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   Medical MCQs   Drug of choice for acute gout Go directly to Last Post in the thread 38 277 sravanthimartha 
   Medical MCQs   Taste from the posterior one third of tongue is provided by which of the following nerve? Go directly to Last Post in the thread 23 146 sindhukrishna229 
   Medical MCQs   COX2 implicated in?  3 28 Preethumbbs 
   Medical MCQs   A 30 year old pregnant woman developes tuberculosis. Which of the following antitubercular drugs should not be used: Go directly to Last Post in the thread 13 82 lydialovena 
   Medical MCQs   A young pregnant woman presents with fulminant hepatic failure. The most likely aetiological agent is: A. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 69 Shopnilp 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following condition is associated with migratory thrombophlebitis  4 19 Horcrux12 
   Medical MCQs   Posterior to the foramen ovale is the foramen spinosum. Foramen spinosum transmits the following:  2 7 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following condition is associated with migratory thrombophlebitis?  2 11 drjasmine 
   Medical MCQs   Thyroid malignancy with occult secondaries  4 16 jameskhan 
   Medical MCQs   .A 52 year old male diagnosed as triple vessel coronary artery disease with poor left ventricular function. Coronary artery bypass grafting  3 26 drlucky09 
   Medical MCQs   Desirable level of cholesterol?  2 15 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Golgi tendon organs dete Go directly to Last Post in the thread 12 76 saucy46 
   Medical MCQs   Motor cyclist fracture Go directly to Last Post in the thread 19 149 dr98642 
   Medical MCQs   The narrowest part of larynx in infants is at the cricoid level. In administering anesthesia this may lead to all except? a) Choosing a smal  5 28 drnabanitadas 
   Medical MCQs   Maximum radiation exposure seen in  5 32 drnabanitadas 
   Medical MCQs   Pavlov experiment is  1 7 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   True about congenital torticollis?  2 14 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Glomus tumor is seen in  4 20 rohyt 
   Medical MCQs   A male with azoospermia.on examination..size of testis normal..fsh normal..testosterone normal..most probable cause is.. Go directly to Last Post in the thread 16 84 jameskhan 
   Medical MCQs   Regarding neonatal circumcision, which one of the following is true? a  3 19 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   12) Total volume of CSF is  3 19 punithm 
   Medical MCQs   Doc of eclampsia Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 52 punithm 
   Medical MCQs   Demographic gap attains maximum limit in  1 12 parthabhatta 
   Medical MCQs   Which one of the following imaging techniques gives maximum radiation exposure to the patient?  2 11 drnabanitadas 
   Medical MCQs   Who discovered the transmission of malaria by Anopheline mosquitoes ?  3 16 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Honeycomb vacuolisation of keratin is seen in :  3 21 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Peak HCG levels are by what intrauterine age ?  4 20 dratultiwari0525 
   Medical MCQs   Kaposi Varicelliform lesion seen i  1 15 krs2k7 
   Medical MCQs   Blount’s disease i  1 14 dfgra 
   Medical MCQs   Bezold abscess seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 15 93 prasannakarne 
   DNB CET   First drug to be given to a person with suspected acute coronary syndrome:  6 83 arindamsarkar 
   Medical MCQs   Sickle cell anameia protects from Go directly to Last Post in the thread 22 133 yatish12 
   Medical MCQs   True for aluminium phosphide all except-  6 30 sriprabha 
   Medical MCQs   Grommet insertion in  4 19 soham05 
   Medical MCQs   During autopsy, if spinal cord is to be examined what is the most commonly used approac  3 16 paritosh_s 
   Medical MCQs   The antero-posterior diameter of the skull is minimum in –  1 3 doctor2001 
   Medical MCQs   Q. Maggot in dead body do not appear before  1 7 Scorpion_bite 
   Medical MCQs   Genital warts in pregnancy treatment i  3 28 drlucky09 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following are Neuronal tumors, except: Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 33 angadritika 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following drug is most commonly used world wide in maintenance doses for opioid dependence  5 22 Scorpion_bite 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is/are caused by defect in DNA repair.  4 16 drjasmine 
   Medical MCQs   Laudanosine is metabolite of - Go directly to Last Post in the thread 13 120 docrsp87 
   Medical MCQs   ) Which of the following is the commonest cause of traveller's diarrhoe  2 14 medipreets 
   Medical MCQs   Q.Chromosomal anomalies more than 20% is associated with  3 22 drlucky09 
   Medical MCQs   The volatility(volatility is the tendency of a substance to vaporize.i.e. lower the boiling point greater the volatility) of an anesthetic a  3 13 drlucky09 
   Medical MCQs   Which of these tumors is least radiosensitive  2 18 drlucky09 
   Medical MCQs   A patient who was given primaquine develops dark coloured urine one day after administration of the drug. The likely diagnosis is: Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 38 xbc33 
   Medical MCQs   Q.Rate of newly synthesized osteoid mineralization can be best estimated by A  2 22 drnabanitadas 
   Medical MCQs   SI unit for measuring blood pressure is  2 17 drjasmine 
