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   Medical MCQs   Genetic conditions with increased risk of cancer are all except  2 36 somethingelse 
   Medical MCQs   In Diabetic retinopathy  2 55 ziprasidone 
   Medical MCQs   Pathogenic cryptococci differ  1 48 daaktar-babu 
   Kerala PG   Wrong keys Go directly to Last Post in the thread 291 10146 kulangara88 
   JIPMER   [sale]  1 36 busakid 
   AIIMS   50 percent list of AIIMS may 2015  5 297 Sushkulal 
   Kerala   Double MD/MS  0 32  
   MD Pharmacology   MD Pharmac Buddies of 2014..Lets Gather Here Go directly to Last Post in the thread 34 881 rockykolli 
   Medical MCQs   Early separation of kids from mother  3 117 jyotsna2014 
   Medical MCQs   Ketogenic diet and AED  1 39 criticaldoctor 
   MRCP   Respiratory MRCP  5 91 mini_88 
   AIPGE   Please help- How to download rank letter again  4 66 busakid 
   AIPGE   Choice filling started?  0 26  
   DNB CET   Double standard in Stipend Go directly to Last Post in the thread 22 671 akvith 
   Kerala PG   Link not working  2 26 busakid 
   Medical MCQs   What happens to heart rate in orthostatic hypotension?  2 25 drhnis 
   Medical MCQs   BMR is not affected by?  2 14 drhnis 
   Medical MCQs   All the following are the features of pneumococci except  4 31 mermaid7 
   Medical MCQs   Compliment level Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 80 kishan202122 
   Medical MCQs   30 year old man presenting with features of diplopia  6 47 soham05 
   Medical MCQs   Vomiting and hyperkalemia Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 61 mermaid7 
   Medical MCQs   Osteogenesis Imperfecta Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 59 gvdmedico 
   Medical MCQs   Fatty change is seen in WOF hepatitis  3 32 kishan202122 
   Medical MCQs   Commonest skin manifestation in HIV infected patients is  4 44 rims87 
   Medical MCQs   Pagets  3 30 busakid 
   Medical MCQs   Chemoreceptor  1 24 drmanas87 
   AIPGE   Dont refresh!  0 30  
   Medical MCQs   A 21 year old male presents with anemia and mild hepatosplenomegaly. His hemoglobin is 5 gm/dL history of single blood transfusion is presen  5 74 prasannavenkat 
   Medical MCQs   A 65 year old man presenting with complaints of chest pain fever, cough with sputum. O/E of sputum pus cells with gram positive cocci presen  1 16 abhaymalur 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is not intersex? a. klineflelter b. turner c. male pseudo hermaphodite d, female pseudo hermaphodite  5 41 neet_joe 
   Medical MCQs   How will you differentiate alpha hemolytic Gram positive cocci from other grampositive cocci A.optochin sensitivity B.Bile solubility C.Bac  1 38 svk7 
   Medical MCQs   Cardiogenic shock  3 53 drsagar89 
   Medical MCQs   No loss of genetic material occurs in a. Deletion b. Insertion c. Substitution d. Inversion  4 31 ash24n 
   Medical MCQs   True about epigastric hernia  6 46 drsagar89 
   Medical MCQs   Leprosy is not yet eradicated because A.long incubation period B.no effective vaccine Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 61 drsagar89 
   Medical MCQs   MC cause of post partum shock  6 39 doctor_b 
   Medical MCQs   A child presented with leaking menigiomyelocoele. Which of the following would be most appropriate for diagnosis? a. Wound swab and culture  6 49 sindhuj 
   Medical MCQs   What is the most probable diagnosis in a child with episodic anemia and jaundice who was not jaundiced at birth? A. G6PD deficiency B. Sickl  5 46 anu_6 
   Medical MCQs   A patient has recurrent joint pains and petechial hemorrhages. What is the diagnosis? A. Megakaryocytic thrombocytopenia B. Amegakaryocytic  6 46 ankaa 
   Medical MCQs   What is the most probable diagnosis in a child with short stature with low t4 and raised tsh and pituitary swelling A.primary hypothyroidis  3 23 busakid 
   Medical MCQs   Correct match of drug and its metabolic enzyme are all except? A. Digoxin p glycoprotein B. Simvastatin glucuronidation C. Verapamil   1 15 abhaymalur 
   Medical MCQs   Second primary tumor of head and neck is most commonly seen in malignancy of A.oral cavity B.larynx C.hypopharynx D.PNS  4 26 anu_6 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is the most prominent feature of IPSID A.malabsorption B.Diarrhea C.abdominal Pain  3 53 anu_6 
