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RxPG :: View topic - Should I join Kaplan for USMLE?  
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@ rizi

Hey there... I dont have any figures to explain further studies in UAE or Pakistan. I've opted for USMLE and Can guide you further into that aspect. Please let me know if you are interested in knowing your prospects in the USA.




hey vzx
thanx for your prompt reply man....its because of people like you we feel that we arent alone and that others are there to give that little push thats so essential...thanks again dude icon_smile.gif....good work!!!

Aim USMLE Step 1

well vzx

their are 8 kaplan dvds containing each of the individual subs eg anatomy, pharm, bio, etc.
they are to be used along with the kaplan lect notes.

Aim Indian PG Exams

JUST ABT TO FINISH MY FIRST READIN ... I compared new n old kap notes .... Its this dat d new edition is a bit revised in anat patho pharmac
.. many table s have been used which has same info as compared to
previous edition.. just removin some stuff ..book made a bit easy to digest with reader friendly format .... dats it not many changes..
so new notes not dat much revised !! but kap videos changed a lot
..the prof who taught biochem in old edition is teachin pharmac, biochem taught by some lady proff...anat new proff ..dats it icon_smile.gif


can some one plz help me!! if i wanna aim for 2008 match...n i start wid step 1 how n when shud i space my exams???i mean how much time factor wud be required b/w each step?? plzzz advice


to navz
go to ur nearest kaplan centre and meet the counselor. He can help you very professionally. alternatively visit other threads in this forum and you will find what u need. questions like these have been answered hundreds of times already.
U still have a lot of time for 2008 match. start studying today and all will be ok.


Well caps31382 has answered almost all the potential questions correctly. So anyone who has reservations about 2007 study materials - read his reply.

Just a note here - At our center, We're taught biochem from the 1998 compass video lectures (by Dr. Barbara Hansen - yes, she's the same one who wrote the book).. And she's fabulous.


Aim Maharashtra PG

is there anyonewho has the kaplan dvds or knows where to download it from?


@ litfiba

Pls keep the discussion subject as close to the topic of the post as possible. If you want to know where you can get the kaplan DVD's, browse through tons of other dedicated posts on this forum (BTW Asking for pirated stuff is not against the TOS but providing direct links to them is) so do not ask us to put ourselves into trouble cause no one's dumb enough to do it and get kicked out of rxpg.

No offense meant.


Aim Australia

Edited because it violates TOS


Dude... watch your keyboard... hehe... You'll definitely get warned for violating the TOS, if not banned.


Aim Maharashtra PG

someone.. where do u stay? and how do i contact u>?

Aim USMLE Step 1

hey is there ne1 who had joined kaplan delhi???

Aim USMLE Step 1

Need advice about USMLE Step 1
Hey guys! I'm pretty new to the RxPG society. I need some advice...

I just graduated in Zimbabwe. Got my MBBS degree. I'm thinkin of coming to India (B'lore) for Kaplan classes for USMLE step1. The thing is...i last studied anatomy, biochem etc ...about 3 years ago. So im REALLY rusty icon_sad.gif My clinicals good though, but thought i shud clear my step 1 exam first.

So will the Kaplan classes help me get back into studying? Coz i'm pretty bad when it comes to studying on my own (i get distracted easily). How long shud i take to prepare for STEP 1. about 6months? 4months?

Would love to here from you guys ASAP.

Thanks PPLE! icon_biggrin.gif

Oh, one last question....which is easier....getting into USA or Australia??

Aim USMLE Step 1

hi dr benny,

welcome to RXPG!

your question about Kaplan classes can be anwered like this: its a good choice if you ahve the time and money- these guys create an environ ment in which to study, and plus you meet like-minded people to work with, so its easier to find study partners etc..
the duration of prep time is very variable from person to person , but in general it is said that 6 months is good time to prepare for the exam. i have heard that the kaplan classes at delhi are the best...but you can find out about those icon_wink.gif
if you get distracted easily, like you mentioned, then kaplan is probably worth the investment.

the only downsides are the monetary and time commitments that you need to give to them- which is fine if you have no other boats to sail(a rare case, i must mention!)

a word of caution- before you join, have a good look at the Kaplan centre that you intend to join and the facilities that they have to offer, and sit a couple of demo lectures to make up our mind, you could do well to compare differen t centres if they are accessible to you..

have a look at the threads/topics in this forum, there is a treasury of information to be gleaned from here

all the best for your choice... and keep us posted



@ litfiba

You may contact us here itself on the forum. Why do you need personal numbers... All of us are here to help you.

@ drchhabragaurav

I had joined Kaplan Ahmedabad... Dunno about anyone from Delhi



I'd advice the same things... I had joined kaplan Ahmedabad, so feel free if you want to ask for some advice.. For other discussions refer to the following thread
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Aim USMLE Step 1

Thanks ABACUS...That info was very helpful icon_biggrin.gif I am going to b'lore, so i will take your advice and check it out first b4 i make any final decisions.

