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Threads by minusahu  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
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   Medical MCQs   Antigen binding site of MHC I is formed by  2 27 mahis192 
   Medical MCQs   Pocks on CAM of chick embryo r produced by  4 26 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Segmented double stranded RNA is in  2 14 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Most common cause of bacterial meningitis in adult  3 25 tanushreem 
   Medical MCQs   Haab's striae r seen in  6 46 RockyBajaj84 
   Medical MCQs   Pt. sees distant objects but cant focus near object  5 25 doc4pg 
   Medical MCQs   For the treatment of iris neovascularisation,  3 14 karnidandeval 
   Medical MCQs   Snow banking is seen in  5 37 karnidandeval 
   Medical MCQs   Ziegler knife is used in surgery of  4 40 karnidandeval 
   Medical MCQs   Good vision in dim light Go directly to Last Post in the thread 12 54 tanushreem 
   Medical MCQs   Hereditary glaucoma arises in mutation of  3 26 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Old man with headache, sudden loss of vision  2 19 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Fracture of optic canal can damage  3 22 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   HIV disease progression  5 27 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Mark true or false  3 28 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   HIV gene is/are ?  2 20 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   HIV affects-  5 23 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Not an advantage of case control study  5 43 rajeshmetla 
   Medical MCQs   Not seen in a pre term baby of 28wgestation  4 39 MONMON2009 
   Medical MCQs   Ideal bed space in a hospital  4 54 girija_radha 
   Medical MCQs   Not true regarding fifth disease  2 25 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Longitudinal studies are  2 28 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Characteristic histo feature in kidney  4 47 umesh_tiwari1987 
   Medical MCQs   Which is not included in NRHM  6 63 dabigatran 
   Medical MCQs   Which statement is true for central tendency?  5 55 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Which is not a socio-economic indicator  4 27 drsunny88 
   Medical MCQs   Chemotactic factor for neutrophil  5 52 drsunny88 
   Medical MCQs   40y imunocompromsed. pt presented wid rapidly progressive neuro symptom:  6 28 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Philadelphia ch. is seen in  3 26 princekims 
   Medical MCQs   40y lady presented wid purpuric lesion  5 40 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Opsonins are  5 35 kprn007 
   Medical MCQs   Warm autoantibody  3 32 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Gestational trophoblastic neoplasia with mets  2 27 minusahu 
   Medical MCQs   Anesthetic agent in laryngoscopy n intubation  2 22 minusahu 

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