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Threads by drsallurt  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   NEETSS   DM medical oncology after MD radiotherapy forum 2020 Go directly to Last Post in the thread 83 1694 adsharmatmh 
   MD Biochemistry   DM endocrinology after MD biochemistry is it justifiable  2 25 9048026725 
   DM Medical Oncology   DM medical oncology pros and cons  1 158 P4november 
   Emergency Medicine Career   DM critical care or FRCEM the better option  3 166 Dhan350 
   MS Ophthalmology   DIploma in opthalmology  0 4  
   DNB Radiotherapy   For MD radiotherapy West Bengal is not a better option  5 42 allblueheartonco 
   Nuclear Medicine Career   MD neuclear medicine Vs MD radiotherapy  6 120 allblueheartonco 
   DNB Surgery   What are the best institutes for DNB surgery Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 73 ravi1602 
   Transfusion Medicine   MD lab medicine and Md transfusion medicine scope and difference  1 29 raj93 
   DCP Pathology   DCP-future prospects  4 45 ashutoshs 
   MS Orthopaedics   Orthopedics vs general surgery Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 104 Doc4795 
   Medicine Career   Reservation policy  1 3 Priyaseth 
   DNB Radiotherapy   DNB radiotherapy in Kolkata  3 27 Godisajoke 
   MD Physiology   Why some MBBS are doing MD physiology  6 60 sujaym 
   PSM Career   MD community medicine Vs MPH Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 127 stradonitz 
   MS ENT   MS ENT pros and cons  6 89 drsallurt 
   Andhra   Management MS general surgery seat in telengana or Hyderabad 2020 pakage  0 10  
   DNB Family Medicine   Family medicine Vs internal medicine  4 130 Drtapi 
   Medical MCQs   What is Orphan drug  4 34 drsripvs 
   Medical MCQs   Ovarian cancer and lymph node metastasis  2 17 drsripvs 
   Bailey   Bailey or other book written by Indian  5 34 drsallurt 
   Bailey   Atlas for surgery  0 5  
   DNB Hospital Administration   After doing MBBS,Try to be a clinician not a hospital administratior.  2 49 drsallurt 
   DNB Psychiatry   DNB seat matrices 2020  1 8 drsallurt 
   Radiation Oncology   MD radiotherapy---a ossum carrier  0 30  
   DNB OBG   Dont do DNB obg from West Bengal  5 88 msg 
   MS Ophthalmology   MS Opthalomology or MS ENT best carrier  0 10  
   DNB Neurosurgery   Neurosurgery prospects Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 144 drsallurt 
   DNB Surgical Oncology   Surgical medical or radiation oncology is still in a infant stage at West Bengal  2 617 drsallurt 
   Davidson   Davidson s very good book for ug  5 20 drsallurt 
   DNB Anaesthesia   DNB anesthesiology or DNB ENT beat option to do  5 81 drsallurt 
   MD Immunohematology   Immunohaematology scope  0 4  
   Palliative Medicine   MD or diploma in palliative medicine in India  2 20 drsallurt 
   PGIMER   MD radiotherapy Vs MD medicine the better option  3 59 charru06 
   Aerospace Medicine   Aerospace medicine career  4 57 enigma31186 
   MD Biochemistry   DM endocrinology after MD biochemistry is it justifiable  1 42 drsallurt 
   DM Medical Oncology   DM medical oncology vs DM cardiology  5 187 drsallurt 
   Family Medicine Career   Can a MD family medicine practise medicine OBG pradiatrics  2 32 drsallurt 
   Park   Park community medicine book is a Bible in CM  2 9 drsallurt 
   DNB Nuclear Medicine   Regarding DNB nuclear medicine Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 124 drsallurt 
   Sports Medicine   MCI must start a new phone course MS trauma and sports surgery  1 14 drsallurt 
   Medical MCQs   Spina ventosa and soutters release  2 42 grandmaster 
   DNB Radiotherapy   Why DNB medical oncology course is not available at CNCI Kolkata.  0 9  
   DM Clinical Pharmacology   DM clinical pharmacology prospect  3 70 drsallurt 