Hope you dont mind if i ask u a few more questions in the next couple of days.

Thanks again Abacus. And thanks too vzx.

Aim USMLE Step 1

How is the Kaplan in B'Lore?
Hey guys. How is the Kaplan centre in Bangalore? Anyone who knows? How does it compare with other Kaplan centres in other parts of India?

Advice will be much appreciated PPLE!


Anytime Bro... Just make a mental note that you post a note on this thread of PM me before you actually make the payment - Cause there are loads of things you gotta know before joining any kaplan branch.


Aim USMLE Step 3

i came to know that kaplan delhi is not the authorised franchisee of kaplan USA.is this true? thats y m askin,if ne1 has joined kaplan delhi. kindly guide me


Bah!! they're all lies

Check out the official branches on
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You wont find Ahmedabad over there cause it's a sub-branch of Bombay. The best place acc to most ppl is Kap Banglore cause the owner Mr. Naved is a cool guy and easily bargains. But please check out other brances too if possible.


Aim USMLE Step 1

which centre do u belong to.. i mean which state??/

Aim USMLE Step 1

kaplan centers are g8 all over india. whether u join in b/galore or anywhere esle i t is the same.



Ahmedabad should be in Gujarat olny.. hehe... Just kidding Bro... Welcome to RxPg.. Enjoy your stay here



usmle coaching in mumbai
hi iam from india. pls someone tell me about usmle coaching centers in mumbai for step one

Aim USMLE Step 1

of course there is kaplan coaching classes in mumbai. go on there site and find there address.

here's there ph no. 022 6516200


thanks a lot


I'm visiting after a long time and it's good to see that people are still active in this thread. Since I started this thread, I'm here to give you some pointers

Kaplan or no Kaplan make sure that you have your study schedule pretty much configured. I joined kaplan after paying up 40+K and did finish up my studies in 3 months flat. But unfortunately My internship rotations took a toll on me.

It was the dreaded 3 month PSM rotations: 1st month squandered in Chikunguniya Edpidemic, where I was forcefully made part of the emergency medical team. The second half was wasted under the school health program. Finally when I got free from my postings on 15th December, I had to waste another 15 days for all my application to university stuff (I'm gonna write some time saving tactics to you ppl pretty soon - keep a tab on my site)

So here I am back to square one: Have started studies again from 1st Jan onwards and hopefully will give exams by march 1st week (My actual scheduled date was 29th Jan, but as you can see I am not ready yet).

My advice to some of you - Join Indian Politics, and get rid of this PSM thingy.. icon_razz.gif

On a serious note, I'll be here to answer any queries and there is one more very imp issue I wanted to share.

Kaplan India (the present franchise) is on a legal battle with it's USA counterpart and a third player "The Chopras" who have taken over the franchise for the time being There are still some legal issues to be cleared, but until the time this issue is resolved - I'd advice you not to make payments at any kaplan USMLE coaching center.

I'll write a detailed new post later.


need ur help.
hi vzx,
good to kno tat u wer the person who started this thread n u r again bak to guide so many ppl.i wanted to get this info from you,whether its better to prepare at kaplan centres in india or to go and join a kaplan centre in u.s.a itself.atleast would it not ensure a visa to u.s at the initial stage.and do u hav any info about how much wld it cost and wat will be the prospects of joining in u.s.


The thread mentioning about kaplan's franchise issue could be found at the link below
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@ drsony

Kaplan USA is definitely better if money is not a factor for you. Some benefits are:

1. Live lectures by faculty. So you could have a two way conversation (regular in-center video prep courses are also available)

2. No more visa hassles - kaplan institute gives you a 1.5 year student visa to attend all three steps at their institution.

3. Naturally no need to give GRE/TOEFL or apply to universities - saves approx 1000$

4. Overall better education than Indian centers (at least that is what some of my seniors tell me)

Ok now the total cost of attending classes (live lectures) for step 1, step2 CK, CS and Step 3 is 15K USD (actual amt is $14,990). All visa processing and documents are handled by kaplan's present franchise holder
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The cost will be less for in-center video lectures, which could be inquired at the chopra's website (see link above). Obviously the total cost almost nears 25K (including living expenses + food + shopping) which is almost equal to studying MPH in an average university. But then again you will be studying only USMLE and not MPH in the former case.

I cannot comment on the visa conversion issue (i.e. after your kaplan course gets over and you get a residency) because I do not have any experience in that aspect yet.

All in all, it is a mixed verdict: If you have enough money, can stay away from family then kaplan USA is the best thing. Else Kap-india is not a bad option too.

