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RxPG :: View topic - Can somebody help me please  
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Can somebody help me please
Hi everyone
I am studying in a newly established college, so no seniors.I am reading but unable remember anything and i am losing my interest .I made a mess out of my Ist internal.Please somebody guide me the way to study.

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follow your own friends in your class.


I would suggest... first relax... after all we are all studying about ourselves... it should be easier and more fun than reading about something totally new like computer science... where you're studying about machines, software etc...

Second of all learn to concentrate on the whole picture... dont worry about int marks alone like in other professions.. ( of course passing si improtant but... picture yourself as a person healing lives... curing people... and work towards that goal... marks will follow... you are no longer a school student...

Pick up your syllabus, mark the topics you need to understand and study... try to coordinate physio/anat theory and practicals together... eg. if youre studying the upper limb... read the text before you do the dissection.. then pretned you're treasure hunting while you're dissecting... try to find all the different parts that you read about... everything is already there .. we just have to remember the names and find them...t... cant get easier can it???
Then when youve understood normal anat/physio etc... try to apply the concepts to yourself
... looking int he mirror.. look at people around you... think of eevry little thing you do... how your body acts how the muscles move... etc etc...

learn applied aspects of anat/physio/bio etc...

From exam point of view.... read important topics ( learn diagrams first.... understanding.. then look at the diagram and write the theory ...

try to find previous years question papers from other college friends.. websites etc.... for every topic do a search for question patterns...

Instead of trying to squeeze in time to memorize pages and pages of text... try to look at it as part of your life... just like you eat... go to movies etc.... you have the oppportunity of studying about humans about us... dont forget that.. dont stress over it... enjoy it.... concentrate on one topic at a time... forget your first int marks... theyre not going to decide if you're a good doctor or not...
Once again... think like a doctor... not as a student...
Sorry about the long post...


i agree with aspiringdr

its important to stay relaxed
its important to stay focussed
and its damn important not to loose patience

stay focussed on your topic
the first internals are always a wake up call

stay with your subjects
keep reading
every dr so far made it
stick to those guns
and you will be thru

and no better place than rxpg to solve your queries
yours may be a new coll
but hey
we have enough experience on this site to compete with any coll


take it step wise
we need more details
eg wat part of anat/physio/biochem have you started
what r the books u r using
and hey
wat college?

Essentials of Medical Pharmacology By KD Tripathi
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