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Threads by Sanders  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   Medical MCQs   Neural crest derivitive is  6 43 rxdocs 
   Medical MCQs   In which of the followinglysosomal storage disorders,the characteristic "Cherry-redspot" is NOT seen?  5 28 Preethumbbs 
   Medical MCQs   What is the importance of dua layer?  1 19 rsdr 
   Medical MCQs   Child presents with linearverrucous plaques on thetrunk with vacuolization ofkeratinocytes in S. Spinosumand S. Granulosum. Diagnosisis?  3 22 rsdr 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is not an important cause of Hyponatremia?  1 13 tvrgpal 
   Medical MCQs   "Female prostate sign" seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 31 634 Vijethavaishali 
   Medical MCQs   Goldman applanation tonometry is based on  4 34 morugan 
   Medical MCQs   A child presented in casualty with fever,unconscious and papilloedema.next step in management  4 36 grizzlybear 
   Medical MCQs   Surgeon who introduced catgut in surgery was? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 80 Sanders 
   Medical MCQs   Zebra stripe sign is seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 48 abhijitvimal 
   Medical MCQs   Rice grain calcification in brain is seen in  6 37 Horcrux12 
   Medical MCQs   Emperipolesis is a distinctfeature of  5 46 Sanders 
   Medical MCQs   Vogt triad is seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 19 289 radatkmc 
   Medical MCQs   A capsular tension ring is usefulin the following situation(during cataract surgery)  2 14 Sanders 
   Medical MCQs   Andre Thomas sign is seen in  3 27 lakshmimalar 
   Medical MCQs   "Coudability sign" is seen in  3 28 lakshmimalar 
   Medical MCQs   Esophageal inlet patch consistsof  2 21 Sanders 
   Medical MCQs   POLO MINT sign is seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 15 174 dr_r_sarkar 
   Medical MCQs   Armoured endotracheal tube isused in?  2 17 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   The action of Furosemide inacute pulmonary edema dueacute left ventricular failure isby:  3 13 drlucky09 
   Medical MCQs   As per 'Jenkins Rule', Suture Length : Wound Length should be  2 15 preethi11 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following has auricosuric action:  3 32 mavi_20042003 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following can beused to monitor forarrhythmia over a longperiod?  4 30 Sanders 
   Medical MCQs   The test used to diagnoseDubin Johnson syndrome is:  5 41 jajaglanneha9 
   Medical MCQs   Joint is innervated by the articular brances of the nerves which supply the muscles which move the joint – known as  5 33 saba2013 
   Medical MCQs   Ivabradine is a  2 32 Sanders 
   Medical MCQs   Drug class causing free waterclearance Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 40 Sanders 
   Medical MCQs   Most common cause of lowerGI Bleed in India is?  6 40 rajawajid 
   Medical MCQs   Shield cataract is seen in  5 46 dv78681 
   Medical MCQs   MC intracranial spaceoccupying lesion in HIVinfected patients is  1 13 mavi_20042003 
   Medical MCQs   Bulkeleys membrane is a/w  1 16 mavi_20042003 
   Medical MCQs   What is the most common site of Ureter injury during any pelvic surgery  2 41 sirothia1989 
   Medical MCQs   What is the importance of dua layer?  5 43 ramprakashgurram 
   Medical MCQs   Wickham’s striae are seenin:  4 24 angadritika 
   Medical MCQs   Not true about graft versus host reaction  1 37 angadritika 
   Medical MCQs   When individual looks out ofthe window in moving train,thenystagmus produced is  2 19 sanjog_mekewar 
   Medical MCQs   A patient with PSORIASISwas started on systemicsteroids. After stoppingtreatment, the patientdeveloped generalized pustulesall over the body  2 32 saba2013 
   Medical MCQs   What is earliest sign of chloroquine Retinopathy?  2 24 saba2013 
   Medical MCQs   Conventional cytogenetics are difficult in solid tumors especially in ca cervix due to  4 18 Suhailstar2002 
   Medical MCQs   What is the importance of dua layer?  6 39 saba2013 
   Medical MCQs   Conventional cytogenetics are difficult in solid tumors especially in ca cervix due to  2 6 glycine 
   Medical MCQs   Which doesn't handle free radicals inside lens(AIIMS mcq) Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 67 jajaglanneha9 
   Medical MCQs   Which one of the following statements is incorrect about Optic glioma? (AIPGMEE)  1 21 kewinewme 
   Medical MCQs   In which condition life span ofplatelet decrease  3 41 sachit7744 
   Medical MCQs   Causes of intraOcular Calcification  2 18 Sanders 
   Medical MCQs   Why liver can't utilize ketone bodies? plz reply  1 33 vedh89 

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