   DNB Surgery   DNB general surgery in West Bengal is very very bad  0 35  
   Pune   I want to know about surgeon Sandip samugam radiotherapy center name at pune  1 7 drsallurt 
   DM Child Psychiatry   DM child phychiatry prospects  2 38 drsallurt 
   Medical MCQs   Most common intamedullaryl spinal tumor?  2 13 drsripvs 
   Medical MCQs   Best treatment of cT! N0 M0 rectal carcinoma  2 8 drsripvs 
   MS ENT   MS ENT Vs MD general surgery  2 33 drsallurt 
   DNB Radiology   DNB radiology how much was the passing rate in 2019  1 53 hirachandani 
   PSM Career   MD in CM pros and cons in 2020  0 70  
   KDT   Devita or cancer medicine  1 15 drsallurt 
   DM Medical Oncology   Mutation and CA  1 37 drsallurt 
   KGMC Lucknow   DM medical oncology at kgmc  0 45  
   Pune   Give me the list of private radiotherapy centere at pune  0 1  
   MS Orthopaedics   New MCh course must start after MS orthopaedic surgery by MCI  0 48  
   DM Medical Oncology   MD radiotherapy,DM medical oncology canI practice both  0 54  
   Qatar   MD radiation oncology job outsourcing at qutar  0 35  
   MD Radiotherapy   Out sourcing of radiation oncology treatment planning in Europe and US  0 18  
   MPH   MPH in distance mode is this beneficial  0 12  
   RIMS Ranchi   Mch neurosurgery at riims ranchi  0 26  
   Transfusion Medicine   Who is legally capable to do BMT at india  0 17  
   MPH   MPH vs MD community medicine  3 35 drsallurt 
   Radiation Oncology   How you do well in radiation oncology career  0 25  
   Ophthalmology Career   MS ophthalmology or MS ENT choose the best  0 30  
   DGO   How you choose your speciality  0 1  
   DGO   DGO Vs DCH find the better option  0 19  
   DNB Nuclear Medicine   MD/DNB neuclear medicine prospects and carrier  0 27  
   DNB Surgical Oncology   DNB surgical oncology in Chittaranjan cancer institute Kolkata  0 623  
   MPH   Distance or online MPH  0 8  
   DNB Radiotherapy   Radiotherapy in govt medical college of Kolkata  0 11  
   Canada   What is the process of speciality at canada for a indian degree holder doctor?  2 124 baileyclarke 
   Syria   Syria doctor job  0 10  
   KLE PGAIET   Dgo vs dmrd  0 4  
   Oral Pathology   BDS as a carrier now a days  0 6  
   Radiation Oncology   Tips for FRCR clinical oncology aspirants  0 43  
   Oral Pathology   MDS community dentistry  0 5  
   DM Medical Oncology   DM medical oncology --no seat at West Bengal  0 24  
   Medical MCQs   How you confirm thyroid origin of metastatic carcinoma  1 6 Nikhilrox98 
   Medical MCQs   Mabs in oncology  1 45 Nikhilrox98 
   DNB PMR   DNB PMR in sambhunath pondit hospital, Kolkata  0 10  
   DNB Radiotherapy   DNB radiotherapy in Chittaranjan national cancer institute, Kolkata  1 26 drsallurt 
   Pediatric Surgery   Mch pediatric surgery  0 42  
   Medical MCQs   Chi square test  1 19 Sitharap 
   MS Orthopaedics   Orthopedics vs general surgery  0 13  
   Ireland   MRCP medicine or MRCOG Ireland  0 56  
   DNB Radiotherapy   DNB radiotherapy in some institute and hospitals  0 49  
   Medical MCQs   What is prudent diet?  1 16 Vasuafmc 
   NEETPG   Effects of artificial intelligence on radiologist  0 44  
   DNB Radiotherapy   MD radiotherapy vs MS ENT  0 27  
   DNB Radiotherapy   Which one is better option MS entire or MD radiotherapy?  0 23  
   DNB Radiotherapy   The name MD radiotherapy has to be change as early as possible by MCI  0 17  
   DNB Radiotherapy   Md radiotherapy may be a basic qualification to get into mch surgical onco or Dm medical oncology  0 40  
   NEETSS   Subject-whether the MD radiotherapy name required to change? Are MD Radiotherapy is prior requirement qulification for MCH SURGICAL ONCOLOG  2 78 Drdoyle 

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