N.B.: To all ppl who are reading this, please do not send me a PM. I do not get email notifications of PM's. Instead post on the main forum or drop in a line on my blog (see link in my signature)


the link for the franchise got edited... you can visit it on www [dot] thechopras [dot] com


regarding kaplan
thanx vzx for giving such detailed information to me.but i hav some doubts regarding the following.
1) i hav heard its $9000 for both step 1&2,regarding step 3 that anyways we can giv it with the money what we earn from residency.
2)we are supposed to get the i20 from kaplan and do the visa processing,unlike what you said that kaplan will do it.
3)is toefl required or not for this course,according to wat i know it is required.
would b really thankful to you for your guidance.

Aim USMLE Step 1

hi vzx...thanks for this forum...its very informative for the ones like me who are still in this dilemma of joinig kaplan......i have jst completed my internship and was thinking of joinig kapaln in delhi.......but during my internship i havent studied any usmle books.....do u think a frst reading on my own is a must before i join kapaln....if yes..which books...i have all kaplan books and dvds...including the new books which are arranged systemwise...but no dvds according to new ones.....



I would suggest giving step 3 and then applying for residency since that improves the chances of getting the coveted H1b visa. But the choice depends solely upon you (and other factors like your future plan, the amount of time that you have, ect)

As far as I was told by the representative from "The Chopras", they will help you with the visa process. You've got to read b/w the lines here... It means that they will help you prepare and arrange all the visa documents for you, and maybe even take a few mock interviews. You'd still have to visit the embassy on your own and give the interview to actually go to USA.

TOEFL is not required at all - If you read the guidelines of USMLE, the passing the step 2 CS exams is proof enough that you are well versed with communicating in English. If otherwise, chances are that the VO (visa officer) may reject your visa in the first place.. hehe.

All in all you must be comfortable with english communication if you are to acquire knowledge at the kaplan institute in USA (esp for the live lectures cause there is no rewind button on the professors icon_razz.gif)

@ khushbu

Well gimme some background on the route you wish to choose to go to USA (i.e USMLE or GRE/MPH) - I'd be able to guide you more after you gimme this info + Which years residency are you planning for?

I guess the best way to study is to do first reading at kaplan institute only (i.e. if you decide to join it) because it is no use to do first reading for 2-3 months and then repeat the same procedure at kaplan for another 2-3 months. Waste of time and money.

On a side note: It seems that many ppl are still not aware of the details of planning for USMLE. I'll start writing a nice comprehensive guide for USMLE and post it on my site and RxPg by next week. So keep watching this space.[/b]


about kaplan
thanx vzx for your guidance.i would also enquire more into kaplan u.s.a courses and would post it as soon as i get the info so tat its helpful for others.but a lot of thanx to you for guiding ppl like me who are lost and dont kno wat to do.vl b in touch with you.take care.


Anytime... I'm here to answer any questions... As promised I have already started working on the USMLE prep article, but it is not going to be an easy task as I discovered after 10 minutes into writing it. I just couldn't figure out where to begin and what information is most crucial.

And yet I have made progress by writing 2 full pages (only about 18% done), but I'd love if someone gives me pointers as to what answers are you looking for? I do not wish to dilute the contents of this thread with such off topic chat and so any questions preferably should be directed towards my personal blog (see link in my signature) or I will start another discussion thread on RxPg


hey guys i got the dvds but i guess they are a little old, am on the hunt for the latest dvds and books too plz do let me know if u guys get to know n e sources

Aim USMLE Step 1

hey is any body having usmle step 1 dvds?


@ ganesh_kulkarni1978 & sufi01


You should be able to get the so called "Latest DVD's" from any xerox shop near your medical college. Atleast that is the trend in major cities across India. I cannot comment about your city in particular. As such the DVD's circulating in market are not latest as mentioned (most are from 2004 lectures) - To get the latest stuff you could enroll in kaplan or search dozens of communities on orkut and simillar networking sites

End of discussion. Although I am no moderator, but since I am the owner of this thread, it is my humble request to you and any other reader: Please do not deviate from the subject of the thread. I do not want this thread to become just another "request this / I want this" thread.

Read the TOS before making any requests for copyrighted material in the forum.


hi vzx
good to hear tat u hav started to work on tat usmle material.but sorry to say i dint undrstand wat you mean by pointers,so plz elaborate then i vl try to drill my brains. icon_smile.gif


Ok... lemme explain... Right now I am collecting as much information about step1 as I can. The result - A plethora of information which if not organized properly is useless to most ppl.

What I need from viewer's of this forum is: Some questions about USMLE that they would like to answered in my forthcoming article. for e.g: when should i start studying, what books to read, etc... I'd be glad to answer all relevant questions in the article.

