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 UPSC  CMS-2004-Final Result  unrated 10263 2004-12-06 01:57:29
Threads by drmanohar_dawan  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
   PrePG   Best Coaching Classes In North India for AIPGE? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 34 7663 FLY-KINGFISHER 
   Medical MCQs   ANAQ.43. The cranial nerve with longest intracranial course? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 33 5838 Undead 
   Medical MCQs   Q.250. Which nucleus is not found in the floor of the Fourth  2 797 DAM912 
   PrePG   Branch In AIIMS  1 394 dejawu 
   Medical MCQs   Ana/Q.167.All are related to post surface of bladder except?  2 6230 aceofbase 
   Medical MCQs   Q.797. By pinching sartorius muscle which reflex is elicited Go directly to Last Post in the thread 14 10464 mightchillout 
   CMC Vellore   Any Site,Stipend, Status of CMC Vellore? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 3690 jams 
   Radiation Oncology   Scope Of RadioTherapy  1 1641 zolt 
   Medical MCQs   Q.796. In interphalangeal joint capsule is absent in the?  2 1039 jayanta 
   Medical MCQs   Q.805.Injury to radial nerve in lower part of spiral groove?  1 1195 sunit 
   Medical MCQs   Q.374. Due to bony support, the most stable position of the  2 2837 DRATKINS 
   PrePG   List Upto 3000 ranks in AIPG2005  0 1447  
   Gujarat PG   Gujrat PRE PG 2005  6 2500 Guest 
   PrePG   Councling Detail Of AIPG05  0 836  
   PrePG   Total Seats of AIPGE 2004?  2 979 Guest 
   DNB CET   Method of application/Accredation upto.  3 757 bdb 
   PrePG   50% Seats in AIPG $$$$ Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 1012 Bruno 
   Medical MCQs   Q.601. External Nose is formed from?  3 2115 BRAVO 
   Medical MCQs   Q.368. Ossification center of the medial epicondyle appears  2 988 BRAVO 
   Gujarat PG   Notification of Gujarat PG? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 23 5423 Guest 
   UPSC CMS   CMS-UPSC 2005 Final result  1 2593 drmanohar_dawan 
   BHU   Expected date of Notification?  1 1277 Guest 
   AIIMS   AIIMS Nov.2004 Key Census Based--  0 1022  
   AIIMS   Hope Best Believe Selected Till Declaration Of Result-  0 3911  
   AIIMS   AIIMS Nov2004 Keys .Too Much  0 3372  
   Medical MCQs   New Salgu Qs.ANATOMY  6 1233 mickeydoct 
   Medical MCQs   Q.300. Anatomical closure of ductus arteriosus occurs at?  6 1211 drsreekarh 
   Medical MCQs   Anatomy/14thed/2001/Q.8.  5 841 rakhijain 
   SGPGI   What Happen to SGPGI site?  0 1056  
   Medical MCQs   Q.313. Injury to radial nerve at wrist leads to?  1 536 decembermist 
   Medical MCQs   Q.496. Which of the following could occur if branches of the  1 857 decembermist 
   Medical MCQs   Q.795. The relation of sympathetic trunk to inferior vena ca  1 609 decembermist 
   Medical MCQs   Q.405. Mastoid process begins to develop in the? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 1134 decembermist 
   Rajasthan   Date Of Rajastahn.PG?  0 1178  
   PrePG   Sc/st qualification 40% for AIPGE.  2 740 Bruno 
   BHU   How To Prepare  0 1449  
   Medical MCQs   Q.212. Sinuses are not seen in?  2 1811 drmanohar_dawan 
   DNB CET   After Passing CET-NBE Jun2004,Can Reappear For DEC2004. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 13 2110 nits 
   Medical MCQs   SalguAnatomy/Q.86. Commonest type of inversion of testis is?  1 976 desperate 
   PGIMER   PGI june2004 form download? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 15 4909 manipalguy 
   DNB CET   Type of Qs in Interw For DNB admission  5 871 datt 
   DNB CET   Selection of Branch and Rank in DNB.  2 822 Guest 
   Medical MCQs   Q.174. Excessive hemorrage in tonsilectomy is result from in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 1872 neelanjana 
   Medical MCQs   Q.698. Abnormal Obturator Artery is a branch of?  4 2464 neelanjana 
   DNB CET   DNB result  6 2299 Guest 
   DNB CET   DNB courses?  0 461  
   Medical MCQs   Q.622. Vein of Galen is formed by fusion of?  3 1084 drmanohar_dawan 
   Medical MCQs   Salgu 14th ed. 2001. ANATOMY  1 725 rajurantac 
   Medical MCQs   Q.465. Which of the following statements is (are) correct?  1 2405 nadu 
   Medical MCQs   Q.564. Action of Quadrator Femoris?  1 728 moujik 
   Medical MCQs   Q.340. A lesion of the entire left cerebral peduncle at supe  1 932 moujik 
   Medical MCQs   Q.191. The bed of stomach is not formed by?  1 797 moujik 
   Medical MCQs   Q.286. Prevertebral fascia is posterior to A/E?  1 706 RxPG_Team 
   Medical MCQs   Q.444. The thinnest portion of myocardial wall is the?  2 838 RxPG_Team 
   Medical MCQs   Q.438. Which is the following is derived from cartilage of t  1 962 neelanjana 
   Medical MCQs   Q.721. The commenest cartilage to ossify?  1 614 neelanjana 
   Medical MCQs   Surprise salgunal  1 1292 sameer 
   DNB CET   DNB part I  4 1087 Guest 
   PrePG   At 140 rank best institute for GenMedicine?  1 797 amitagarwal 

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