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Threads by dookudu  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   Medical MCQs   Hyperplasia  3 50 Abhinayam 
   Medical MCQs   Area resistant to neurofibrillary tangles-plz textbook reference ?  3 89 RAMIMBBS 
   PG Notes   MRI findings in meningioma, schwanoma & cavernous hemangiomas  4 174 Shaileshmgm 
   Medical MCQs   Incorrect  1 26 karanbjmc93 
   Medical MCQs   Patient had cicatrical alopecia with grey pigmentation around hair follicles. What will you do?  1 46 spinz111 
   Medical MCQs   Slow migrating aminoacid?  1 44 nonusa 
   Medical MCQs   Enzyme deficiency w/o photoporphyria  2 47 drkamala12 
   Medical MCQs   Benign hypertension cause A/E?  2 17 tanushreem 
   Medical MCQs   In which of the following condition, heterochromia is seen  1 19 aparimitpandey 
   Medical MCQs   30yr womanwith primary infertility and mass  2 49 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Phenytoin side effect  2 43 harshaav3 
   DNB Medicine   Railway hospitals  1 188 deveshjia 
   DNB CET   Non local and religious  0 17  
   DNB CET   Family accomidation  0 14  
   DNB CET   List above 35k  0 137  
   DNB CET   Rank card  1 96 arcmmc 
   DNB CET   Any idea  0 11  
   DNB CET   From bangalore for dnb  1 16 drprash007 
   DNB CET   From bangalore for dnb  0 15  
   Medical MCQs   Best therapy to teach daily life skill to mentally challenged  4 26 kprn007 
   Medical MCQs   B&T lymphocytes share all the features except  4 24 kprn007 
   Medical MCQs   Kiegel excercise?  3 23 karnidandeval 
   Medical MCQs   Relative colour n luminosity of photoreceptor under changing light conditions r regulated by  3 20 karnidandeval 
   Medical MCQs   Biological agents carries the highest risk for bio terrorism  4 19 karnidandeval 
   Medical MCQs   All are indicated use of thiazides EXCEPT Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 33 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Needle biopsy from nodes revealed secondaries from papillary ca thyroid  1 14 karnidandeval 
   Medical MCQs   Auxillary liver transplant  3 16 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Self stimulation could be induced exerimentally  3 16 kprn007 
   Medical MCQs   Drug with low therapeutic index Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 34 tanushreem 
   Medical MCQs   Minimum ant -post diameter of skull in?  2 17 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   A 25 year old overweight female was given fentanyl-pancuronium anesthesia for surgery. After surgery and extubation  3 19 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   The behaviour of an adolescent?  3 40 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Lacrimal gland a/e?  4 44 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Investigation of choice?  2 26 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Oxytocin test?  1 22 hardcoremallu 
   Medical MCQs   C.rectal carcinoma  3 27 wondervall 
   Medical MCQs   Bone tumour  1 34 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Menoorrhagia  3 14 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   D.r  2 19 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Autopsy  1 10 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Salmonella  1 23 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Dults most common intraocular tumor is  1 10 dr_rohit_kumar 
   Medical MCQs   Lesser Palatine Nerves and Vessels pass through?  1 12 nextgenapollo 
   Medical MCQs   Post traumatic epiepsy?  1 6 kprn007 
   Medical MCQs   Cryptitis or crypt abscess more common in?  2 10 kprn007 
   Medical MCQs   A child who has not been vaccinated with H. influenza comes to the OPD at 14 months  2 8 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Genital tuberculosis A/E?  2 12 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Suture materials to be used in anal mucosa?  1 8 abhishekmalyala 
   Medical MCQs   Principle steroid secreted by foetal adrenal cortex?  1 9 kprn007 
