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Threads by kkssr  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   Medical MCQs   End of the Road in all types of glaucoma  3 38 faiyaz06 
   Medical MCQs   Lead pearls Short revision  4 162 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Regeneration of antioxidant form of Vit.E requires  5 33 josekj1987 
   Medical MCQs   Sensitive indicator of cell apoptosis Go directly to Last Post in the thread 20 181 josekj1987 
   Mnemonics   Lithium toxicity signs and symptoms, Short Revision  1 68 drfatima25 
   Medical MCQs   Type of necrosis that occurs in tissues supplied by end arteries Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 74 medstudent15594 
   Medical MCQs   High levels of parasitemia in splenectomized patients Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 85 docfahdpatel 
   Medical MCQs   5 yr old,gogoyle facies,multiple defects  2 29 ashish6076 
   Medical MCQs   Common cause of osteomyelitis in alcholics and IV drug abusers Go directly to Last Post in the thread 12 143 paulcontran 
   Medical MCQs   Hypocalcemic tetany and vitamin association  4 31 docfahdpatel 
   Medical MCQs   Receptors and intracellular signalling Go directly to Last Post in the thread 58 430 kkssr 
   PG Notes   Revision Series: Arsenic  0 157  
   Medical MCQs   Cathelicidin an antimicrobial peptide against My.TB,requires following vitamin Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 72 akbatta02 
   PG Notes   Mercury Revision  0 65  
   Medical MCQs   Pearls :Tissue& Organ regneration: Short revision  2 53 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Coagulative necrosis is characterized by Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 71 justgracy 
   PG Notes   Lead toxicity sliding scale memory cue!  0 63  
   Medical MCQs   Half life of Pb in bone  3 22 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Subclinical lead poisoning occurs in children with Pb levels below  1 16 sg12 
   Medical MCQs   Common Triad symptoms of Subclinical Pb poisoning in kids  1 18 nehaajoshi 
   Medical MCQs   Average car exhaust in a garage can induce lethal coma within  3 32 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Families living in poorly ventilated trailers developed breathing difficulty  6 68 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Sulfur dioxide released by industrial byproducts,exacerbated asthma in Mr.jones  1 22 drdr123 
   Medical MCQs   Chronic CO poisoning induce marked ischemic changes in following CNS structures  3 37 nehaajoshi 
   Medical MCQs   Acute diesal exhaust exposure could potentially cause the following  1 14 nehaajoshi 
   Medical MCQs   Dystrophic Calcification Vs Metastatic calcification MCQs Go directly to Last Post in the thread 13 59 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Hydrops fetalis bug  4 36 justgracy 
   Medical MCQs   LE+,Urease Neg,Nitrite +,UTI,pathogen in question  6 38 padmapriyageetha 
   Medical MCQs   Chandelier sign  3 41 nehaajoshi 
   Medical MCQs   Tissue remodelling in embroyogenisis  5 26 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Apoptosis  5 39 abhinav pri 
   Medical MCQs   Vaginal pH is normal in following vaginitis  4 30 nehaajoshi 
   Medical MCQs   Autoimmunity is due to defective  5 36 medstudent15594 
   Medical MCQs   Mechanism of antibiotic MCQ Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 49 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Cutaneous drug reactions Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 47 prasanth7070 
   Medical MCQs   Cytotoxic T cell release of perforin and granzyme B is part of Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 49 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Pro-apoptotic gene  4 23 bhpn17 
   Medical MCQs   Choice of drug for a patient with ventricular ectopic beats waiting for angiography  4 42 arunsbn94 
   Medical MCQs   Increased cytoplasmic binding of acidophilic dye is found in  1 18 ashish6076 
   Medical MCQs   Enzymatic and non enzymatic degradation occurs in  3 21 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Over expression of BCL2 leads  3 31 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Following bugs produce siderophores except  5 43 gpby 
   Medical MCQs   MC malignant tumor of bone  5 39 nehaajoshi 
   Medical MCQs   Most common bone in the wrist to dislocate  3 33 bhpn17 
   Medical MCQs   Medicine Vignette-Cardiology  4 35 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Most common cause of Protrusio acetabuli  2 16 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Most common bone involved by fibrous dysplasia  2 20 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Most common site of osteochondritis dissiccens  2 20 pruthvi2847 
   Medical MCQs   Common bone in wrist to fracture  4 21 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Painless umbilicated cutaneous lesions on toe,following swimming  4 44 Shobanashridhar 
