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RxPG :: View topic - About usmle after dnb radiology  
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Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

thank u sir and how

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after doing dnb inbetween u have to clear usmle all steps and get ecfmg certified.after that u have to apply to specific universities for fellowship.


the fellowship is of one year in usa but u have to get a specific plan from the college for 4 years of total study in that department.It can be in different fellowship but single college only.after that u can appear for radiology board examinations and get board certified to practice diagnostic radiology and not as fellow


to pracice as fellow u will have to work in a particular college as diagnostic radiologist for 2 more years and after that appear for fellowship exam,if u pass then get fellowship certified. so in total 4years+ 2 years to get fellowship certified after passing dnb and reaching america


this procedure comes under alternate pathway to radiology in america further details check american board of radiology website

Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

is this procedure same for any dnb subject sir


as far as i know this type of entry is limited only for radiology and anesthesia,but i am not sure about anaes

Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

by the way sir can u please tell me in which countries do our dnb is valid and can get good pay


u have to check with individual country medical council website

Aim USMLE Step 1

i heard that if you are going to USA by this alternate way you will bypass the USMLE (you donot have to appear it).................. is it true or have to follow same basic law of MLE...........


no u have to clear usmle steps,then only u can apply via alternate pathway

Aim USMLE Step 1

radiology residency
can u suggest something to get selected in radiology residency in USA.............as a IMG its very difficult to get selected icon_sad.gif .............. what would be the strategy from the beginning to increase chances icon_question.gif


sorry i can not help regarding that because i am not giving usmle.i had planned to give usmle before so i enquired about radiology,but at present i am trying for pg in india only.so best of luck for your future


hello friends..is it possible to do residency in internal medicine in usa after md radiology degree...


Thank u sir....but tell me should we clear all steps as we do without any dnb degree?? Or is there any specific subjects (only radiology) like dat??


RADIOLOGY SHOULD BE GOOD IN us and uk...so i am going to us


its not that easy0o go to d US n UK!! Though u clear d exams they hv a lot f visa issues these days! One f my friend hd to wait 2yrs only 4 a visa thought he hd done exceptionally well in his exams!


if you have a visa of some other country on your passport and you have some strong doucuments like bank statements and all that then its not a big issue to get a visa....


exam and visa are two different issues..have done good in exam dosnt mean you will get a visa...and not doing well in exam, you can get a visa..so it depends on situation,mood of visa officer and ofcourse your luck...


hello friends ,i did my bachlors degree in 2009.and started my md degree in radiology in 2010 which will fininsh in july 2013...after that i want to appear for usmle exam...what r my chances of getting radiology residency in usa..and if i keep a back up of internal medicine residency can i get that in usa...will my radiology degree have some benifit on internal medicine residency or not....


sir is this possible after DMRD or is it necessary to get a DNB?

Aim AIPGE 2013

Same doubt. .dmrd recognized in U.S., sir?

Aim USMLE Step 3

Aim Other

same querry!!!

is there any scope over there after dmrd??


Alternate pathway for radiology like md, dnb, etc...stopeed for only post DMRD from 2012 onwards.so u have to have dnb/md for alternate pathway .or you could try getting some observerships there -please google-this much i know.


you still have to give usmles and go through match process

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