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Mnemonics by umesharma  Rating   Views   Date 
   Physiology  limbic system  7390 2012-08-09 11:21:35
   Medicine  transudative pleural effusion  7160 2012-04-21 14:51:04
   Pharmacology  A/E of tamoxifen (imp ones)  6204 2012-02-09 01:08:21
   Anaesthesia  diseases under international surveillance  6095 2012-05-23 12:24:02
   Pharmacology  digitalis  5429 2012-02-20 14:51:19
   Gynaecology  danazol uses  4860 2012-06-06 21:21:12
   Medicine  continuous murmur  3955 2012-04-19 12:57:27
   Pharmacology  drugs fr angina....  3941 2012-02-20 14:51:19
   Biochemistry  glycine  2590 2012-07-01 15:28:20
   Anatomy  pseodo str column epithelium neet special  1518 2013-10-12 23:35:05
Threads by umesharma  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   Medical MCQs   Ovarian tumour spreads primarily to which lymph nodes Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 54 chabattula 
   Medical MCQs   Anti parkinson drug that has anti apoptotic activity  3 44 Artipatel 
   Medical MCQs   Facial nerve is the nerve of which arch Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 62 rahulpujara 
   Medical MCQs   Radiation recall syndrome is a/w Go directly to Last Post in the thread 75 1603 rahulpujara 
   Medical MCQs   Athletes foot is caused by Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 40 rahulpujara 
   Medical MCQs   Which drug dec the plasma.renin activity Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 45 babloosapiens 
   Medical MCQs   Strychinine mainly acts at  6 52 PoornamNaveena 
   Medical MCQs   Blood samples for DNA fingerprinting is transported in  6 64 ingenuinedr 
   Medical MCQs   Epithelium lining of lingual surface of epiglottis is  5 28 infinity101 
   Medical MCQs   Match the folllowing  4 20 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Most cmn site for flobe rupture after trauma  4 40 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Not true about churg strauss syndrome is  4 33 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Insulin stimulated glucose uptake is by  4 22 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Plasma membrane of cell is bound to cytoskeleton by  4 18 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Adductor tubercle gives attachment to  4 17 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   AVN of head of femur is seen with which fracture  5 26 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   A herd immunity of more than____ % is considered necessary to prevent  3 36 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Tibial collateral ligament is formed by  4 29 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Where does posterior perforation of peptic ulcer drain  4 26 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Heme in hemoglobin is present in  4 44 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Maximum permitted level of fluoride in drinking water in india is  3 18 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Whartsons jelly is derieved from  3 34 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Hammans sign is positive in which emphysema  3 28 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Inclusion bodies of trachoma is stained with  3 27 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Contraception should be maintened following rubella vaccine for  3 21 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Fetal adrenal secrete predominantly which hormone  6 35 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Post anaesthetic shivering may increase metabolic rate by a factor of  2 52 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Which micro mineral potentiate the effect of insulin  5 54 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   RBCs are positive for  4 31 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Paalman and mcellin criteria is for which pregnancy  4 32 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Stain uaed for degenerated fungi in tissue  4 25 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Secretion of estrogen is maximum at  3 25 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Disaccharides are digested mostly in  3 25 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following uses phospholipase C as a messenger  3 18 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Co factor for carbonic anhydrase  3 15 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Most imp drug.implicated in causing secondary leukemia  3 29 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Trichome stain.is used for  3 23 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Emphysematous cholecystitis ,most cmnly caused by  3 22 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Schizonts are not seen in peripheral smear of  5 24 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Dundas grant apparatus used in  3 27 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Most cmn site of retinal detachment  3 38 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Boiled cabbage.or rancid butter smelling urine is found in  4 18 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Perivascular pseudorossetes are characteristic of  4 34 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Progesterone peaks on wat day of menstural cycle  3 26 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Uvula vesicae is due to which lobe of the prostrate gland  3 27 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Renshaw cells are inhibitory interneurons found in  4 21 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Characterstic of tertiary pinta  4 36 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Sclerotic bodies are found in  6 40 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Which drug inhibits the absorption of cholestol from intestine  5 45 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Howship romberg sign is a/w  4 42 andy3333 
   Medical MCQs   Ridge of passavants is found in  4 43 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Bile.pigment constitute wat % of total bile  4 74 laiba507 
   Medical MCQs   Base unstacking of DNA results in  2 30 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Strangulation without obstruction is seen in  2 15 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Biological membrane is most permeable to  2 15 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Detumescence of penis after ejaculation is due to  2 34 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Osseo cartilagenous junction.on the dorsum.of nose  2 9 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Wher is elctrode kept in cichlear implant  2 14 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Ossification in fetus starts at  2 11 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Learned helplessness is seen in  2 17 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Mononeuritis multiplex is seen in  2 17 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   The site at which 1,25 hydroxylation of vit D takes place in kidney  2 14 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Earliest symptom of lithium toxicity  2 13 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Last to putrify in males  2 10 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   On weight basis ,the membranes contains protein and lipid in the ratio of  2 9 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Pneumonia alba is seen in  2 20 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Sommers movements are a/w  2 10 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Ejaculatory duct opens into  2 8 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Chilotic line is line on  2 6 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Elevation.of fully adducted eye is done by  2 11 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   C3 def leads to  2 15 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following are both secreted and absorbed except  2 21 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Digeorge syndrome is associated with  3 32 KumarDebasish 
   Medical MCQs   Loss of emotion in speech is known as  2 12 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Urticaria pigmentosa is a disorder of  2 19 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   In complete cleft the hard palate is totally separated from  2 31 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Vitamin not deficient in. Celiac disease is  2 13 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Choose the wrong statement  2 23 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   In pregnancy induced hypertension,sudden vision loss is due to Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 113 Akashbatra1 
   AIPGE   Forgot my aipg password..help !  4 43 procaine123 
   MPPG   ? probable seat at your rank..  3 215 dyashita2013 
   Medical MCQs   Statement which is false is..  1 18 Scorpion_bite 
   Medical MCQs   Mcc of renal papillary necrosis ?  4 27 parthabhatta 
   Medical MCQs   Chediak higashi syndrome,false is Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 34 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Choose da false statement..  3 24 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Isoprostanes r formed frm arachidonic acid by  3 23 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following best reflects the highest level  3 21 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Alma ata declaration..?  5 24 drnabanitadas 
   Medical MCQs   No of barr bodies in superfemale.? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 32 sriprabha 
   Medical MCQs   Smallest human chromosome is.?  5 31 sriprabha 
   Medical MCQs   False statement is..?  1 12 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Most cmn site fr urethral ca in men is  2 15 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Septomarginal trabeculae are seen in  1 11 vaishali23 
   Medical MCQs   Regarding lungs false statement is .  1 10 sweetrimmi 
   Medical MCQs   Choose da false statement  3 20 umesharma 
   AFMS   I have a tatoo on rt forearm ..  4 95 umesharma 
   PrePG   Study partner for aipge 2013 Go directly to Last Post in the thread 316 15624 starter 
   Medical MCQs   Glossopharyngeal nerve develops from..  1 19 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Mcc of loose bodies in joints  5 50 jvk18 
   Medical MCQs   Mcc of acute epiglittitis. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 55 aaditya_aps 

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