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Preparing for: AIPGE 2013
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   Nelson   Which 1 is best to read?iap textbuk or nelson in paedia? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 78 1845 drharishs1985 
   NEETPG   Bjmc pune  1 109 pankaj_choudhary 
   NEETPG   If i join 2nd round nd wl do choice filling for next round..if i wnt get any upgradation then i have to continue college alloted in 2nd??  2 56 drharshilgandhi 
   NEETPG   Bjmc pune  0 32  
   Medical MCQs   Surgery-pancreatitis  2 183 karnidandeval 
   AIIMS   Abt gettng addmsn in aiims  1 118 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Surgery-blind loop syndrome  5 359 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Drugs causing methylation of hemoglobin?  2 237 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Poisoning  2 149 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Genetics  3 154 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Genetics  1 117 Thequest 
   Medical MCQs   Gynec query-abt fibroid  1 139 pankaj69 
   Medical MCQs   Kerley line types?seen in which conditns?  4 194 13chandan 
   Medical MCQs   Gync-endometriosis  1 104 anuj1940 
   Medical MCQs   Gync-menorrhagia  2 155 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Pulmonary oligemia etiology? nd most common cause?  5 369 jogasrarx 
   Medical MCQs   Hair on end appearance in skull in thallessemia nd in sickle cel anemia.. any other with  4 291 drsudeeps 
   Medical MCQs   Bronchorrhea?etiology?  4 140 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Points to d-d of thalessemia nd irn deficiency anemia?  3 156 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Radio-femoral delay- a-coarctn aorta b-pregnancy c-ht d-all above  2 351 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   VSD most commonly isolated or with other congenital abnormality?if con.abnrmality then wit  2 119 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   D-d of water bottle configuration on xray?other than p.effusion?  3 178 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Asd most common with? any drug rx avaivable?  2 102 kidney99 
   Medical MCQs   Most common cause of rupture of uterus? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 291 ligament 
   Medical MCQs   In renal ht most common cause-atheroschlerosis of renal artry?m i rt?  1 68 ligament 
   Medical MCQs   Tripple deformity of knee?  2 283 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Any need to remember white classifctn in dm pregnancy?  2 182 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   All type of nephropathy causing gout?  2 122 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Any need to remember singh index in ortho?  2 264 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   What is SCHIVORA? Hint-ortho  1 107 drnirrag 
   Medical MCQs   Any drug treatment avaivable for lymphoedema other than flavinoids?  3 145 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Barium enema used therapeuticaly in intusuceptn? cn it used in any other?  1 71 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   In fallots tetrad--what x ray appearance of heart called other than boot shaped heart?  1 92 7346 
   Medical MCQs   Brower nd lund chart for assmnt of burn patnt usd?is there need 2 remember?  1 63 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Rule of 2 in meckles diverticulum? embryo  2 77 13chandan 
   Medical MCQs   At which rank in all india i wl get addmsn in medicine?which coleg is the best?  1 102 DR_P_A_KUMAR 
   Medical MCQs   Is thyroglossal fistula always aquired?  1 40 drharshilgandhi 
   Medical MCQs   Diabetec ketoacidosis which is correct? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 244 brr872002 

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