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   Medical MCQs   Q. Defect of conation is typically seen in  3 229 drsunnyanand007 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Pellagra like dermatitis occurs in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 363 arunachaithanya 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Bleomycin causes the following in lungs Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 587 sabbu 
   Medical MCQs   Q. A lesion of the optic radiation involving the Meyer's loop causes  3 205 sureshh567 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Most commonly Pancreatic pseudoaneurysm involves which arteries  6 428 7192971 
   Medical MCQs   Q. HLA matching is not necessary in which of the following organ transplantation  5 286 thalassemia 
   Medical MCQs   Q. The scale which has a meaningful Zero is  3 196 Drtyrant 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Fine reticulate pigmentation with palmar pitting is seen in? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 804 Drtyrant 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Vestibular schwannoma arises most frequently from Go directly to Last Post in the thread 15 1099 Zigma 
   Medical MCQs   Q. An operated case of varicose veins has a recurrence rate of  5 333 abhi_workaholic 
   Medical MCQs   Q. An abdominal mass palpable in an asymptomatic neonate is not likely to be Go directly to Last Post in the thread 22 849 proudmbbs 
   Medical MCQs   Q. A pt presents with bleeding from the ear,pain tinnitus and progressive deafne Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 324 mrshahid07 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Rinne's test is negative, if deafness is:  6 400 mrshahid07 
   Medical MCQs   Q. a person hving chest pain nd sudden palpitations with heart rate regular 150/ Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 550 mrshahid07 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Metalistic calcification is most commonly seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 343 mrshahid07 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Rotavirus is diagnosed by  5 256 mrshahid07 
   Medical MCQs   Q. In hyperventilation  5 158 mrshahid07 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Primary structrure deformity of an organ is called as  4 147 mrshahid07 
   Medical MCQs   Q. The most common etiological agent for acute bronchitis in infancy  3 205 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Sphincter of oddi has Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 320 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which of the following relfex if it returns without other reflexes returning  4 195 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Latex agglutination in CSF for Antigen is done in  4 220 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Pneumonococcal Vaccine is indicated in all except Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 375 brr872002 
   NEETPG   CET 2012 almost confirmed and will be online Go directly to Last Post in the thread 160 14116 yogendra 
   Medical MCQs   Q. The axillary vein is formed by union of  6 370 aravindh 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Each one of the following is a feature of pseudohypoparthyroidism, except Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 257 13chandan 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Histoid Hansens is a variety of  4 218 13chandan 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which of the following is not a component of the crush syndrome  5 221 13chandan 
   Medical MCQs   Q. what drug will you use for prophalaxis of toxoplasmosis in a patient ALLERGIC  4 166 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Bacteria that can cause meningitis are all except  5 274 yuna 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Drug used in Cysticercosis are all, except  2 95 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. After laparoscopic cholecystectomy specimen sent for histopathology shows ca  1 123 brr872002 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Vaccination against small pox is still recommended in persons who are in cont  2 96 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Bleomycin causes the following in lungs  2 158 brr872002 
   Medical MCQs   Q. A 63- year old man presented with massive spienomegaly, lymphadenopathy and a  4 136 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Drug of choice in OCD is  3 137 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Drug of choice for cutaneous larva migrans is  3 150 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Mallory body is a  4 184 yuna 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which type of RNA has the highest percentage of modified base  5 225 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Commonest site of primary carcinoma in a case of Krukenberg Ovarian tumour is  2 155 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Best Index to assess recent fertility pattern is  5 226 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. True about lesion of inferior frontal gyrus lesions is  2 153 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Drug which increase the activity of oral contraceptives is  4 202 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which is true of trophozoites of E.histolytica  2 126 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Phenylketonuria (PKU) causes severe Mental retardation if not detected early. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 355 Sunil2020 
   Medical MCQs   Q. As per WHO guidelines Iodine deficiency disorders are endemic in a community  6 231 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. All are included in the Nominal Scale except  6 227 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Organisation involved in World disease eradictaion  4 189 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Water Requirement per day per head is  6 160 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Farmer's lung is due to inhalation of  3 130 drshailesh88 
   Medical MCQs   Q. IQ below what is considered as Mental Retrardation  3 113 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. In India Death registrationj is done within  4 170 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Dose of DDT for effective control of Mosquitoes is  2 135 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Residual Chloride in Chlorination of water should be  2 135 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. The prescribed chloride content of drinking waterr should be below  2 80 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. PERT is based on  2 114 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   UNICEF provides all servives except  2 93 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Small for date baby is  2 94 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. The centre of ossification appears in the lower end of femur by  2 150 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. The highest calories is in  1 61 keerthy 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Regular monitorings, analysis and review of a programme is  2 74 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which of the following is not a feature of systemic JRA?  3 123 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Inferior turbinate is Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 216 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q.The following is not seen in mitral valve prolapse  4 129 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Treatment of choice in cold nodule of thyroid  4 182 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Decreased maximum mid expiratory flow rate indicate obstruction in  2 189 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. All the following are correct about Paget's Disease of the Breast Except  3 223 brr872002 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Drug of choice for Epilepsy in a Pregnant lady is  3 152 Aleph2011 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Learn them for Extra edge ?  1 79 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. On electron microscopy, which of the following can be characteristically diag  1 205 harshitbhachech 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Ig-G in dermis of skin not seen in  3 153 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. A patient presented with red coloured urine after 2 days of h/o severe exerti  3 183 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which amino acid does not take part in one carbon transfer reaction  2 172 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Yellow Fever certificate of vaccination is valid for  2 157 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Concept of Web of causation was proposed by  3 272 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Organisms causing Emphysematous Cholecystitis  4 197 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Most common organism causing Cellulitis in Lymphedema is:  3 266 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Facial paralysis in Zoster ophthalmicus is referred to as:  2 94 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. All of the following are true about Rheumatoid arthritis except  3 191 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. A 61yr old man, who smokes five packs of cigarettes per day and has hypertens  2 95 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which of the following pathway is most correctly considered to be Amphibolic  2 117 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which of the following is associated with cystic hygroma  4 203 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. A patient with cheek cancer has a tumor of 2.3 cm located close to and involv  2 123 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which of the following can be converted to the intermediate of either the cit  2 93 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Patients who undergo extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy are at increased r  2 119 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Each one of the following features is seen in phenylketonuria, except  2 102 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. The most common site of internal opening of a branchial fistula is at the  2 172 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Downbeat nystagmus is characteristic of  2 108 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which one of the following is the most common site of Berry aneurysm  3 189 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. LEIGH disease is due to the accumulation of  3 157 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Which one of the following is least likely to cause hypernatraemia  2 108 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Essential atrophy of choroid is due to inborn error of metabolism of amino ac  2 137 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Typhoid bacillus survives for the longest period in one the following substan  2 100 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. After 4 weeks of Head trauma, patient presents with features of irritability  2 131 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. The most effective way to prevent pain on injection of propofol in an adults  2 120 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. In high risk population HCC (Hepatocellular carcinomal) is best detected by:  2 107 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Drug of therapeutic benefits in Schizophrenia is  2 94 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. The proximal convoluted tubules  3 146 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Resolution of Inflammation is caused by  1 95 brr872002 
   Medical MCQs   Q4.What is the diagnosis  4 187 DR_P_A_KUMAR 

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