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RxPG :: View topic - Which books to study from in MBBS 2nd year?  
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Author Message

Aim MD

FAQ: Which books to study from in MBBS 2nd year?
Hello everyone,

I have just entered MBBS 2nd year and i am not knowing which books to read and how to approach books of gold standards i order to achieve good sore in final exams.

Kindly guide me so that i can approach text books as well as gold standard books..

Thank you

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pharma KDT
patho big ROBBINS
fsm reddy

if these bks are done thorougly no other reference bk is reqd n it will give gud results in mbbs prof xams as well help u best for pg prep

gud luck icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif


pharmac... kdt
patho..... small robbins will do at this stage
micro...anantnarayan...no oder book pls...
fmt...reddy or parikh

Aim MD

thanks for the reply..
and helping me out

Aim USMLE Step 1

Hello icon_smile.gif

PHARMA - KATZ-Latest edition which is 11th

Good Luck !


what [bleep] all buks are u talkin mauve...do u think its possible to cover big robins and levenson..
why u guys try to be oversmart....
keep it easy...see that ppl get benefit from what u write...
and what is katz,,,make it clear...even i dunno..
be specific before u post...

Aim USMLE Step 1

Well ravi i recommended those books to karizma as a best peice of "advice" coz i used the same books and was "abel" to cover them n was a high acheiver !

N if I can do it why not karizma?? Normal human beings have got the same brains icon_razz.gif lolzz

amazed you can recommend parik (does that seem a short coverable book to you ?? funny ! )

Aim USMLE Step 1

Dear karizma , i have just adviced you but u yourself see which books best suit your style and strategy of studying icon_smile.gif

Good Luck ! icon_smile.gif

Aim USMLE Step 1

Ravi whats "Kdt" ??? even i don't understand that :p .

Btw,katz meant Basic and Clinical Pharmacology by Bertram G Katzung.I think you never have used this book in life so you don't know the correct name icon_smile.gif

Please next time advice others what you have studied Not what you just have heard of ! :p

Aim Australia

Patho- big robbins
(dnt juz read evrything there... B thorough wit relevent topics nd dnt go for hi-fi things rite nw...)
Micro- ananthnarayan
forensic- narayan reddy

Aim AIPGE 2013

navneet07 wrote:
pharma KDT
patho big ROBBINS
fsm reddy

if these bks are done thorougly no other reference bk is reqd n it will give gud results in mbbs prof xams as well help u best for pg prep

gud luck icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif

ritely said..these r d std buks.
gud luck..

Aim MD

hello mauve,
I would like to know that should i take katz as a reference book or as a textbook.
Meanss that at your time had you read katz completely..or just some important topics..

Aim MD

hello mauve,
I would like to know that should i take katz as a reference book or as a textbook.
Meanss that at your time had you read katz completely..or just some important topics..

Aim USMLE Step 1

hiiii ........i hv jst finish ma 1st year xamz nd soon enters the 2nd year...i read bdc,langman........in anat.,....guyton nd ganong in physio.......nd harper,lippincot nd devlin in biochm..........cn anyone pls suggest me standard books for mbbs 2nd year which will help me in USMLE tooo.........as i thought of giving USMLE in future..........

Aim MCh

good going man... having read such standard bukz wil be of lotta help 2 u in future... as far as 2nd yr s concerned,
For Path, ROBBINS is the bible... any exam u go for, dis buk s gonna save u.. n trust wen i say dat i haven seen such a beautiful text n ma lifetime..

for pharm, KD tripathi s ok.. but since u r tryin 4 USMLE, i think itz better if u go for Katzung n Lippincott

Micro.. For Indian exams, Panicker ll do.. but u need to study JAVETZ for USMLE prep...

FM.. donno a better book dan Narayanareddy...

Also try gettin USMLE notes for these subjects.. it ll help u a lot..

Al b best .. May u end up being de best!!!


I recommend Lippincott review-pharma
and Robbinns pocket companion(handbook)
Lippincott pharma is amazing; & very nice, and has its own approach for rapid and concise reading.
Also; what is related to pathology, as an MBBS student you have to know the pathophysiology of diseases, not to be a pathophysiologist!!!


Hi... i have just entered 2nd proff nd after reading all thats given above, i wanna ask that Do those students who aim for AIPGE need to study Katzung nd Javetz in addition to KDT nd Ananthnarayana?????

