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Threads by drsallurt  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   DNB OBG   Dont do DNB obg from West Bengal  4 31 docaadi 
   Palliative Medicine   MD or diploma in palliative medicine in India  1 4 Anjithkrishnan 
   Emergency Medicine Career   DM critical care or FRCEM the better option  2 42 Anaesvijay 
   MS Orthopaedics   Orthopedics vs general surgery  4 29 darshandev 
   PSM Career   MD community medicine Vs MPH  6 47 drsallurt 
   Aerospace Medicine   Aerospace medicine career  3 32 drsallurt 
   NEETSS   DM medical oncology after MD radiotherapy forum 2020  2 36 drsallurt 
   Nuclear Medicine Career   MD neuclear medicine Vs MD radiotherapy  3 50 drsallurt 
   DM Medical Oncology   DM medical oncology vs DM cardiology  5 56 drsallurt 
   Bailey   Bailey or other book written by Indian  2 8 drsallurt 
   MS ENT   MS ENT pros and cons  3 27 drsallurt 
   Family Medicine Career   Can a MD family medicine practise medicine OBG pradiatrics  2 14 drsallurt 
   Park   Park community medicine book is a Bible in CM  2 7 drsallurt 
   DNB Nuclear Medicine   Regarding DNB nuclear medicine Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 66 drsallurt 
   Sports Medicine   MCI must start a new phone course MS trauma and sports surgery  1 5 drsallurt 
   Medical MCQs   Spina ventosa and soutters release  2 40 grandmaster 
   DNB Radiotherapy   Why DNB medical oncology course is not available at CNCI Kolkata.  0 2  
   PGIMER   MD radiotherapy Vs MD medicine the better option  2 28 drsallurt 
   DM Clinical Pharmacology   DM clinical pharmacology prospect  3 16 drsallurt 
   Davidson   Davidson s very good book for ug  4 14 drsallurt 
   DNB Neurosurgery   Neurosurgery prospects  4 37 santy333 
   MD Physiology   Why some MBBS are doing MD physiology  3 17 drsallurt 
   DNB Surgery   DNB general surgery in West Bengal is very very bad  0 14  
   Pune   I want to know about surgeon Sandip samugam radiotherapy center name at pune  1 5 drsallurt 
   DM Child Psychiatry   DM child phychiatry prospects  2 15 drsallurt 
   Medical MCQs   Most common intamedullaryl spinal tumor?  2 9 drsripvs 
   Medical MCQs   Best treatment of cT! N0 M0 rectal carcinoma  2 8 drsripvs 
   MS ENT   MS ENT Vs MD general surgery  2 20 drsallurt 
   DNB Radiotherapy   For MD radiotherapy West Bengal is not a better option  2 16 drsallurt 
   DNB Radiology   DNB radiology how much was the passing rate in 2019  1 18 hirachandani 
   PSM Career   MD in CM pros and cons in 2020  0 19  
   KDT   Devita or cancer medicine  1 10 drsallurt 
   DCP Pathology   DCP-future prospects  3 28 doctorinamess 
   DM Medical Oncology   Mutation and CA  1 11 drsallurt 
   Medical MCQs   Ovarian cancer and lymph node metastasis  1 12 hafiez895 
   KGMC Lucknow   DM medical oncology at kgmc  0 5  
   Pune   Give me the list of private radiotherapy centere at pune  0 0  
   DNB Surgical Oncology   Surgical medical or radiation oncology is still in a infant stage at West Bengal  1 98 drsallurt 
   MD Biochemistry   DM endocrinology after MD biochemistry is it justifiable  0 5  
   MD Biochemistry   DM endocrinology after MD biochemistry is it justifiable  0 2  
   MS Orthopaedics   New MCh course must start after MS orthopaedic surgery by MCI  0 11  
   DM Medical Oncology   MD radiotherapy,DM medical oncology canI practice both  0 9  
   Qatar   MD radiation oncology job outsourcing at qutar  0 17  
   MD Radiotherapy   Out sourcing of radiation oncology treatment planning in Europe and US  0 6  
   MPH   MPH in distance mode is this beneficial  0 9  
   RIMS Ranchi   Mch neurosurgery at riims ranchi  0 2  
   DM Medical Oncology   DM medical oncology pros and cons  0 13  
   Transfusion Medicine   Who is legally capable to do BMT at india  0 7  
   Transfusion Medicine   MD lab medicine and Md transfusion medicine scope and difference  0 6  
   DNB Anaesthesia   DNB anesthesiology or DNB ENT beat option to do  2 35 drsallurt 
   MPH   MPH vs MD community medicine  3 32 drsallurt 
   Radiation Oncology   How you do well in radiation oncology career  0 14  
   Ophthalmology Career   MS ophthalmology or MS ENT choose the best  0 15  
   DGO   How you choose your speciality  0 1  
   DGO   DGO Vs DCH find the better option  0 7  
   DNB Nuclear Medicine   MD/DNB neuclear medicine prospects and carrier  0 21  
   DNB Surgical Oncology   DNB surgical oncology in Chittaranjan cancer institute Kolkata  0 321  
   MPH   Distance or online MPH  0 5  
   DNB Radiotherapy   Radiotherapy in govt medical college of Kolkata  0 8  
   Canada   What is the process of speciality at canada for a indian degree holder doctor?  2 100 baileyclarke 
   Syria   Syria doctor job  0 7  
   KLE PGAIET   Dgo vs dmrd  0 3  
   Oral Pathology   BDS as a carrier now a days  0 4  
   Radiation Oncology   Tips for FRCR clinical oncology aspirants  0 13  
   Medicine Career   Reservation policy  0 1  
   Oral Pathology   MDS community dentistry  0 5  
   DM Medical Oncology   DM medical oncology --no seat at West Bengal  0 6  
   DNB Radiotherapy   DNB radiotherapy in Kolkata  0 5  
   Medical MCQs   How you confirm thyroid origin of metastatic carcinoma  1 3 Nikhilrox98 
   Medical MCQs   Mabs in oncology  1 42 Nikhilrox98 
   DNB PMR   DNB PMR in sambhunath pondit hospital, Kolkata  0 7  
   DNB Radiotherapy   DNB radiotherapy in Chittaranjan national cancer institute, Kolkata  1 12 drsallurt 
   Pediatric Surgery   Mch pediatric surgery  0 11  
   Medical MCQs   What is Orphan drug  3 23 drharishs1985 
   Medical MCQs   Chi square test  1 15 Sitharap 
   MS Orthopaedics   Orthopedics vs general surgery  0 4  
   Ireland   MRCP medicine or MRCOG Ireland  0 38  
   DNB Radiotherapy   DNB radiotherapy in some institute and hospitals  0 22  
   Medical MCQs   What is prudent diet?  1 11 Vasuafmc 
   DNB Family Medicine   Family medicine Vs internal medicine  0 36  
   NEETPG   Effects of artificial intelligence on radiologist  0 44  
   DNB Radiotherapy   MD radiotherapy vs MS ENT  0 11  
   DNB Radiotherapy   Which one is better option MS entire or MD radiotherapy?  0 9  
   DNB Hospital Administration   After doing MBBS,Try to be a clinician not a hospital administratior.  0 16  
   DNB Radiotherapy   The name MD radiotherapy has to be change as early as possible by MCI  0 9  
   DNB Radiotherapy   Md radiotherapy may be a basic qualification to get into mch surgical onco or Dm medical oncology  0 19  
   NEETSS   Subject-whether the MD radiotherapy name required to change? Are MD Radiotherapy is prior requirement qulification for MCH SURGICAL ONCOLOG  2 72 Drdoyle 

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