis pharyngitis
· Bacteriology of acute follicular tonsillitis
· Faucial diphtheria
· Uses of anti-diphtheric serum
· Signs and symptoms of adenoid vegetations
· Adenoid facies
· Indications and contra indications of tonsillectomy
· Tonsillectomy bleeding
· Complications of tonsillectomy
· Post-operative management of adeno-tonsillectomy

Pharyngeal Abscess :

· What do you mean by Quinsy. How do you treat a patient suffering from this condition. What are the complications of an untreated case ?
· Describe the etiology, signs, symptoms, pathology and management of peritonsillar abscess ?

· Peritonsillar abscess (Quinsy)
· Retropharyngeal abscess
· Spaces of Gillette
· Acute retro-pharyngeal abscess
· Lingual tonsillar abscess
· What do you mean by para-pharyngeal abscess. How does it occur. What is its treatment ?


Cunningham's Manual of Practical Anatomy
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