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RxPG :: View topic - Does Meditation Help in Study?  
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What is meditation..
Hi spatil,

nice to discuss these subject on medico's site!

Yes, all the benefits & achievements of meditation are definitively by products. The most important thing what I think is that you should know yourself. & I don't think any one but a Dr can understand the body better! That's why I've always believed that a Dr should be always spiritual. more than any others.. But what I've seen so far is quite opposite to this.. y, I don't know.. let it go..

If we have understood our bodily physiology well, I don;t think any one of us will agree it is by chance. There is some spiritual power behind the world. just see the growth of a fetus inside uterus! all is so well-coordinated & planned that we( or at least I!) can not believe it is without any control. without any influence..

I think, to know that spirituality, is meditation. To feel as a part of that great system, is meditation.

I don't think relaxation or mantras or concentration or.. are meditation. they are different ways to meditation. All have experienced the divinity through different ways, & all have shown these ways to mankind. whichever way you may choose, the final point should be a state of non-ending inner peace, egolessness, love, total acceptance, total absence of inner or external conflicts, & realization or awareness of the beutiful world & its creator.. may u call Him the whatever..

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Nice to hear you parin. I am also of opinion that Dr should be spiritual. When we get into deepness of anything we go into spirituality, but understanding spirituality is..................... what can I say , I think Creator will be the only authority who can give you exact knowledge of this. People think about God as Almighty authority, people think God is power or a post but I must say that he also person with authority of love. His actual greatness is not the thing that he is almighty but loves all of us probably more than any one.
What do you think?


God is nothing but pure love..
Hi spatil,

It is always good when we find someone to be thinking like ourselves! So, glad to meet you!

You are absolutely right. He is not an authority, a person with all the power nor the highest post. I think He is pure love. Thinking of God, personally, what comes to my mind is picture of lord Krishna, but look at others, from any religion, they will be a great combination of love, service, selflessness.. (make list of virtues!!) & absence of negatives..

I never think Him as a ruler.. No, He can't be.. I myself become full with pleasure when I think how I was made out 2 cell stage! any one mistake, only one, would be enough to make my life dependant. I could have been blind, deaf, lame.. what not! but I 'm not, that's His love..

& I believe whoever feels himself/herself to be unlucky/unhappy should remember this.. There were so many possibilities that you could have been more worse than this.. & u are not becoz of His love..

I don't think this bcoz of only my spirituality, but I think this approach, if we give to patients, especially those suffering from severe/lethal diseases, it might be great help for them. Hope psychiatry will have to do a lot in this direction..


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Sorry it is not displaying. I don't what's wrong, I am trying again.
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Aim Andhra Pradesh PG

well, its a nice topic dudes.......

I have benifited from meditation a lot.

I spent sleepless nights before the day of exams (both theory and practs ) in First and second mbbs.

I started meditation ( though not seriously), i tried to keep myself cool , and tenseless ..

And the result .. amzing , I had good sleep before exams and am tenseless even 1 min b4 the start of exams. I really wrote my exams far better than 1st and 2nd mbbs...

Meditation and Yoga , really works, and their importance must be included in our curriculum. What do u say ?


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Aim Indian PG Exams

Thank you for starting this thread.. Yes, meditation has been scientifically proven to enhance memory, reduce stress and anxiety among so many other benefits. Just google n the list is endless icon_smile.gif The best part is you don't have to sit for an hour to see tangible changes..even 10 minutes twice a day is good enough. I have been practising since some time and i find becoming aware of the breath the easiest method. You could also try online guided meditations or meditating listening to nature sounds. Since we are in a career where we encounter suffering around us daily, its important to be emotionally and mentally healthy so that we remain calm and are able to spread goodness in our little way. Meditation can be whatever you want it to be for you..productivity enhancer, gateway to your real self..whatever you choose to see it as. The important thing is trying to stick to it without thinking too much about the outcome. You ask what is the aim of meditation.. I think its peace and getting closer to the reality beyond all these illusions..

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