   Medical MCQs   Which jaw cyst is pre malignant A.radicular cyst B.odontogenic keratocyst C.Dentigerous cyst  5 30 indianrooney 
   Medical MCQs   Two patients presented with significant atherosclerosis. One has significant DM and other non diabetic.Incidence of which of the following w  3 23 anu_6 
   Medical MCQs   Umblical stump bleeding Go directly to Last Post in the thread 14 134 anu_6 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is helpful for the elimination of filariasis except? A.they multiply in humans B.Humans are the only reservoir C.lar  2 28 busakid 
   Medical MCQs   In 13 - 15 year old female child RDA of protein  1 24 ash24n 
   Medical MCQs   In pneumonia severity index, which is most important factor that carries highest weightage  5 25 Nathanpinto 
   Medical MCQs   Corticospinal injury is associated with all except  1 12 underground 
   Medical MCQs   Pathology of edema in nephrotic syndrome?  5 34 Nathanpinto 
   Kerala PG   Something fishy about the counseling!  1 423 mumthi 
   Medical MCQs   Snake bite Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 155 sathish2806 
   Kerala PG   Kerala 2012 pooled questions Go directly to Last Post in the thread 461 55118 sreesm 
   PrePG   Pls give link to last years 1 2 and extended counselling list  2 303 busakid 
   PrePG   The legendary controversial question of all times  3 371 savanth 
   Medical MCQs   Parotid duct  2 82 drsantosh85 
   Medical MCQs   Cardiac arrest  3 53 drsantosh85 
   Kerala PG   Hi  0 31  
   Medical MCQs   Pulm edema due to left heart failure  1 37 anavi 
   Medical MCQs   Ccb  5 37 chaitanya9285 
   Medical MCQs   Misoprostol  3 29 chaitanya9285 
   Medical MCQs   Copd  4 47 busakid 
   Medical MCQs   Extractable drug  1 22 chaitanya9285 
   Medical MCQs   Ectopic  6 67 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Inversion injury at ankle  2 46 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Vital capacity may not be increased in  3 29 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Ocp  4 59 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Clinical que  5 52 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   True in chronic renal failure  5 55 busakid 
   Medical MCQs   Arthritis is least associated with  1 19 ontherocks 
   Medical MCQs   Melanoma  1 23 jayanthi91 
   Medical MCQs   Tourniquet  1 17 jayanthi91 
   Medical MCQs   Pl  1 33 arunangshu 
   Medical MCQs   Hemorrhagic stroke  2 59 anavi 
   Medical MCQs   Mmr  2 42 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Venous ulcer  1 54 DAM912 
   Medical MCQs   Epileptogenic  5 46 busakid 
   Medical MCQs   Enteral nutrition  3 43 drderma 
   Medical MCQs   Morphine  1 16 drderma 
   Medical MCQs   Lithium  1 40 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Bac  2 41 chaitanya9285 
   Medical MCQs   Epo  3 57 chaitanya9285 
   Medical MCQs   Ladd band  5 66 mahendrakmt 
   Medical MCQs   Shoulder dislocation  2 43 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   T cell migration Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 64 busakid 
   Medical MCQs   Splenic artery aneurysm  1 66 DAM912 
   Medical MCQs   Talus  5 50 chaitanya9285 
   Medical MCQs   Mc site of fracture of mandible  4 84 drkoshy 
   Medical MCQs   Parotid tumour  6 91 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Fetal maturity  5 87 Dashing 
   Medical MCQs   Modern criteria for cataract operation Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 116 busakid 
   Medical MCQs   Violant fall  3 73 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   HyperTG  3 41 busakid 
   Medical MCQs   All are related to posterior surface of bladder except  4 79 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Retroperitoneal fibrosis  3 56 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Best advice given to a patient newly diagnosed type2 DM  3 72 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   PTH like substance is produced by which lung cancer  2 40 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Clinical features of rheumatic fever are all except  3 62 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Ideal Infanticidal poison  1 30 drkoshy 

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