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Threads by premeer  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   NEETPG   Category rank list  2 184 premeer 
   NEETPG   DNB made equivalent to MD : MCI  0 153  
   NEETPG   Neet PG 18 bengaluru available now hurry  0 112  
   AIPGE   My seat is unrecognised :( Go directly to Last Post in the thread 39 1562 ruds444 
   AIPGE   Dip-ohthal or md-anas  0 25  
   AIPGE   All india sucks.. state was far better..  1 62 kolkata2012 
   AIPGE   Anybody got da in kerala?  0 18  
   Kerala PG   Last date to resign without fine is?  1 67 sarinvidya 
   AIPGE   Can I join and give option to participate in 2nd round without submitting certificates  6 107 jesvin 
   AIPGE   Diploma Anasthesia or Diploma Ophthalmology? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 160 thirdattempt2013 
   AIPGE   Will 2014 aipg seat allotement be like 2013 neet or 2012 aipg rank?  0 62  
   AIPGE   MD micro or Dip in tb and chest disease  3 51 sunny_MBBS 
   AIPGE   We need 4000 more seats this year itself Go directly to Last Post in the thread 109 3011 theobc 
   Kerala PG   Got admit card  0 30  
   Kerala PG   Category list?  0 24  
   Kerala PG   Category list?  0 13  
   Kerala PG   List of pg merit seats in private colleges- 2014?  0 206  
   AIPGE   Should I fill choice for seats I dont want and which i wont continue with?  2 36 premeer 
   AIPGE   What is the last rank of unreserved category?  0 66  
   AIPGE   Will we get better seat next year due to rural service of freshers  1 34 shaikh9422 
   AIPGE   Rural service not cumpolsory for 2015  3 82 Giraffe1987 
   Kerala PG   So many sc/st candidates qualified  0 77  
   AIPGE   If I leave AI seat for State seat, will I be fined money?  0 33  
   Kerala PG   Total no of pg seats in kerala?  0 120  
   AIPGE   What is pwd status ?  2 26 Vikarta 
   AIPGE   Where is the seat matrix?  1 66 bindu15 
   AIPGE   Each session had 3 different question papers Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 301 kad28 
   AIPGE   How to log in? mci  3 77 premeer 
   AIPGE   I need a study partner  3 82 premeer 
   AIPGE   Which states r using aipg result? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 96 premeer 
   Medical MCQs   Which mental abormality is related to double hair whorls?  6 95 vicky_bakshi 
   AIPGE   What mental abormality is related to double hair whorls?  3 74 premeer 
   NEETPG   Md pulmonary medicine or ms ophthal?  3 310 wenkat444 
   Medical MCQs   Which one of the following feature is least recognized in myeloma?  2 23 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Most common cause of acute pericarditis is:A.Rheumatic heart diseaseB.TraumaC.TuberculosisD. Virus Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 33 sindhuj 
   Medical MCQs   Sex of fetus can be determined by week1) 12 week2) 14 week3) 16 week4) 18 week5) 20 week  4 20 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   20 yr female hirsutism, oligomenorrhea, increasedtestosterone level and normal ovaries on USG-diagnosis  4 18 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Amitryptiline poisoning?  6 23 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Ramelteon  4 19 nirajy26 
   Medical MCQs   Regarding clorectal anastomoses, which is true?  1 16 kandas 
   Medical MCQs   A 50 year old presents with vague persistent abdominalpain. A CTScan of the abdomen reveals a duodenal diverticulum.Which of thestatements i  2 15 premeer 
   NEETPG   4rth round result out?  2 238 kolheatul 
   TNPG   Is md paediatrics in theni mc recognised by mcc?  1 101 mathan1980 
   NEETPG   Md rt r md patho? which will u join?  0 45  
   PrePG   MD RT or MD Patho? which is better?  0 25  
   TNPG   State seat holders are participating in 4th round  0 131  
   NEETPG   Which is better md micro or md pmr? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 943 drjeeta 
   NEETPG   V want online 4rth round to help resigned people  4 135 premeer 
   Kerala PG   Anyone has trissur pg coaching notes 2013/2012 pdf?  0 40  
   NEETPG   Is it true that DMRD is better than MS Ophthal & MD chest?  6 736 docofarabiansea 
   NEETPG   Is there 4th round or not?  0 57  
   Kerala PG   Kerala 2nd round is useless  0 132  
   Kerala PG   What will happen to vacant kerala seats after 2nd round?  4 185 joseph10012001 
   Kerala PG   Will we loose our1st round seat in 2nd round if ..  0 66  
   NEETPG   Urgent- stay the allotement  4 153 adidon 
   NEETPG   Can girls take md physical med and rehabilitation?  2 64 drnachi 
   Kerala PG   Md physical medicine and rehab is like ortho?  4 98 premeer 
   NEETPG   Can girls take md physical med and rehabilitation?  0 7  
   NEETPG   "Your choices have not been processed yet". ???????  4 134 rocuron 
   NEETPG   Pls reply to me  0 15  
   NEETPG   Does anybody know how many seats wil go for sc/st?  4 122 medicozzz 
   NEETPG   My name is on the new revised list but state quota application date is over.  0 50  
   NEETPG   What is meant by UR?  2 25 premeer 
   NEETPG   How to lock seats  0 38  
   NEETPG   Minimum mark of neet  1 92 premeer 
   NEETPG   Kerala neet news- post here  2 101 premeer 
   NEETPG   All india doctors strike: ima  2 189 Deepak999 
   NEETPG   No wedding bcos of neet  0 63  
   NEETPG   Anyone asst.surgeon from kerala here?  0 40  
   Medical MCQs   What is IPSID?  1 42 premeer 
   NEETPG   I need an online study partner Go directly to Last Post in the thread 40 523 sridhar 
   Offbeat   Why is dnb result not coming? is it also stayed!  3 24 arjun2013 
   NEETPG   NEET result is on 29 Feb. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 149 iamarun 
   NEETPG   No result on 7th?  3 102 kokilakrish 
   Offbeat   Do u want 2 quit being a doctor Go directly to Last Post in the thread 27 289 NETHRASRI 
   NEETPG   Hey guys i forgot my id n pw of nbe what should i do now?  3 49 neetwarrior 
   NEETPG   What about kerala service pg quota?  0 22  
   NEETPG   Which is the address of website for results and councelling  2 61 premeer 
   NEETPG   Neet results will be out on  2 103 sahilawadia 
   NEETPG   Pls tel me wat 2 start study first?  5 46 premeer 
   NEETPG   Please help me by replying :( Go directly to Last Post in the thread 16 215 premeer 
   NEETPG   NEETPG,Kerala to release prospectus for own PG entrance,streamline medical PG admissions ibnlive.  5 278 kapsterify 
   NEETPG   Should v take photo with name & date like aipgme?  4 119 aj4akshatjain 
   NEETPG   Omg plz dont register twice. u wil b automatically barred. beware.  3 138 kg_s36 
   Coimbatore   Nebody know how to reach arasur coimbatore centre by road from kerala?  3 52 premeer 
   NEETPG   Neet people are devils. hate neet  2 66 premeer 
   NEETPG   Can v buy new voucher to get nearby centre?  0 29  
   NEETPG   Kerala to conduct separate pg med ent  5 204 goverdann 
   NEETPG   Any neet kerala slot?  2 39 premeer 
   AIPGE   For seat matrix ---' call nbe  0 0  
   AIPGE   Seat matrix!!  0 0  
   AIPGE   Seat matrix!!  0 0  

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