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RxPG :: View topic - Choliration of water  
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choliration of water
can any body explain
1)break point chloritaion
2)super chloritaion

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about chlorination
[b][i]hi, i m sumeet.
after hearing ur question i think tat i can help u.
u wanted to know about 1)breakpoint chlorination(seems u spell it in the other way)-water is filtrated by chlorine gas ,calcium chlorine compound and by chloramine.(mostly by chlorine gas).

chloramines r slow acting compd of chlorine n amonia i.e. it releases (cl) slowly.now if H2O is having amonia in excess or chloramines, r again added wit chlorine-distruction of chloramine takes place-resulting in to decrease in conc. of residual (Cl) which chloramines were providing(although slowly).this continues till (Cl) is added n after a stage H2O is saturated n any further increase in (Cl) increases d residual (Cl) in same praportion in which it is added.this point is called break point (Cl) n d dose is called break point dose.

it is simple ,water is flooded wit (Cl) n after d dis-infection the excess (Cl )
is removed by d process of declorination. (by the way let me tell u break point (cl) is one of the method of suprachlorination).it is done in x treme dirty water,like drinking water coming to ur home(ha ha ha icon_biggrin.gif )sorry 4 tat bad joke.

hope my information may help to solve ur problems.i m frm bhopal doing MBBS.

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