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Threads by vikas1000  Replies   Views   Last Post By 
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   Medical MCQs   Paeds: H. influenza isolated from CSF of a 2 yr  5 2342 22288899 
   Medical MCQs   Surgery: splenic trauma Go directly to Last Post in the thread 10 3551 bateek 
   Medical MCQs   Forensic: hanging Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 3641 Mousam 
   Medical MCQs   Paeds: Gastric aspirate > 20 ml in a newborn  3 1875 TasneemAhmed 
   Medical MCQs   Paeds: a 8 yr old boy with upper GI bleeding Go directly to Last Post in the thread 12 3384 TasneemAhmed 
   PGIMER   Srivastava's guide for pgi Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 953 caerus 
   Maharashtra   Gross counting mistake in pgm cet 2008...  1 337 MHPGCET 
   Medical MCQs   Doc in cardiogenic shock.....  3 300 itrip 
   Medical MCQs   Best stimuli for CCK secretion is  4 351 cingulate_gyrus2006 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following stand true for DNS except  3 324 Subbernaut 
   Medical MCQs   Double barr body is seen in ... syndrome  4 446 Subbernaut 
   Medical MCQs   Treatment of choice in multiple strictures of segment of jejunum..  4 384 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   True about teratogenecity of a drug is all except:  4 401 cingulate_gyrus2006 
   Medical MCQs   Shigella associated hemolytic uramic syndrome is associated with all of the foll  3 252 cingulate_gyrus2006 
   Medical MCQs   The amount of I131 used for an thyroid scan is:  2 295 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   All of the following conditions are known to cause diabetes insipidus except  1 294 anonymous 
   Medical MCQs   Polyarthritis is seen in all except:  2 397 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   Estrogen acts on  3 275 adsy22 
   Medical MCQs   Paediatrics: subdural effusion is seen in  4 335 cingulate_gyrus2006 
   Medical MCQs   Leading qestions are generally permitted in:  1 152 ankursabherwal 
   Medical MCQs   In a hostel, the boy took rice, meat and custard at 10 pm. After 3-4 hours the  4 355 Staphylococcus 
   Medical MCQs   Fetal Hb Go directly to Last Post in the thread 11 771 toots 
   Medical MCQs   The initial response to iron therapy in a child suffering form iron-deficiency a  5 546 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   Which one of the following features may not be seen in hypothyroidism Go directly to Last Post in the thread 8 602 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   Cataract in infancy Go directly to Last Post in the thread 7 559 zhabrawi 
   Medical MCQs   Which one of the following is most likely to be confused with carcinoma breast  4 383 cingulate_gyrus2006 
   Medical MCQs   Which one of the following statements is false about epiglottitis?  3 453 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   Paeds: Commonest intracranial neoplasm in children Go directly to Last Post in the thread 9 578 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   The most common cause of ARF (acute renal failure) in toddler is:  2 414 cingulate_gyrus2006 
   Medical MCQs   Paeds: All cause nephrotic syndrome except  2 303 cingulate_gyrus2006 
   Medical MCQs   Quinine induced thromocytopenia  5 390 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   Paeds: exclusive breast feeding  4 1634 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   Watery diarrhoea  4 228 toots 
   Medical MCQs   Necessary fatty acid  1 159 anonymous 
   Medical MCQs   Osteomyelitis  5 417 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   Iq  1 307 nabrina 
   Medical MCQs   Gynaecology: diagnosis of uterus didelphys  3 395 drsmita_s 
   Medical MCQs   Renal glycosuria  2 202 vikas1000 
   Medical MCQs   Gynaecology: contraceptive of choice  3 320 uncore911 
   Medical MCQs   Obs & gynae : acute pain in lower abdomen  3 254 vikas1000 

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