Aim USMLE Step 1

hello mr. audi...........
for aipg u cn take help of katzung nd jawetz along with KDT nd anantnarayana............these r also good buks ....bt u cn jst take a look at good foreign authors buks for specific important topics these gonna help u in aipg........

Aim DNB Part 2

i read
Satoskar for pharma in 2nd yr(it is a book frm which u will understand which drug to giv in wat condition exactly .... coz in 2nd yr students dnt have clinical orientation . KDT is very gd book but at the end of 2nd yr u will not be able to understand pharmacological treatment as a whole)
KDT is very good n standard book also . i read KDT in internship n for entrance .

for patho - actually thr r 3 robbins available in market .
the grandfather robbins is very big n is for pathologist. father robbins is for 2nd yr students. n one little handbook (not recommended for 2nd yr)

FMT = i read mostly Parikh-its a good book wid excellent toxicology.
plus wid parikh reading speed is almost 25pages/hr so u can cover parikh many times in 1.5yrs

few topics like firearms,burns,snakes must be read frm reddy or nandi

for toxicology Parrikh is the best(as such toxicology is very very volatile so better rmbr fe n imp thngs in each topic)

patho prac - book is available ...i think its harshmohan prac patho. dat is a must b4 practical..

micro prac also one book in available - very nice for agars n tests n staining . do read that.

parasito- arora is short easy lucid. wid lot of life cycles

dnt ever think of reading parasito chatterjee

general immunology frm anathanarayan

bacteriology (if found difficlut to retain frm anathnarayan - as it is all given in essay form widout ne highlights , then read bacteriology frm chakraborty)
chakrabory is very nice- nice presentation plus
it has at the end all approach to patients presenting wid diarrhoea,urti,uti,etc etc

my advise to all freshers is that on de one of any subject open question banks(bhalani) / old papers n see wat all Qs r asked previously n recently n then choose books etc

Aim DNB Part 2

but KDT is must for entrance (but it is a book which u can master in ur internship also )

i personally didnt read robbins in 2nd yr ...i jst referred it for full questions. i read harshmohan but it had lot n lots of mistakes n contradictions ....
in our college we had weekly patho chapterwise discussions wid our profs so we cud correct sum points of harshmohan...

decide books on ur reading speed/ hw many times u need to revise for exam/ ur attn span/ ur daily hrs of reading


hellodear...cudn reply earler... KDT IS KD TRIPAHI...we all follow this book in hyderabad...and it is aa standard book... and what do u mean when u say i haven read that..... what u have to prove... make it clear...and pareek is such an intersting book..it is followed all over the world...u may be surprised but most of the mcqs come from it...it has good applicative knowledge,a book based on reasoning... thats what i can say...


books to study in 2nd mbbs
hi karizma
nice to talk 2 u...
now dat u've got advice from ur seniors as to which books to study, let me add a bit of suggestion... pl go through mcq books of respective subjects.. u wil get some idea about which areas/ points to stress.. plus u'l get a better understanding of d subjects and u,l be able to correlate better..but u need not break ur head over them; just go through them..
hope u wil find this useful..
al d best

Aim USMLE Step 1

hello dr_snehabhavsar
thanx 4 your guidance about all the books

Aim USMLE Step 1

dear seniors
please also specify some std. books 4 mcq practice 2nd year subjects which will be of help 4 AIPGE


plz suggest me books for second year..........


shiksha wrote:
dear seniors
please also specify some std. books 4 mcq practice 2nd year subjects which will be of help 4 <a href="http://www.rxpgonline.com/forum2.html">AIPGE</a>

there is lotz of views regarding this most will agree

rachna chaurasia/arora pub for micro
saumya shukla vol 2 for fsm
arvind arora's patho n pharma has mixed reviews!!!!
look thorougly any book before u buy... it shud suit u n dont just go on advices!!!!!
gud luck icon_smile.gif


nihaal786 wrote:
plz suggest me books for second year..........

go through this thread from beginning..... hope it will answer ur query icon_smile.gif

Aim USMLE Step 1

thanx navneet07


Thnx gauravmbbs for yr reply..


shiksha wrote:
thanx navneet07

always welcome
icon_smile.gif icon_smile.gif


Re: patho books
this tread might be useful
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Aim USMLE Step 1

I am Interested in USMLE.
In my 1st year I have read
Physio - Guyton (thoroughly) + Ganong (selectively)
Biochem - Harper + Lipincott
Anatomy - Grays studnet edn (thoroughly) + BDC (for exam)

