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   Medical MCQs   Bone marrow transplantation is not indicated in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 14 129 peter_123 
   Medical MCQs   Cardioprotective fatty acid is  3 37 bindoc 
   Medical MCQs   Fate of thrombus may be ? except....  5 41 anastomosis12 
   Medical MCQs   All are true about Xanthogranulomatous inflammation except  2 37 subhadeep210190 
   Medical MCQs   All are seen in Brown sequard syndrome except  1 24 moon3107 
   Medical MCQs   For PCR which of the following is not required  2 32 dctrsameer 
   Medical MCQs   Contraindication for medical management of Gall stones  1 26 moon3107 
   Medical MCQs   HbH (Hemoglobin H disease) is associated with  1 27 moon3107 
   Medical MCQs   Which test is performed to detect reversible myocardial ischemia  1 23 moon3107 
   Medical MCQs   A patient met with a road traffic accident and suffered injury to left knee. Dial test was positive. What could be the cause  2 31 moon3107 
   Medical MCQs   Fever blisters can occur due to  1 16 moon3107 
   Medical MCQs   Active partner in lesbianism is called as  3 30 moon3107 
   Medical MCQs   Women with infertility and bilateral cornual block on HSG. Best management is  2 31 moon3107 
   Medical MCQs   The major lipoprotein source of the cholesterol used in cells is  2 30 dctrsameer 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following disorders or symptoms are typical of cobalamin deficiency?  1 16 dctrsameer 
   Medical MCQs   Nociceptors  1 36 dctrsameer 
   Medical MCQs   Dilator pupillae is supplied by  2 29 sowbarnika 
   Medical MCQs   Ideal place to record body temperature in dead body is  1 27 Nani81 
   Medical MCQs   Which one act as a second messenger  1 13 Tarunskmch 
   Medical MCQs   Area of brain most commonly undergoing atrophy in Alzheimer's disease  5 54 vijucnmc 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following maneuvers are used in shoulder dystocia except  1 9 keerthi23 
   Medical MCQs   The subcellular site of the breakdown of long chain fatty acids to acetyl-CoA via beta oxidation is  1 14 abhilash24 

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