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RxPG :: View topic - Emergency.....plz do me a favour.  
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Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

Emergency..........plz do me a favour..
Hello everyone......
i m in 3rd year now........as has been my strategy for the past 2 years of mbbs, i opened my books jus days before the exams and scraped through each time, well managed to.......
but this tym with PSM being a huge subject, possibility that i will get through seems meagre...........i jus have a month to go and still lots to read, i feel i can never sail through that huge book, i under estimated it .....so can someone plz , for heavens sake, rather humanity sake....plz tell me how do i start, where and the kind of approach that i shud take................can spm be read without compromising on the preparation or any topic , be read in a month............plz do reply, by replying earlier you will help me save more time...........n in return you shall get my whole-hearted thanks............a million heartfelt thanks...i m really really desperate.......n needy............ icon_cry.gif

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Aim DNB Part 1

I would say give abt 4 days each to big and very imp topics like Epidemiology, Epid of commuincable diseases,MCH,environmental sanitation!! catch a hold a frnd n keep revising everthing with him...smaller topics are a lil faster to complete..just dont worry!!!

Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

Thanx a lot Dr. VSD..................yeah dat makes sense that i concentrate on the bigger topics first..........i shall plan it accordingly........do v have to read everything i mean will previous year questions be sufficient ......???? and can u giv me some tips about hw to rememberr and recall those contents of an encyclopedia ?? i thought preparing flowcharts and tables would help definetely.....wish i had done all this before......

Aim MS Othopaedics

i hav a suggestion...
keep the communicable and non communicable diseases part aside... keep environment aside...

check the last 6 chapters of the book first... they r small tho a bit boring.... try giving it a reading
then do epidemiology and the second chapter
they ll go fast
then do occupation
then demography and family planing
then rch
then other topics

if u hav finished this far go 2 communicable and read vaccine associated diseases,malaria filaria tb....then run thru non communicable

the reason i say this is because these 2 chapters are time sappers...time keeps going in reading smal smal diseases n it never ends....

p.s:: the most important thing with park is treat is as a NOVEL... forget u hav an exam...

Aim DNB Part 1

does that mean we are supposed to alternate between 2 small ones n one big one...if thats the idea then its a very good one..one more thing you have to remember is tht epidemiology n Mch should immediately be followed by their respective national health programmes..I have just finished 2 internals..so telling it to u out of experience icon_smile.gif..hope it helps you...like u said tables n flow charts do help u only if u have time to do them icon_wink.gif

Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

thanx a billion drnirrag and VSD, i agree with the two of u........alternate big and small topics, that will giv a psychological relief, n yeah keeping communicable n non communicable for the end wud be the best, i had earlier thought of starting with these but no more, having done other chapters i wud be more confident to start them......thanx again......u mind combine studies....i mean letz jus decide on topic, and read it up, then discuss here the doubts......u think its possible ???

Aim MS Othopaedics

sorry mate ... i m prep for my all india

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