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Threads by eagle35  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   Medical MCQs   Mc variant of Lung ca? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 67 Nimhans1 
   CMC Ludhiana   Final merit list.when is it expected? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 78 2191 bharathsy 
   Medical MCQs   Polyhydraminos criteria Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 93 robinhood7 
   Medical MCQs   Rh incompatibility diagnosed with?  5 76 tutulsuvro 
   Medical MCQs   Most common vertex presentation - Go directly to Last Post in the thread 12 112 seshasai61 
   Medical MCQs   Cupola sign seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 92 DrDRP 
   Medical MCQs   Difference between Canon a waves and Tall a waves?  3 72 geethanjalee 
   Punjab PG   MCI rejects Faridkot college’s demand for more PG seats!  3 140 eagle35 
   DNB Ortho   Pass percentage in good colleges? ?  0 127  
   MAHE   How many Correct Questions will fetch a clinical seat at manipal? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 1400 chi_anki 
   Medical MCQs   In HIV AIDS pt.which part of brain DOESN'T atrophy? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 74 hmt12345 
   Medical MCQs   Oligozospermia defined as count-  2 35 sajihussain 
   Medical MCQs   Which organ is most commonly damaged in seat belt injury?  3 44 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Rx of Puberophonia  2 58 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Ideal age for  2 28 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Impairment of hearing criteria  1 15 aneeshkp22 
   Medical MCQs   Vasculitis associated with Hep B infection?  1 14 bmondal 
   Medical MCQs   Which insecticide is used for mosquito nets? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 72 DrDRP 
   Medical MCQs   Most common vessel used in CABG?  2 24 DrDRP 
   Medical MCQs   Kobener's phenomenon is seen in?  5 49 DrDRP 
   Medical MCQs   Body Indices  2 26 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Additional protien requirement for lactating women ?  5 41 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Example of coagulative necrosis?  3 39 DrDRP 
   Medical MCQs   Chrinic graft rejection of kidney is due to-  4 40 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Psammoma bodies are found in all EXCEPT-  2 25 DrDRP 
   Medical MCQs   Sterile pyuria is seen in? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 39 tweesilshine 
   Medical MCQs   Fern test positive indicates  6 39 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Most potent weapon of bioterrorism? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 61 edu123 
   DNB CET   DNB results on 15th Jan - according to NBE twitter guy! Go directly to Last Post in the thread 48 3638 anilchauham 
   Medical MCQs   What is the source of increased androgens in PCOS/ PCOD?  6 62 DrDRP 
   Medical MCQs   Diagnose - 20 yr female with uterus and vagina well formed , no breast development , no pubic hair and no menses till date.  3 37 swetha1605 
   Medical MCQs   Vision 2020 - Indian version includes all EXCEPT-  1 27 MedicalAngel 
   Medical MCQs   ESI program does not include-  2 26 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Mass chemo prophylaxis used for trachoma in children is an example of - Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 103 anudoc89 
   Medical MCQs   Next step in suspected urethral rupture? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 86 inspiron 
   Medical MCQs   Annular Pancreas treatment - Go directly to Last Post in the thread 17 222 drharshiltrivedi 
   Medical MCQs   Hydraulic ratio at tympanic membrane ?  5 44 kavi41084 
   Medical MCQs   Cytokine involved in granuloma formation- Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 91 kavi41084 
   Medical MCQs   Hair cycle - % of hair in telogen phase?  5 59 kavi41084 
   Medical MCQs   Most common site of retinal tear?  5 61 kavi41084 
   Medical MCQs   Carcinoid tumour location?  6 58 josekj1987 
   Medical MCQs   CSF drainage pathway Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 64 josekj1987 
   Medical MCQs   Post splenectomy complication -  2 32 ajaymd 
   Medical MCQs   Edema of nephrotic syndrome is primarily due to - Go directly to Last Post in the thread 19 233 lipzroks 
   Medical MCQs   DOC for uncomplicated Lyme's ds ?  2 34 ajaymd 
   Medical MCQs   Most common organism isolated from Spontaneous bac peritonitis (SBP) ?  6 66 drjvp 
   Medical MCQs   Choice of irrigation fluid to be used in Prostate resection?  2 27 drjvp 
   Medical MCQs   Phossy jaw -  5 47 Taajmmn 
   Medical MCQs   Currently MC organism implicated in Epiglottitis ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 122 drjvp 
   Medical MCQs   Communicable ds terminology -  3 32 elyse 