I have prepared a list of books for my 2nd year (for University exam as well as USMLE)


Text book - Robbins & Cortan Pathological basis of disease (big one)

Review book -
1 - Pocket companion to Robbins (for univ. exam)
2 - Robbins review of pathology
3 - Rapid review Pathology (Goljan) along with Goljan audio


Text book - Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 11th Edition Katzung

Review book

1. Katzung & Trevor's Pharmacology Examination and Board Review
2. Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology


Text book -

Jawetz, Melnick, & Adelberg's Medical Microbiology

Panikar & Anantanaryana microbiology

Review book

Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

FMT by Reddy

Aim Tamilnadu PG

will this books do
iam entering second year mbbs
i have planned to use the following books
pls suggest whether these books are fine


Aim USMLE Step 1

hey srsiddu

I suggest besides KATZUNG u should ALSO GO THROUGH K D TRIPATHI 4 during university XMS.

IT helps writing ans..

rest' s all right .


plz suggest me the one perfect combination of books for both university exams and pg

Aim MCh

@ nihaaal
pharm... KDT
path ROBBINS [dis is f course which u must not ignore]
micro PANICKER [heard dat new edition panicker s lot colourful n very interesting]

think these ll do 4 indian pg... may u need sum cross ref with KATZUNG iin pharm...

hav nice tymz..

Aim MCh

these buks r alright except dat i would suggest Tripathi for pharm rather dan katzung as a text since it ll help u study in an organised manner...I used Katzung just like a reference buk- to clear doubts..


hey im using fmt by nageshkumar rao..is it ok?
but i find t very esy to read it



My combination for 2nd year was:

Big Robbins
Pharmac - Laurence n Bennett, KDT, Katzung,
Micro - Anantnarayan, Harrison
Forensic - Reddy

Trust me I scored distinction in Patho, Pharmac and Micro

Laurence is like a story book.. U will never forget the fundas from that..
but KDT is the complete book..
Katzung doesn't contain many points about pharmac from our point of view..

Anantnarayan is the best book for Micro.. better than any other.. The next best is Harrison..
Jawetz is only for MLE

There is no replacenent for big Robbins

All the best

Aim MD

thank u very much for your response..
i also wanted to know that how to read pharmac as it is gettin really tough for me to study it


karizma.. hi
I will tell u one way which I think u will find useful

Whenever u see a section of drugs,.. for example.. antiseizure drugs..

First go and look up in medicine text preferably CMDT or Harrison or Davidson which is the drug of choice among all of them.. in this case valproate which is like a universal drug..

Then just read and understant that drug from as many books as possible..

Then u have to just compare the other drugs in the group with the DOC & remember the differences..

This will be time consuming but.. U will be amazed by this technique.. by what it can do..
All the best

Aim General

did any one of u read satoskar for pharma??
i hve been doin so,i felt tripati vry vague nd difficult to remember




hey for pathology robbins(pathologic basis of disease ) is the best buk.some wil say its diff to read for exams.but if u have intrest first read it in dat buk.den def u wil love reading the book

Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

PHARMA tripati
MICRO ananthanarayan


Hi All ,
We are having MD/MS/PG-DIPLOMA/MBBS/MDS/BDS Management quota seats in Karnataka,
If interested Kindly call on 81..47..83..81..29....

Aim MBBS Second Prof

Many of my seniors suggested Baveja for micro over Panikar...so may I know the difference between the two?
pls help!!

Aim AIPGE 2016

Plz seniors guide to how to attempt exams in 1 st year i managed to pass with just 60 percent marks bcz in the i was not able to recall that much of syallabusi was really confused during viva plzzzzz plzzzxx help me im vry dpre
essed:cry: icon_cry.gif

Aim DM Cardiology

patho : robbins basis
micro : ananthnarayn
Forensic : reddy
Pharm ; Tripathi
Parasitology : pannicker

Aim UK Exams

Since all the books have already been mentioned:-

Tips to scoring well in your 2nd MBBS:

1. Take out the last 10 year board papers for 2nd year
2. Mark out all the repetitive questions
3. Learn the topics which are repeated most often - first
4. So on, so on..

P.S: If you can bribe a family member/ non-medico friend to complete your journal work/ records for practical for you, nothing like it. Will save you a ton of time!

Cunningham's Manual of Practical Anatomy
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