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RxPG :: View topic - How to add a signature below my posts?  
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Aim Other

Help: How to add a signature below my posts?
i typed my signature in my profile n then pressed submit button bt cant see my signature......

did try 2 luk 4 d thread concernin dis but cudnt find....sorry if its an oft repeated simple query...

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You have to check this box while posting a reply.
i.e "Attach signature" check box.

click on the image to zoom

Please do feel to ask any query regarding RxPG here.
Have a good day.

Aim Other

BGM wrote:

Please do feel to ask any query regarding RxPG here.
Have a good day.

hey thanx.... icon_biggrin.gif

Aim Other

about saved posts---a suggestion
just a few things--
in d section 'my saved posts' ,,,can there be anindexing of our saved posts..it cud b like havin forums(named by members individually by their own choice) ....where we wud b able 2 categorize our favourite topics in seperate groups (like in section 'my bookmarks') ..it wil help us open up quickly d required post ,,say --info abt system startup 4m techno forum without goin thru all mcq posts etc.......


2. as there is no numbering in d saved posts (with 'delete' opp every post lukin so similar) ,,hav 2 count either 4m d top or 4m last for deletin a post n when in hurry often a wrongly selected post gets deleted icon_sad.gif n a favourite topic gets lost n 1 doesnt evn which 1 until u want 2 read it again sometime ...

icon_question.gif can u do smthin abt it????? it wud help save a lot of time..... icon_smile.gif


Sorry i can't do that. Only RxPG Team have the powers to modify the website.
I am pretty sure that they do check all the threads in the "Help/Newbie" forum regularly.

The easiest & the quickest way to solve this would be to add the important pages as "bookmarks" in your browser.
You can in turn add tags (eg: aiims, aipge, dnb) to these bookmarks and arrange them in folders (eg: mcqs, chat, results)
I would recommend using firefox to do the same.
Here's some more info on that.
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Here's a shorcut.
While on a page, just click the star on the address bar twice,
a menu will popup and you can add the tag and folder name there itself.

And don't forget to backup your bookmarks online using Xmarks addon.
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Next time when you want to access your thread, just type the specific tag (eg: aiims) in the address bar and there's your link.

Aim Other

u did whatever u cud..& thanx 4 dat icon_smile.gif rxpg moderators especially u..really care... icon_biggrin.gif

but since this thread topic is related 2 signature probably d rxpg team wud miss d 'my saved post' point... icon_sad.gif

neways 2 tel u honestly i only understood parts of wat u wrote ..1..i hav microsoft internet explorer with windows vista 2006 n not firefox so cudnt d firefox stuff..

2..also ihav 2 places where d 'star' is in my address bar--1.which is by bookmark name but requires logging in to google for addin every time icon_mad.gif each site is added as bookmark (has name n label options---no folder n tag option seperate); but dis is wat i think 'd star' u meant

the other is -- 'add 2 favourite'-- wid name,,create in & folder options dat doent require loggin in to google every time

is ther smthin more 2 it than this icon_rolleyes.gif icon_confused.gif ...

3..n though u provided d link cudnt understand d way-- how exactly to backup bookmarks by xmarks n also

BGM wrote:

Next time when you want to access your thread, just type the specific tag (eg: <a href="http://www.rxpgonline.com/forum2.html">AIIMS</a>
) in the address bar and there's your link.

4..my computer ignorant brain icon_wink.gif cudnt get this ....nothin happened on typin d particular buk marks name... wat i hav 2 do is.hav 2 log in 2 google,,open d 'bukmark ' option in d address bar n then select d bukmarked page dat i want 2 access..... icon_rolleyes.gif

hey BGM wish i cud b as gud as u wid computers!!!!.. icon_smile.gif ....this particular thing dat i am askin is nothin gr8 i know ,but u r an encyclopedia of knowledge in this computer- techno zone(hav read in awe a lot many of ur threads....)mayb,,perhaps, someday i 2 wud get in your league........till then....back 2 pre pg studies i guess.... icon_wink.gif already wasted a lot of ur n my time in this icon_wink.gif icon_redface.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_confused.gif hope smthin cumes gud out of dis 2..!!!


Thanks pal.
The previous post can be understood well only if one is well versed with firefox browser. So forget all i said.

If you have internet explorer then you can use this "how to" guide to add/ organize bookmarks, if needed.
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You don't have to log on to google evey time you open your browser.
Its because you have set it as your home page. You can use a blank page instead. Open browser Go to "Tools" --> "Internet options" ---> "Use blank"

P.S: Firefox browser is way too better than internet explorer
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You can try it in your free time.

Aim Other

got it!!!. icon_smile.gif ...THANX 4 everythin...... icon_biggrin.gif

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