   Medical MCQs   Treatment of choice for major depression in 2nd trimester pregnant women ?  4 77 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Symptomatic uterine enlargement Dx -  2 25 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   GLUT transporters -  3 40 medstudent15594 
   Medical MCQs   Extra-articular manifestation of ankylosing spondylosis ?  2 24 justgracy 
   Medical MCQs   Supraduodenal bile duct arterial supply?  4 32 docfahdpatel 
   Medical MCQs   Gold standard for gallstones Dx? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 64 docfahdpatel 
   Medical MCQs   Non union fracture neck femur criteria-  5 39 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   LDL particle ligand ?  3 28 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Latent infection NOT seen in-  4 55 kittykidd 
   Medical MCQs   Donor of glucose in glycogen production?  3 47 dr_vittal 
   Medical MCQs   IOC in suspected Aortic dissection in stable patient? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 77 docfahdpatel 
   Medical MCQs   Systemic steroids are preferred treatment for all except?  3 17 drchandu 
   Harrison   Which combination is better for AIPGE - MK+Kalam Or MK+AA? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 23 1078 anitharaju91 
   Medical MCQs   Inabilty to shrug shoulder - Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 73 justgracy 
   Medical MCQs   Crystalline milaria  2 19 bhpn17 
   Medical MCQs   Earliest sign characterstic of anterior uveitis? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 15 104 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   True about Recurrent laryngeal nerve is? (multiple correct)  5 42 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Treatment of Guttate psoriasis ?  3 33 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Lamellar keratoplasty is contra-indicated in treatment of ?  4 42 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Reaction from DTP Vaccine.  4 38 bhavesh6 
   Medical MCQs   Highest chances of fetal loss are seen with which diagnostic procedure - Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 79 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Ophthalmic exam for diagnosis of ROP is done at ?  2 23 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Keratoderma blennorrhagicum is skin lesion seen in  3 16 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   What is the initial IOC in Ankylosing spondylitis?  1 16 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Epinephrine + LA  4 43 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   ALP is elevated in all EXCEPT-  3 34 soham05 
   Medical MCQs   Which anti glaucoma drug acts by decreasing production of aqueous ?  2 22 soham05 
   Medical MCQs   Most sensitive method of detecting DCIS?  1 10 rahulst 
   Medical MCQs   Which procedure can be used in first trimester for karyotyping of fetus?  2 22 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Un-immunized child Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 56 tvrgpal 
   Medical MCQs   What is the best screening test for hearing loss in infant-  4 24 drkarthiknrao 
   Medical MCQs   All are true about Class 1 MHC EXCEPT-  3 38 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Ocular toxoplasmosis can present as - (multiple options)  2 28 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Radiation exposure  6 62 sudhantm 
   Medical MCQs   All are used in congenital dislocation hip (CDH) treatment EXCEPT-  1 15 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Indication of Penta-Gastrin stimulation test? (mutiple options)  1 33 ashish6076 
   Medical MCQs   All are true about cervical vertebra EXCEPT-  4 28 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   All nerves can undergo entrapment syndrome EXCEPT -  3 42 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   In Shoulder abduction humerus : scapula motion is -  2 20 madhuembbs 
   Medical MCQs   Pneumococcal vaccine  6 44 nathang 
   Medical MCQs   Endocrinopathies in anorexia nervosa? (Multiple options correct)  2 23 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Most common tumor of spinal cord?  1 22 ashish6076 
   Medical MCQs   Developmental age  5 35 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   What is the developmental age of the child-  3 28 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   At what age can a child sit without support ?  1 18 adithyan 
   Medical MCQs   What is the critical dose defined for Acute radiation syndrome ?  2 38 eagle35 
   Medical MCQs   Mutiple myeloma  3 18 ashish6076 
   Medical MCQs   Blood parameter that decreases in pregnancy ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 76 irisbrown 
   Medical MCQs   Estrogen types - incorrect statement  6 46 padmapriyageetha 
   Medical MCQs   Diagnose the Brain tumor .  3 33 eagle35 

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