   Medical MCQs   Which is not true regarding Bernard soulier syndrome?  5 30 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is not true about Xenon anaesthesia -  5 17 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following statements about Xanthogranulomatous inflammation are true except:  3 12 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Calf vein thrombosis is seen in cancer of  5 26 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Which is the most common cause of delayed urinary tract obstruction after Trans Urethral Resection of Prostrate (TURP  5 25 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Pcod Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 24 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Perforation of bony part of the nasal septum occurs in: Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 67 jameskhan 
   Medical MCQs   Following amputation, the patient develops neuroma at the amputation stump along with pain. Which of the following is the treatment of choic  2 18 Horcrux12 
   Medical MCQs   Regarding clomiphene citrate, TRUE statement is:  1 7 velsum8 
   Medical MCQs   The quadrant for a myringotomy in a case of acute suppurative otitis media  1 9 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following enzymes may contribute in generating free oxygen radicals within neutrophils for killing intracellular bacteria, except  4 18 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   HbH is associated with  5 21 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is caused by  5 20 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Lateral medullary syndrome or Wallenberg syndrome involves all, EXCE  5 20 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is not a feature of idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis?  5 20 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Intestinal angina is a symptom complex of the following  5 20 roopesh6666 
   Medical MCQs   Confirmatory investigation for acromegaly is  5 31 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   138. Lactate dehydrogenase is  3 12 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Most characteristic feature of acute inflammation i  4 12 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is not part of Beck’s compression triad:  4 18 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following is not a cause of high output cardiac failure  5 20 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   The system of dactylography to identify individuals was first started  2 16 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   What is the major cause of death in patients with chronic renal failure Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 78 simla20 
   Medical MCQs   Russell bodies is a characteristic histological finding in:  3 15 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Cervical rib  5 31 paritosh_s 
   Medical MCQs   McCallum's patch is characteristic of  6 34 drshalinianji 
   DNB CET   Revision strategy for upcoming months !  3 100 paritosh_s 
   Medical MCQs   A 27 yr old boy has itchy, excoriated papules on the forehead and exposed parts of the arms and legs for 3 years. The disease was most sever  4 19 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Which among the following is NOT a second messenger?  4 21 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   All are true about the external appearance of the large bowel, EXCEPT:  4 22 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   An 8 year old child has shown of lack of interest in studies for last 6 months. He has frequent quarrels with his parents and has frequent h Go directly to Last Post in the thread 20 131 marjan77 
   Medical MCQs   Which among the following appears as spinal cord edema in MRI scan?  4 21 sai8338 
   Medical MCQs   What is the source of infection in genital tuberculosis in a woman of reproductive age group?  2 29 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Burst suppression in EEG seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 41 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Cholinergic drugs such as pilocarpine are routinely used to treat glaucoma. What is their mechanism of action in the eye that accounts for t  3 14 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Which of the following muscle of the larynx acts as abductor of vocal cords  3 13 miracle7 
   Medical MCQs   Which among the following is NOT an indication for using anti TNF agents?  2 17 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Congenital toxoplasmosis s assoc w ?  5 33 Scorpion_bite 
   Medical MCQs   In a patient with head injury, unexplained hypotension warrants evaluation Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 25 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Most common organism causing tinea capitis in India is:  4 31 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Halo vest is used in:  3 18 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following enzymes catalyse a reaction involving substrate level phosphorylation, EXCEPT:  2 15 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Koplik spots.  5 25 lakshmimalar 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following drugs can cause neuroleptic malignant syndrome, EXCEPT:  2 13 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following are catagorised as secondary lymphoid organs exce  4 14 targetneet 
   Medical MCQs   Hiv prophylaxis  3 22 drlucky09 
   Medical MCQs   Most sensitive for mysthenia gravis Go directly to Last Post in the thread 28 193 deepshikarao 
   Medical MCQs   Drugs used for prophylaxis of migraine is/are?  3 26 Scorpion_bite 
   Medical MCQs   At what gestational age there will be differentiation of genital ridge to testis or ovary?  1 10 keerthi23 
   Medical MCQs   Climber's muscle is.  3 16 Scorpion_bite 
   Medical MCQs   A 17-year-old boy is complaining of bloody diarrhea and tenesmus, he is diagnosed to have ulcerative colitis. His history indicate allergy t  4 18 targetneet 

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