Aim USMLE Step 1

you are a real cool dude !
checked out your blog and gallery
The most imp thing for me was the kaplanindia--chopra thing....
it was 4 at night when i was about to sleep and i saw this bcozz believe it or not i had contacted excel professional aids pvt ltd ( MUMBAI ) and asked their fees and they told me it was 57000 but only if i joined before 31st jan
and your stuff just blew my head off ! i was just about to blow 60 grand in thin air ! phew ,,,, what an escape !!!
your tips have been very useful but i again face a dilemna....i stay in bombay and chopras dont have a teaching center here as yet ((( it will open shortly ))) and nearest is in pune so though i want to join i might not be able to join....
you win some and you lose some !!!!
thanks again



lool... Thanks dude... The whole kaplan - chopras scenario is too complicated for the time being. The recent advance being that Kaplan USA has given franchise rights to the old player "Excel Professional Aids" to conduct CSA classes in addition to "The Chopras"...

All in all the whole situation is a mess and the best option is to play the waiting game. If you can wait till march, you'll definitely not regret your decision. It'll all be pretty fked up if one morning you wake up and find that the 60K you invested in one of the either classes is now down the drain as the franchise has been withdrawn.

Study in groups or solo for the time being...

Update on my USMLE Prep article:

I've gathered all the info that I want to include in the article.. Over the next 2 days I'll be spending some time b/w my studies to organize them and try to type it all down.. If my estimate is correct, then the whole thing could take more than 7-8 full pages.

All this while I'm seriously trying to cut down my PC addiction. Now I just spend 8 hrs on the PC as compared to 12-14 hrs previously. I know I'm not doing a pretty good job at it.. hehe.. I need rehab

Aim USMLE Step 1

cooooooooool site.
nice photo gallery.
hope to hear from u again, so that we understand things about USMLE for deeply.

Aim USMLE Step 1

i got what you said....but what you mentioned was perfectly right

check out this.....it clearly mentions excel dont have any right whatsoever...either step 1 or step 2 ck or step 2 cs .the only player now is chopras.and we are the game.
also read a "" Hindu "" newpaper supplement supporting the same plus no sign of any center in mumbai ! what a shame ! checked out chopras brochure which mentions they will open shortly in mumbai.

Thanks again for your timely help....considering the fact i joined rxpgonline just 4 days back.....i must be pretty lucky having read your thread !

best of luck and keep the good work going !
will try to contrbute to this place in whichever way possible !

Aim USMLE Step 1

world wide web dot kaptest dot com slash Kaplan slash Article slash Customer_Service slash Customer-Service slash Contact-Information slash Visit_Us slash CS_help_india dot html;jsessionid=VNG4Z4Q3B51MBLA3AQJHBNVMDUCBG2HB


Anytime... Try rounding up a few fellow mates who are preparing for USMLE too and then go to the nearest Chopra's office. Tell them that you want to join but your city's (Bombay) center has not opened yet. This might put up some pressure and speed things up from their end.

Plus joining in groups will give you supernatural bargaining powers... hehe... You can argue that there are 6 of us joining and we'll join only if you give us a discount... It worked for me in Step1 and am trying for step 2 also...

The receptionist from chopras called me up yesterday and I asked for a bargain citing that there are 5 ppl who want to join. She said she'll get back to me after talking with the head office. Let's see what she has to say.


desgame wrote:
world wide web dot kaptest dot com slash Kaplan slash Article slash Customer_Service slash Customer-Service slash Contact-Information slash Visit_Us slash CS_help_india dot html;jsessionid=VNG4Z4Q3B51MBLA3AQJHBNVMDUCBG2HB

Loolz.... First of all it's too complex to decipher... and secondly notice the little Jssessionid thingy ??? it means that the session is valid only while you were browsing it. Hehe... so naturally the link now returns a 404 error (in case you don't know what that is - It is "Page not found" error)

To the general public just click on the following link

www [dot] kaptest [dot] com/Kaplan/Article/Customer_Service/Customer-Service/Contact-Information/Visit_Us/CS_help_india.html

The excerpt of the page is as follows


Notice to Students

Students are advised that IAPEN (IAI and Excel) are no longer Kaplan Certified Education Providers and are using unauthorized, outdated, and pirated material. Any student who chooses to enroll with IAPEN or any other unauthorized provider does so at his/her own risk. Be advised that any advertisements referencing "Kaplan USA" or organizations asking for checks payable to "Kaplan US" are unauthorized, misleading, and completely unrelated to Kaplan, Inc. (New York, NY).

The only authorized provider of Kaplan programs in India at this time is The Chopras.

I'll update it in my other article as well


hi vzx,jst now visited ur website.u hav done a really phenomenal thing by making a website of your own.hey man how do u get so much time to sit in front of the comp,r u preparing for any entrances or working n still managing the webpage.but really a good job.

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