   Medical MCQs   3 meds that cause megabloblastic anemia  3 22 bhpn17 
   Medical MCQs   6 MEDS that cause agranulocytosis  4 31 bhpn17 
   Medical MCQs   4 meds that cause cutaneous flushing  3 22 tvrgpal 
   Medical MCQs   Progera is caused by  4 37 tvrgpal 
   Medical MCQs   2 dimensional gel electrophoresis seperate proteins based on  3 15 ashish6076 
   Medical MCQs   Alcoholic steatosis leads to ________ glycogen levels.  2 18 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Secretion of protein, PKC! Intimidating Question!  2 26 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   All steroid hormones have nuclear receptors except  2 25 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Amyloid found in elderly heart on autopsy  2 22 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   20 yr old student, pharyngitis, significance of gram stain  6 47 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Following disease need strict isolation  4 34 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Most important bug hints!! Go directly to Last Post in the thread 56 504 ajayallamwar 
   Medical MCQs   Property shared by legionell Pneumophilia and Myco.avium Intracellulare  2 17 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Gr+ septic shock is due to  2 48 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Painless verrucous laryngeal fold growth,6month baby  2 17 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Diffuse Interstitial pneumonia,bone marrow transplant recepient,organism  2 15 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Structure most responsible for triggering Gram Neg septic shock  2 27 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Multinucleate giant cells with inclusion bodies is pathognomic  3 26 gpby 
   Medical MCQs   Rash starting behind ears  2 22 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Forschemiers spots are not seen in  2 20 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Complication of rubells in 1st 4 weeks of pregnancy  1 13 gpby 
   Medical MCQs   Flare up of Primary TB  3 21 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Fatal giant cell pneumonitis is a complication  3 19 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Bordetella and vibrio cholera increase cAMP,difference  6 46 Shobanashridhar 
   Medical MCQs   Supraclavicular node biopsy, sudden death.  3 28 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Therapeutic Index-choose the greatest safety profile  3 19 medstudent15594 
   Medical MCQs   Route of administration with lowest bioavailability  2 24 medstudent15594 
   Medical MCQs   Common to Tetracyclines and Fluroquinolones  2 29 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Prophylaxis in all surgical procedures is predominantly directed against  3 28 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Linezolid A/E  2 23 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Biten by Rat develops fever,rash,polyarthralgia  6 80 bhavesh6 
   Medical MCQs   Cyclosporin A+__________==severe toxicity  5 44 bhavesh6 
   Medical MCQs   Loading dose,maintenance dose, Rapid metabolizers.  3 36 bhavesh6 
   Medical MCQs   Ultralong acting agent in glaucoma therapy  1 40 bhpn17 
   Medical MCQs   Exericse induced asthma,which drug prevents autocoid release  2 30 bhpn17 
   Medical MCQs   Drug dose response curve  3 43 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Cyclosporin A- molecular mechanism of action  6 48 nikita92 
   Medical MCQs   Lipid soluble metabolites to water soluble metabolites  3 31 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Longest duration of drug action_______administration.  6 31 prasanth7070 
   Medical MCQs   Most efficacious route of drug administration for frontal lobe abscess  4 30 justgracy 
   Medical MCQs   Suitable clinical specimen for whooping cough  5 63 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Determine ECF based on drug levels Go directly to Last Post in the thread 18 133 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Penicillin Transport across membrane.  3 36 dasaradh 
   Medical MCQs   Property of Drug that cross placenta Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 79 arunsbn94 
   Medical MCQs   How to increase the average drug level in a patient  6 33 prasanth7070 
   Medical MCQs   Drug Associated pancreatitis  6 70 prasanth7070 
   Medical MCQs   Intramuscular injection: Onset time of drug effect  2 23 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Acetylcholine receptor binding  4 30 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Radiological spotters-Stomach  6 22 kkssr 
   Medical MCQs   Urine Acidification mechanism Go directly to Last Post in the thread 16 71 kkssr 

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