   Medical MCQs   4-year-old boy is brought to you with follicles and inflammatory changes in the conjunctiva of the right eye  3 17 indie_doc 
   Medical MCQs   50-year-old woman now presents with complaints of decreasing vision and dull ache over the left eye for the past 12 hours  1 22 indie_doc 
   Medical MCQs   The globe A/E?  1 22 navaneeta 
   Medical MCQs   M.c site tb spine?  5 33 ayisha86 
   Medical MCQs   Person cannot produce normal language because of a neurologic condition is known as  2 27 vidyasagar49 
   Medical MCQs   Mens ara//? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 32 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Both partners treated in?  3 15 avijit69 
   Medical MCQs   Epidimeological study?  1 21 kprn007 
   Medical MCQs   Ant uveitis with decreased vision?  1 21 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Episatxis in children?  4 20 arnab1234 
   Medical MCQs   Interlobar effusio diagnosis?  2 31 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Sigle eyed cyclops?  1 16 avijit69 
   Medical MCQs   Myelopathies excep  1 14 avijit69 
   Medical MCQs   Valve most likely to be involved by infective endocarditis following a septic abortion:  1 7 sams777 
   Medical MCQs   Rifle gun shot is fired if abrasion collar and carbon deposit is present at the entrance wound is  1 14 avijit69 
   Medical MCQs   Honeycomb lung  3 21 drmohancha 
   Medical MCQs   Restless leg syndrome except?  1 8 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Dye for carcinoma diagnosis?  2 11 drmohancha 
   Medical MCQs   Colle's fracture, EXCEPT?  1 10 nikhil_rane 
   Medical MCQs   Male pill?  1 19 Spsma 
   Medical MCQs   Carcinoid tumour with least potential for malignancy  1 9 konsultant 
   Medical MCQs   Copper sulphate poisoning manifests vid ?  1 20 drmohancha 
   Medical MCQs   Important DOC for parasites  1 20 avi_isnowfree 
   Medical MCQs   Spm bed population ratio  1 7 kprn007 
   Medical MCQs   Gonorrhoea fimbria ?  1 10 ramyadr 
   Medical MCQs   Diabetic retinopathy rx?  1 11 ramyadr 
   Medical MCQs   -Earliest sign of cavernous sinus thrombosis ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 31 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Zenkers diverticulum?  2 18 nikhil_rane 
   Medical MCQs   Afp definition  3 14 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Mammography correct?  3 14 nikhil_rane 
   Medical MCQs   Some repeated questions plz gve confirm ans  1 223 RxPG_Team 
   Medical MCQs   Toxin stimulates adenylate cyclase?  1 13 nikhil_rane 
   Medical MCQs   Excessive haematemesis following alcohol ingestion?  2 14 kagarwal 
   Medical MCQs   Essential obstetric care?  2 6 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Unilaterl conjunctivitis?  1 8 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   Male pill?  1 7 umesharma 
   Medical MCQs   M.c site urethral cancer?  2 14 drmohancha 
   Medical MCQs   Rubeosis iridis?  2 12 drmohancha 
   Medical MCQs   Chorioretinitis in aids?  5 11 drmohancha 
   Medical MCQs   Hyper parathyroidism feature?  3 18 drmohancha 
   Medical MCQs   Northern blotting requires?  2 24 naslee 
   Medical MCQs   Tumours is not associated with hormone stimulated growth?  1 7 nikhil_rane 
   Medical MCQs   After infertility rx amenorrhoea?  1 8 kprn007 
   Medical MCQs   D/D of retinoblastoma a/e?  1 10 nikhil_rane 
   Medical MCQs   Area seen in distant direct and direct and indirect ophthalmoscope??  2 10 nikhil_rane 
   Medical MCQs   Urease negative bacteria?  1 5 nikhil_rane 
   Medical MCQs   Phyllodes tumour rx?  1 6 nikhil_rane 
   Medical MCQs   M.c site neurocysticercosis?  3 16 mphulambrikar 
   Medical MCQs   Keloid scar?  4 16 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Measurement of long DNA molecules?  3 12 dookudu 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is not a congenital abnormality associated with Juvenile polyps ?  1 10 saumyamittal 

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