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Preparing for: NEET PG
Favourite Subject: Cardiovascular system
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Threads by neetwarrior  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   AIPGE   Ghanchakkar.......  0 38  
   Maharashtra   Here is the riddle. IN service. No inservice. know everythin Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 108 neetwarrior 
   NEETPG   Chances of MD-Path .. exclusive discussion Go directly to Last Post in the thread 40 1039 dr.gopimbbsms 
   NEETPG   Want to go to court bring stay to declaration of result.even ready for zero session.ur views? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 140 4226 neetwarrior 
   NEETPG   All toppers in NEET will be toppers in their state by default.does this means clinical degrees available upto 10000 rank in NEET  5 517 somyashah 
   NEETPG   These are wordings of todays verdict  0 197  
   NEETPG   News of verdict and result is imminent.... Go directly to Last Post in the thread 118 8832 drpeermd 
   NEETPG   Society failed us. someday we will take revenge.  2 97 mythini 
   NEETPG   If they go to court they are authentic or else they are cheaters  0 74  
   NEETPG   So even now saying verdict not postponed. will u believe them Go directly to Last Post in the thread 115 7516 anushasridhar 
   NEETPG   Act Fast..very important update about NEET result Go directly to Last Post in the thread 137 13998 vishalthakkar 
   Offbeat   Blockbuster question.what would u prefer. being a rich and corrupt person. or an honest timid and helpless person. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 32 615 ankiboss2 
   NEETPG   Are NEET PG aspirants becoming psychos Go directly to Last Post in the thread 168 3351 eknath99chow 
   NEETPG   Get Ready for shocker No.2..a lot of seats for in service candidates. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 79 5499 razor 
   NEETPG   After DNB result im worried abt scaling Go directly to Last Post in the thread 258 11751 prasadhmuthu 
   NEETPG   We are being represented by govt. govt is being represented by these kind of officials. read this it will entertain u.also time pass  3 79 kmandira 
   NEETPG   Here begins the D Day hearing. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 98 shanumathew 
   NEETPG   Result is abt to be declared. lets discuss something constructive. sorry for all comments i made Go directly to Last Post in the thread 120 5503 excellent_4825 
   NEETPG   All pleas rejected except sanjay dutt's plea..friend can u guess who may be his lawyer  6 153 sai8338 
   NEETPG   Just forget abt case. believe me result is going to be out before vacation. start preparing for counselling Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 496 mrinal02076 
   NEETPG   Our case is in adjourned matter list now. Is it good or bad? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 390 avinababanerjee 
   NEETPG   Munna bhai MBBS gets mercy..what abt rest of MBBSs  0 31  
   NEETPG   For those who are collecting money for NEET court case... Go directly to Last Post in the thread 118 3097 pankajpowar 
   NEETPG   Sanjay datt gets justice..  0 58  
   NEETPG   Who is responsible for this situation..plz comment.... Go directly to Last Post in the thread 28 751 neetwarrior 
   NEETPG   Airtel case TOGO TOGO ..NEET Case NO NO NO NO  3 84 drrajatgarg 
   NEETPG   NEET concept has already lost...  0 82  
   NEETPG   Medical equivalent of NEET case.  0 38  
   NEETPG   New Notice about result on NEET PG website. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 419 drmemon 
   NEETPG   Can't this happen?  0 35  
   NEETPG   And NOW another Bloody outrageous update...give ur opinion  4 128 xenon012 
   NEETPG   NEET PG SC case.Most authentic PSEUSOUPDATES.  2 80 swtshiva62 
   Offbeat   Hello hunny bunny........  4 52 xenon012 
   NEETPG   NEET---Jab tak hai Jaan.  4 21 neetwarrior 
   NEETPG   What do u think if pvt colleges had not been allowed to take exams would we have seen this much delay.  0 20  
   NEETPG   SC is about to vcacate the stay..just watch this space..+ve comments only plz Go directly to Last Post in the thread 19 941 neetwarrior 
   NEETPG   Endosulfan case togo togo..NEET case No No..case 25 TOGO TOGO.  0 31  
   NEETPG   Its outrageous.we my have to be remian like prisoners not doing anything till next month  1 28 xenon012 
   NEETPG   Coolestmedico is cooooooool.no point in scolding him.  0 69  
   NEETPG   Torture thread......  2 38 dramitnalanda 
   NEETPG   Neet aspirants shayari...its for passing time till next hearing date ie 12feb  0 7  
   NEETPG   Serious flaw in counselling process..ignore this and we are doomed. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 14 592 panidoc03 
   NEETPG   Dont expect anything today..despite some fortune teller's claim that tomorrow is the big Day.  1 55 abhishekvrgnt 
   NEETPG   Speedy justice is a right, says Supreme Court  6 92 doc_priest046 
   NEETPG   Our case started.lets pray that at least SC will allow the result to be declared...  0 69  
   NEETPG   My small contribution...NEET Cartoons..can be used during protest  2 78 goelswati 
   NEETPG   Frustrated hard working doc waiting for neet..read this hillarious MCQ  4 124 nishi2k3 
   NEETPG   NEET case postponed to 30jan.......  6 205 neetwarrior 
   NEETPG   An irony called .......NEET  1 37 arpitasaxena_3 
   DocIndia   They not only rape our career but THEY RAPE US  2 123 arindamsarkar 
   PrePG   All in service candidates Unite here under one umbrella for our right.  3 78 drmemon 

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